Rebecca Skloot’s Next Book October 13, 2011

Rebecca Skloot’s Next Book

Rebecca Skloot, the author of the *wonderful* book The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, has a new project in the works!

In her new book, which is as yet untitled, Ms. Skloot will employ the intimate storytelling and masterful reporting that made The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks a favorite of readers and critics alike. She will explore, among many other subjects, the neurology of human-animal relationships, human nature and responsibility, and the unexamined ethics of our relationship with animals. A publication date has not yet been set.

I hope there’s no sophomore slump, but it’s hard to see how she can top her first book.

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  • Roving Rockhound

    I read Henrietta Lacks. I really wanted to like it, really, but I just couldn’t. The story of HeLa is fascinating, but the book should have been titled “The Amazing Relationship between Rebecca Skloot and Henrietta Lacks’ daughter” instead. She portrayed the family as a bunch of greedy, oppressed idiots, the scientists as greedy elitists, and herself as the hero who finally gave the family the attention they deserved. There was minimal science and no in-depth look at the evolution of ethics in human experimentation. It did not do justice to Henrietta Lacks, and did not explore why it happened enough to teach me anything.

    I hope someone else writes a book about Henrietta Lacks and actually does it justice.

    I will not be reading her new book.

  • Nankay

    I have to agree with Roving R. I couldn’t wait to read “Immortal Life” but was terribly disappointed by it.  Not enough science, too much of the author and lots of gossip and inneuendo.

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