God and the Technicolor Robe October 14, 2011

God and the Technicolor Robe

As much as I’d love to believe people like the Westboro Baptist folks will get their comeuppance in the afterlife, we all know that’s not gonna happen.

But, c’mon, how awesome would it be to see this?

(via nakedpastor)

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  • Ah, but he will get his comeuppance. He won’t get anything, which is the total opposite of what he thinks he’s getting.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe God is Dumbledore.

  • Anonymous

    While I completely reject the teaching of the Westboro church, I want them to be healed and loved, too. I want them to be converted from hating into loving everyone

  • Troglodyke

    It’s petty as hell, but what I want is for 300,000 gays and other Westboro targets to picket Fred’s funeral, with signs saying “God hates Fred” and “Fred is a Fag” and “Shirley, your time will come.” 

    I heard somewhere (and it may be apocryphal) that several of them had their tires slashed at some event they were picketing. Too bad.

  • Tim

    Damn this post. Made me think the guy was finally gone. I’m not a hater but there are a number of people that this world would be better off without. Fred Phelps is on the upper portion of that list.

  • Erp

    It happened at Stanford when they picketed the Hillel center.  Not the best response; however, they had also refused to park where Stanford had promised to provide security.  http://www.paloaltoonline.com/news/show_story.php?id=15510
    The van with the slashed tires however was a rental van not their own vehicle.

    I would say the worst punishment would be for him to fade into nothingness.  That no one will remember him.  That no one will attend his funeral not even his children.  That not even the gravedigger will know his name.  And for him to know this before he dies.

  • I like the idea of a picket, but I’d want the protestors to carry signs with more honest messages on them (ones that would tick Fred and his gang off).  Such as, “Fags don’t go to hell”,  “It’s OK to be gay”, “It’s not a drag to be a fag”, “Homophobes don’t go to heaven” “There is no GOD that HATES FAGS”, all in the same design as the Westboro signs.  Totally peaceful, of course.

    And while I have no sympathy for them having their tyres slashed, I can’t support vandalism of their property.  Not just because it’s illegal –  but also that it’s not going to do any good.  In fact, it could make them more resolute in their crusade to persecute gays by feeding their persecuted Christian complex.  We are the “bad guys”, remember?

  • Anonymous

    “…they had also refused to park where Stanford had promised to provide security.”

    Of course they had… how can they play the victim without being victimised?

  • But unfortunately, he’ll never know it!

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