Foundation Beyond Belief Had a Fantastic Quarter October 19, 2011

Foundation Beyond Belief Had a Fantastic Quarter

How did the Foundation Beyond Belief members do during the 3rd Quarter of 2011?

*Amazingly* well:

We raised a total of $31,240 for our ten beneficiaries and even “funded a full four-year college scholarship for a Guatemalan high school scholar currently in the [Roots & Wings International] program”!

We’re about to hit $200,000 in cumulative donations and that’s as good a time as any to celebrate! Please consider becoming a member if you aren’t one already 🙂

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  • Jill

    Hi Hemant – is it possible to donate to FBB via United Way?  (An appropriate address to direct the donation to, perhaps?) 

    The reason I ask is that my employer matches employee donations to any 501(c)3 with an equal amount to our local UW (… yes, some people hate UW but in Phoenix ours is actually quite good; it even has 4 stars on Charity Navigator).

    Anyway, all I saw on the FBB site was a PO Box; I asked this question via the FBB webform but never got a response…

  • I’m not familiar with that method of giving, but I’ll look into it and get back to you!

  • Anonymous

    Hey Hemant, have you considered signing up with It makes it easy for people to make small donations with a single click.

  • I just heard on the Young Turks that the American Cancer Society 
    refused a nice donation from an atheist group.
    I guess they felt it wouldn’t look good on their donor list.

  • Oops! I heard it right here. (Oct. 19)

  • Sulris Campbell

    I love that you have monthly donation as an option.  have you tought about making a World of Peacecraft campaign?  i think if you ask people to spend the same amount per month on FBB that they spend on WoW that they would be pretty recpetive.

    i am willing to spend the same amount on charity as i do on video games and i think alot of others would be too.  and video gamers seem to have a high percentage of athiests running around compared to the general population.

    anyway i am signing my self up for 10$ (12$ wasn’t any option) a month on FBB i would love to see if someone could make a Logo for it by photoshopping the WoW icon.  we could market it at gaming conventions.

  • Interesting idea… I’ll pass it along!

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