A Group for Atheists in the South October 9, 2011

A Group for Atheists in the South

Chris Dees, the president of the Freethinkers, Agnostics, and Atheists of Mississippi State University, has put together an awesome project to help unite Southern atheists. (Wait, did we just go from no atheist groups in the state to two of them?! Awesome.)

The project is called Southern Atheists United for Candid Expression, Freethought, Openmindedness, Reason And Living Life (SAUCEFORALL).

Nifty acronym? Check.

Oxford comma? No check.

Anyway, title aside, the objective is pretty awesome:

It will basically be a network to index all of the freethinking groups in the South, both collegiate and community groups. It will offer forums to help bring us together, as well as an events page to keep members informed of any upcoming meetings of the individual groups. Any group is free to join. Eventually, when we get large enough, we would like to apply for non-profit status and hold conferences…

I’d love to see this get off the ground in a hurry. If any area in America needs a group of active atheists, it’s the South.

If you’re part of a group in that region and you want to get involved, here are the links you need:

The website. The Twitter. The Facebook Group.

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  • Gordon Maples

    FAAMSU had somehow been flying under the SSA/SECAA radar until recently. Glad we got that fixed!

  • That sure sounds like its a Flying Spagetti Monster reference. 

  • “Sauce” is used over the internet sometimes as a slang term for “source”. So it might be referring to that. Source for all?

  • Chris Dees

    We made the acronym and it just so happened to resemble “sauce”, then we just ran with it. I’ll have to go in and edit the image here soon to correct the comma issue, haha. How embarrassing. Also, big thanks to Gordon Maples in the above comment, I feel that his group the SECAA is going to be a big help for SAUCE as far as helping to network with leaders throughout the south.

  • Ducky

    ….Really? Nobody’s said it yet?

    Who gives a fuck about an Oxford comma?
    :hipster cred firmly established:

  • Sulris Campbell

    i grew up in alabama, there are athiests everywhere.  the south really doesnt live up to its reputation… most of the time….

    none of the people i grew around owned guns, enjoyed hunting, had a southern accent, were racist, cooked delicous food, listened to country music, were bible thumpers, etc etc ad noseum.  my hometown has a music festival with 5 tages: a pop-stage, a rock stage, a country stage, a christian stage and a kids stage and i bet you can tell which one had the least amount of people…  the kids stage… but that doesn’t count they’re small people… the second least was always the christian stage.  rocket city has a special love for science….

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