Atheists Doing Volunteer Work October 18, 2011

Atheists Doing Volunteer Work

I don’t have a better title for this. There’s just a lot of it going on lately.

The Atheists, Humanists, & Agnostics (AHA!) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison cleaned up garbage on State Street on Sunday.

Why? No special reason. They’re just that awesome and they knew no one else was stepping up to do it:

In Austin, Texas, Atheists Helping the Homeless conducted their 31st food giveaway over the weekend:

If you want to read about more of the wonderful things that atheist volunteer groups are doing around the country, check out the Volunteers Beyond Belief blog!

There are some cute pictures there, too 🙂

You may now let out your collective “Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww!”

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  • Trina

    Another, and obvious, why – it needs to be done.  I’m especially glad to see help being given to the homeless without requirements of prayer, bible studies, etc., which still too frequently happens. 

  • Awwww?  I can only assume you are expressing regret that this child made it out of infancy without being eaten.  

    Love to see these groups in action, and the A-HA! logo is fantastic.

  • The Captain

    No sweat Hemant not every title has to be a zinger.

  • 0verlord

    Good for them!

  • Hemant – Thank you for posting the video of Atheists Helping the Homeless. That rocks! :o)

  • Anonymous

    Good for AHA!

    One comment in the video clip really spoke to me.  Helping these people is about solving a problem in society and not simply about giving to charity.  Homeless people don’t want to be homeless.  We don’t want homeless people.  Connecting the dots is pretty straightforward and a solution is available by helping them into work and into housing so that they become self sufficient and productive members of society.

    Has anyone considered starting up a Big Issue in the USA?  Here in England it is a way for people to transition from roofless (homeless and living on the streets) to employed by buying magazines and selling them at a profit.  Sellers keep the profit for themselves.  Many Big Issue offices also give advice and help to get housing and benefits and even jobs.It is also a good read and helps to break down the barriers between street dwellers who might be perceived as unwanted beggars and those people who are willing to buy something to help someone out.

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