The Search for Intelligent Life Continues October 17, 2011

The Search for Intelligent Life Continues

It’s so hard when it comes to the naughty bits:

(via misterdeity)

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  • “It’s so hard…”

    Yeah, that’s what she said…

  • Anonymous

    That was a pretty funny video. I love the “Heaven as a business” model of jokes. God Inc is another video series that does this well.

    But I bet he’d get a different reception if he had tried to joke about women instead. That’s probably why he didn’t dare.

  • Good video.  Only distracting thing was the little bit afterwards with the tin-can and string phone.  Those only work with the string taught.    

  • guest

    I think it was also a play on the ubiquitousness of female anatomy used for marketing,  female nudity in films etc while male nudity is rarely used and (in films) is often very controversial.

  • Anonymous

    I dunno. Is it just me or does this kind of reinforce the idea that if you find women physically attractive that’s normal and acceptable, but if you find men attractive (i.e. straight woman or gay man) you’re defective in your perceptions (unless what you’re really after is to exploit them for their money, which makes you an understandable but immoral gold digger)?  I find Mr. Deity to be really hit & miss, which is too bad because the set up is always potentially hilarious.

  • “Hello, this has been your regular reminder that the people who have controlled the discourse for centuries are the ones who think women are pretty and men are uninteresting.  And no, we’re probably not talking about lesbians.”

    Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of complaints you could make about both male and female genitals (“Wait — the pleasure bit is up here and the reproduction bit is down there?”  “Oh, don’t worry, I’m sure that alluring womanly wiles will force their partners to take care of that and there won’t be whole centuries where the idea of female pleasure is barely taken seriously at all.”).  The point about testicles was also pretty much on the money.  I do get tired of being told I’m supposed to think my lovely boyfriend is ugly, though.

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