This Needs a Caption October 14, 2011

This Needs a Caption

(via Atheists at Oakland University)

"It's good to know that they CAN prioritize, when it's vital to do so."

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  • Skepacabra

    Pray all you want; you’re not getting my green tie. 

  • His tie was amazing.

  • Stephen Goeman

    Why come only one girl

  • I was ready for a funny picture but didn’t think it would look so great if I were on my knees…

  • StarStuff

    Y U No Believe?!

  •  Professor Dawkins observes the various factions in the “Atheist Tone War.”

  • Greisha

    Thank you FSM for bringing Professor Dawkins to us!

  • Fisher

    Oh Caption, My Caption!

  • Pseudonym

    I’m going to back away slowly now, with my hands where you can’t see them.

  • Anonymous

    “Thank you, thank you… I’m no Hitchens, but I do my best”

  • Brian The Python

    Someone has to say it…

    He’s not the messiah he’s just a very naughty boy!

  • Rich Wilson

    Some of his were painted by his wife Lalla.  Know if this was one of them?

  • And you just rendered my comment inappropriate. Oh well.

  • Alice

    I can’t think of a succinct way to put this in caption form, but this looks to me a lot like one of those Christian skits that’s set to really stirring music where a Jesus saves everyone from abstract depictions of sex, drugs, and alchohol and it ends with everyone worshiping him on their knees, but with Richard Dawkins as Jesus!

  • Anonymous

    “To make an authentic elephant first you pull your pockets inside out..”

  • Anonymous

    “Gentlemen please, I’m not the pope.  He may prefer boys to kneel in front of him but I don’t.”

  • Anonymous

    “So Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Chief Rabbi, Lord Sacks, and I walked into this bar.  Wait why are you laughing?  This is a true story.”

  • Dick Dawk, the Richard Dawkins Ke$ha cover was not appreciated by all listeners. 

  • We’re not worthy, we’re not worthy!!!!!

  • “Despite hours of frantic praying, God failed to strike the heathen down before their eyes. The Bible group decided to settle for throwing bananas at him.”

  • Anonymous

    “Don’t appear sexist and look at the girl on my right. Don’t appear sexist and look at the girl on my right…”

    Please no flames off of this. It’s a joke.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone have closeup of the tie?

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone have closeup of the tie?

  • Bob


  • The prophetic message that the Buffalo Bills will win the Super Bowl was met with disbelief.

  • Achess

    StarStuff nailed it.

  • Drakk

    “I feel like a prostitute – again!”


  • Anonymous

    “What is this? … Skit or something? … No, seriously. I’m starving here. Where are the goddamned crudités?”

  • Wotan Anubis

    Adherents of the Atheist Religion welcome the coming of their Messiah.

  • Coyotenose

    Our hands! Empty of stones to throw! Why God, WHY would you Intelligently Design a hallway with no stones in it!

  • JSug

    “Gentlemen, please… I’m already married.”

  • Scott Bailey

    Christian group’s reaction two seconds after Dawkins admits he’s really a Creationist

  • deityfree

    He’s got the whole world in his hands…

  • Nah

  • Elbanosear

    There he is, Lord, GET HIM!

  • Anonymous

    “RIchard Dawkins, your privilege is showing – again!” 🙂

  • George Locke

    So guys…. can I worship Satan too?

  • superG

    Atheist iconic figure Dawkins inspires followers… to break out in show-tunes.  Entertaining, and not nearly as messy as self-flagellation.

  • Susan Creamer

    “Summer lovin’, had me a blast…”

  • Coyotenose

    That is some truly epic Poeing right there, my friend. It made my eye twitch!

  • Gedeyenite

    Please. You are embarrassing me in front of the cute brunette.

  • I’m not sure, I do know he did a “tie change” halfway through the event though.

  • Hahahaha

  • Matt McCaskey

    er, um, I think that looks like an exit over there.  would it be rude if I left?  as a British man, am I allowed to even think this?  

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