Principal Threatens His Own Student for Showing Support for Gay-Straight Alliance October 7, 2011

Principal Threatens His Own Student for Showing Support for Gay-Straight Alliance

This is a scary story in so many ways…

After students at Sequoyah High School in Madisonville, Tennessee wanted to start a Gay Straight Alliance, not a single teacher stepped up to sponsor it, effectively killing the group.

Last week, Chris Sigler, a 17-year-old senior at the school, wore a shirt supporting the GSA. It read: “GSA: We’ve Got Your Back.”

And this is how Principal Maurice Moser reacted:

Sigler says that Moser then ordered all students out of the classroom, except for Sigler’s sister Jessica, who refused to leave. According to both students, Moser then grabbed Sigler’s arm, shoved him, and chest-bumped him repeatedly while asking “Who’s the big man now?” Sigler’s mother reported that when she arrived at the school, she saw her son seated in a desk with Moser leaning over him and shouting in Sigler’s face.

How does that happen? How could one man be full of that much bigotry that he threatens a student over a t-shirt with a harmless message? How is a man like this in charge of students’ education? How is he a role model? How is he anything except a bully and a man who has no business staying in this position?

The ACLU of TN is ready to file a lawsuit (PDF) if the district doesn’t respond quickly:

“We demand that Monroe County Schools state in writing by Tuesday, October 11, 2011 that it will permit any Sequoyah High School student to wear clothing or accessories that peacefully express an opinion regarding the proposed Gay-Straight Alliance free from threats of discipline or physical intimidation or assault. We further demand that Chris Sigler be permitted to finish or retake the economics test that was administered last Friday, that he not be charged an absence for any of the classes he involuntarily missed due to Mr. Moser’s objection to his exercise of his right to free speech, and that he not be subject to any further punishment or retribution. If we do not receive a satisfactory response by October 11, we anticipate filing suit and seeking a temporary restraining order to prevent further censorship at Sequoyah High School.

Sigler — who happens to be straight — is putting himself at risk because he knows that the GSA has the right to exist and he deserves a lot of respect for that. Because of him, the rest of us get to witness what gay students and allies have to deal with on a regular basis when they’re surrounded by bigots.

The principal hasn’t made any public statements yet. I don’t know how the hell he plans to defend himself, but Queerty has a suggestion:

If Principal Moser did assault Sigler, we should at least thank Moser for giving his students [a] real-world education in free speech, civil rights, institutional discrimination and the judicial process. Maybe he’ll even teach them about high-profile lawsuits, job termination and public apologies.

The school district would be smart to make an example out of Moser. But I don’t think they should fire him just yet… that would be too easy and it wouldn’t stop the next principal from being equally bigoted.

Have Moser issue a public apology to Sigler, apologizing for what he did and reiterating the school policy against bullies. Do it in front of the student body. While he’s at it, let him publicly sign the papers giving the GSA approval to form at the high school. Then, force him to attend their first year’s worth of discussions. Maybe he’d start to understand why groups like the GSA are so vital for high schoolers, especially in conservative areas.

(Thanks to Vanessa for the link!)

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  • Robertisnow has a petition on this.

  • Thomas Farrell

    > Have Moser issue a public apology to Sigler, apologizing for what he did
    and reiterating the school policy against bullies. Do it in front of
    the student body.

    As long as that principal is there, that kid will never be able to feel safe at that school.

    > While he’s at it, let him publicly sign the papers
    giving the GSA approval to form at the high school. Then, force him to
    attend their first year’s worth of discussions.

    With a known anti-gay bigot principal sitting in on the meetings, no gay kid is going to be able to be comfortable going or discussing anything frankly, and so you might as well not have a GSA because nobody would get anything out of it. The whole damned point of a GSA is to provide “safe space” for gay kids, not to educate adult heterosexual bigots who should already know better.

  • Anonymous

    Law suit? Let students wear clothes that express their opinion?  What about charges for risk of injury to a minor and assault and battery. 

  • Tisha

    I think he ought to be charged with assault. 

  • Okay, this is just getting gross now. It doesn’t matter what you do to gay kids and their supporters, you can always count on Hemant publicly calling for the oppressors to keep their jobs. You know what another term for “forced public apology” is? “Slap on the wrist.” This man used his authority to physically bully a teenager. He shouldn’t get a slap on the wrist; he should be in jail.

  • David McNerney

    “Who’s the big man now?”
    Speaks volumes that does.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, assaulting a child. If that doesn’t prove who the big man now is then what does? 

  • If he got fired, I wouldn’t be upset. He deserves it. But then the issue wouldn’t be addressed at all; it’d just be forgotten when someone new came in. I would prefer that the issue gets address in a public way and the principal apologizes. That just seems like a more effective way to stop this bullying from happening in the future.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure he is a good Christian who goes to church every Sunday

  • If any figure of authority at my child’s
    school laid a single hand on my child, I wouldn’t feel safe sending my
    child back to that school while that adult still worked for the

    I wouldn’t stop until that adult was in prison for assaulting
    my child.

    Calling for the principal to keep his job, on the taxpayers dime, is
    sickening. I can usually see Hemant’s point, but not on this one. He
    should lose his job and be kept away from children. It’s not our
    responsibility to teach the principal a life lesson, it’s our
    responsibility to keep our children safe.

    It would be counterproductive to have him sit in on GSA meetings. It would be horrible to keep him on the payroll. If he is to be taught a lesson, we need to take away his means of earning a living and put him in jail.  What he did was frightening and cannot be tolerated.

  • Greisha


    I think you and a few other people misunderstood Hemant’s point.  He said “But I don’t think they should fire him just yet… ” 

    I think he proposed loud and spectacular lesson for such bullies by making him to issue public apology and fire and criminally prosecute him afterwards.

  • Schools MUST be a safe environment for our children. There are NO issues that trump this. These kids are not safe with this principal. They are in danger. Address any issues you like. Make any points that you must. But only AFTER the children are safe. Why is this not the number one priority for you?

    Time and time again you turn first to public relations, free speech, and other issues of philosophical import but that completely ignore that many gay kids live under the real threat of physical harm and death every day. There is no room for cautious approaches and bridge-building here. The message needs to be that this behavior will not be tolerated and if you behave this way you will never work again. They can send that message and they should.

  • Elliott776

    Jail is a bit of a stretch. Fire him, give him administrative leave is fine. Having him issue a public apology to Sigler and reiterating the school policy against bullies is good. It addresses the issue and conforms to public apology trends. 

    However, Demanding that he publicly sign the papers giving the GSA approval to form at the high school and forcing him to attend their first year’s worth of discussions is as much bullying him and imposing our ideas on him as he was doing to the student. Now WE become the same bullies we are standing up against.

    I think we need to maintain focus on the issue of tolerance and not allow ourselves to be sidetracked and loose our sense of reason (the philosophical foundation of the Atheist movement), by compulsive, emotional demands like those above.

  • Gus Snarp

    I don’t think jail is a stretch. According to the law and the students’ account, that principle physically assaulted a student.

  • Bruce_wright

    I’m betting he won’t sign the apology if he knows he’s getting fired anyway.

  • Bruce_wright

     Yeah, paging Dr. Freud.

  • Anonymous

    You can charge him, but for a first offense and given that no one was physically injured, he’d likely get probation at best. Which, frankly, would be enough to teach him a lesson

  • T-Rex

    That’s assualt plain and simple and he should be brought up on charges. What a piece of shit this sub human is. I hope this bigot’s life is forever changed by this incident..and not in a good way.

  • Trina

    What the principal did was horrible, and far out-of-line for the simple wearing of a GSA shirt, or, for that matter, any situation.  I understand Hemant’s opinion, but honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if this principal has been and/or would be similarly violent in other situations.  I’m with the ‘public apology, plus firing’ contingent, *if* they can get the principal to apologize (which I’m not so sure of).  Criminal charges and a requirement that he take anger management classes (I know, they’re not always effective) would be appropriate.   I don’t like the idea of him being able to work with children at all, ever, though I suppose some fundie school will be sympathetic and happy to have him.

  • Anonymous

    I see a practical problem with all of this, which is that there’s no way of really knowing if this assault happened. It’s shitty but its the word of the principal against the word of this kid and his sister (who, being siblings, will be expected to cover for one another).

    With this I’m not saying there’s any doubt who the bad guy is in this situation. This boy was very brave and this principal is obviously a homophobic bigot. Even if there was no physical assault what obviously IS happening is that the principal is using his authority to subvert any club that contradicts his bigotry and whatever happened in that classroom it can be assumed that the least he did was reprimand a student for his views. This is enough for me to want to see this asshole gone from the school.

    The assault charge is harder, because (assuming it happened) the principal was smart enough to get rid of most witnesses, allowing only the one whose testimony would be trusted the least, the sister. Police should be involved in this. They need to interrogate the principal, victim, and any students who may have been listening outside the door (they’re teenagers, they MUST have tried to listen in).

    Sadly as often happens with these cases, administrators and local governments fully approve of the bullying, including the bullying of adults towards children and teens, and will try their damndest to see this gets nowhere. Here’s hoping the ACLU can make the bigots squeel.

  • Bruce_wright

     I’m with Val….

    Seriously, I’m a pacifist… but a school official assaults MY child?  Prison’s the safest place for them.  I’m going off on that SOB.  I wouldn’t be calling the ACLU, I’d be calling the P.O.L.I.C.E.

    Jail time’s up to the judge and jury.  But I’m prosecuting, you betcha.

  • Zoe

    I think we now have a much better understanding as to why none of those teachers would agree to sponsor the club.  They may all be bigots, true, but any that weren’t were probably too afraid of what would happen to them if they associated with GSA.  Sad.

  • Bruce_wright


    Hemant, wait till you’re a parent.  Not every issue is best handled by PR.

    If the allegations are true (and we must wait for a jury to decide this) this guy should never, EVER be allowed to work with children again.  He doesn’t need ‘sensitivity lessons’.  He needs to be away from children for the rest of his working life.

  • Jake

    It’s astounding that a pathetic thug like that could ever become a janitor at a school, let alone a principal.

    A public apology’s too good for him. He needs sacking and he needs it now.

  • The principal assaulted a student.  He should be terminated and arrested (preferably during school hours, complete with perp walk) immediately.  The only reason this wouldn’t change anything is if part of the restitution process intentionally did not include changes…and I doubt the ACLU is going to allow that.

    I’d pull my child from school until he was gone and encourage others to do the same.

  • Carter1345

    There’s a phone number for anonymous texts to be sent to report drugs, crime and bullying on the school website.

  • This is why we need tougher laws protecting kids. Whether or not he would end up in jail does not change my opinion on whether or not he should. 

  • (423) 442-9230

    That’s the schools number. Call and tell them how you feel.

  • Gus Snarp

    Yeah, he’d probably get a slap on the wrist, but good luck getting another job in education with a conviction for assault on a minor on your rap sheet. The bigger problem is getting the court to convict on the word of a student and his sister against a principle.

  • Did anyone call the police? Assaulting a minor is probably something they should be making arrests for.

  • Gus Snarp

    So how long until Moser is caught with a wide stance in the airport restroom or with a rent boy lifting his luggage?

  • dartigen …

    No, that’s clearly unprovoked assault on a minor. Considering he’s an authority figure too, that should push things into much more serious territory.
    I’m sorry, but regardless of where it happens or who is involved, assault is assault.

    And all over some T-shirts.

  • Gus Snarp

    I’m not sure how making him apologize could possibly send a stronger message to whoever replaces him and the rest of the district than firing him.  These meaningless penalties don’t change anything. He should be fired because no one who assaults a student should be supervising students. He should be legally prosecuted for the crime he committed as well. Meanwhile his supervisor at the district level should apologize and insure that the group is started at the school and district policy should be rewritten as needed to allow GSAs expressly and to include sexual orientation in anti bullying standards. Then the judge can force the principle to attend the group’s meetings. With appropriate supervision to insure the safety of the students. 

  • I’d assault that horrid, horrid mustache with an electric razor.

  • wrabelrowser

    From the school’s webpage ( “Mission Statement: Our mission is to provide a safe, educational environment with academic and technical programs that will prepare each student to enter post-secondary institutions and/or the work force upon graduation.”

    Maybe it’s time to start a letter writing campaign expressing disgust with Mr. Moser’s behavior.  Contact phone numbers and email addresses are at

  • Bob Becker

    This is Tennessee.  I figure he’ll have an offer from one of their many Christian Academies in a heart beat. 

  • I once had a bully vice principal. Caught me running through the hallway and gave me shit. Of course, when the bully that was chasing me caught up, he just looked at him and said “well, you probably had a good reason for chasing him.” He also gave me shit for limping around when I tore a ligament in my foot at a school event. I’m convinced some people working in elementary and middle schools do it simply for the satisfaction of bossing around kids.

  • Bob Becker

    We do know that he ordered all other children out of the room and tried to order the sister out as well.  I don’t know how they do things down there in Tennessee, but in most school districts I’m familiar with, a teacher or administrator taking extraordinary steps to make sure he or she is alone in a closed door room with a child in their keeping would immediately raise concerns.  His efforts to isolate the student with him is itself evidence. 

  • Pissed off parent

    Physical assault on a student? Verbal abuse? He’d better be out of a job and in jail ASAP. And if that student had been my son, the principal would have had his ass kicked big time. *fuming that I CAN’T kick that bastards ass*

  • Bob Becker

    If you listened to the tv news story on the incident, the school has replied to the press that it’s aware of the claims, that it has taken statements from all witnesses, and that the information it has gathered so far illustrates that there are “two sides to every story.”  

  • Renshia

    I think this is great to see people standing up for what they believe against those in authority. This kid needs to be recognised for his strength and determination.

    Way to go Chris!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Yes, how is it it that criminal charges aren’t being filed? That principal assaulted a minor. 

    I also don’t understand why  physical bullying between students isn’t a police matter.

  • NorDog

    Exactly.  If the truth is as described, this guy should be in jail.

  • Anonymous

    Note how the school district’s reply insinuates that the student is lying by saying, “There are 2 sides to every story.” 

  • Anonymous

    Yup, I noticed that, too… what a judicious way of saying that the kid is lying.

  • Rich Wilson

    When I was in high school, one of the teachers yelled at an belittled a 14yo classmate of mine.   And grabbed his arm.

    The next day my friend’s mother came to the school, grabbed the teacher by the ear, and DRAGGED him from his office to the school’s office (small school, maybe a couple of hundred feet) through the throngs of kids, yelling in his ear the entire time “DON’T YOU EVER LAY A HAND ON MY SON AGAIN!!!”

    And that was the end of that.  (Although said teacher continued to skip evolution and leer down the girls’ shirts)

  • The Captain

    Oh please! Drama queen much? What the jack ass did was wrong, and he should be punished for it. But I’m getting real sick and tired of complete puss wads trying to define every single thing as a class one “assault”. It degrades people who actually suffer real assaults. 

    I fell asleep in history class once and my professor a football coach who would get real excited while he thought, walked up and while never breaking out of his excited speech about some battle knocked me clean out of my desk and into the wall while yelling “boom” about something blowing up. I woke up hitting the wall and started laughing! Everyone thought he was one of the best teachers and that was the best thing to happen in that class, me included. Sadly I guess had you been there you would have called the cops, had him arrested, me forced into counseling and you would still be crying about it to this day.

  • Which is why we don’t let victims dictate the punishment for criminals, they’re unable to consider the facts and remain rational when doling out punishment.  They usually want revenge for what happened to them or their family, not justice.

    If the allegations are found true, should the principal loose his job?  Yes, he’s proven incapable of being responsible for the students under his care.

    We should also add a couple hundred hours of community service and include some fines that, in an ideal world, would go toward the student’s college education.  To make it deliciously ironic he should be made to spend at least 50 of those hours cleaning a section of highway sponsored by a local LGBT group.

    If the allegations are found true, should the principal go to jail?  No, lets keep some rational perspective on this.  He grabbed a student and yelled at him, something I’ve seen parents do regularly to their own kids in grocery stores and restaurants.  Should we throw those parents in jail now too?

    I wholeheartedly agree that should the allegations be found true the principal should definitely lose his job as he has no right to grab a student and harass them.  But jail?  Especially after the destruction of his career, the loss of employment, fines, community service and public humiliation he’s likely going to get?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t at all dispute that its suspicious as hell, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the story was entirely true. I’m just looking at it from a legal perspective, in terms of how easy/hard it would be to convict him of assault.

    Think of it this way. If a guy is a murder suspect and the victim has been meticulously washed and police find that the suspect has cleaned every inch of his house with bleach, it looks damn suspicious. Sadly, it also eliminates the physical evidence, making conviction much harder. This principal did something that looked suspicious as hell, but in doing so he eliminated eyewitnesses (other than the sister) that could force the hand of the police or the school district in terms of charges/firing.

    I still think the fucker deserves to be fired because even if he didn’t lay a hand on the boy there’s more than enough evidence that he’s trying to oppress and bully GLBT students and allies on campus, which is totally unacceptable in its own right.

  • He’d be in a holding cell ’till someone bailed him out.  A little bit of jail.

  • Steve

    I can see calling a disruptive student out of a class and taking him/her to the office for a further discussion. Bur – ordering all the other students and the teacher out of the classroom? For wearing a t-shirt with an innocuous message? This guy doesn’t have the judgement or impulse control to work with kids. He’s a classic bully and it is no wonder none of the teachers would sponsor the GSA. If this isn’t a topic for the It Gets Better Project, I don’t know what is.

  • Sigler says that Moser then ordered all students out of the classroom, except for Sigler’s sister Jessica, who refused to leave. According to both students, Moser then grabbed Sigler’s arm, shoved him, and chest-bumped him repeatedly and “He grabbed a student and yelled at him, something I’ve seen parents do regularly to their own kids in grocery stores and restaurants. ”

    In loco parentis does not extend to corporal punishment.  This is pretty clearly established law.  Additionally, if I saw a parent repeatedly hitting their student in a grocery store, I would be concerned and depending on the situation, take action.  If I saw someone other than a parent repeatedly hitting a kid in a public place because of what that kid was wearing, I would certainly call the police.  

    Clearing a classroom of witnesses, grabbing a student and hitting -=repeatedly=- is clearly a major problem.  As a teacher, I would never grab and pull around a student unless I was stopping a fight.  Some districts would ask me to not even intervene then.  That a principal would do such a thing is insane.  He can apologize as part of a settlement, but if the allegations are true, that principal should never set foot in that school again. 

  • I’ve never liked the “Wait till you’re a parent.” line.  Its essentially saying you think the person in question doesn’t have the mental capacity to sympathize with the unique needs of children, simply because they don’t actually have any children themselves.

    What ludicrous condescending and dismissive thinking.  It’d be like telling Hemant to “Wait till you’re gay.” or “Wait till you’re white.” or “Wait till you’re a woman.” whenever he discusses homophobia, race, and gender issues.  If we continue this line of thinking it could apply to pretty much any important issue he discusses on this site.

    Yet no one ever says that about those things.  Its okay for him to have an opinion on those things, despite not being any of those things, because its recognized that we all have the capability of learning to understand and sympathize with the unique needs of different people.

    But how to treat children he gets no say because he’s not a parent?  Even though he’s an educator who’s dedicated a large portion of his life to providing guidance, mentorship, and furthering the knowledge of the children under his care?

    If he’s got any issues here, its being too empathetic with other educators.

    With the power dynamics in play, whether true or not a student’s publicized accusation alone can often be enough to destroy an educator’s career, it makes sense to have a healthy dose of skepticism whenever a student levels a charge against a teacher.  Now imagine if you’re a teacher who also happens to be an Atheist activist and published author, I’m sure that some parents would be *extremely* happy to have someone like that fired.  Is it really so hard to understand he’s going to have a lot of sympathy, and stress the need for rationality and restraint, for teachers accused of wrongdoing?

    Right now only the student and his family are talking, the principal hasn’t had his say yet.  We should make sure to have all the facts before we start screaming the equivalent of “Why won’t someone think of the children, now off with his head!”.  /* Note:  I know you said as much as above, but it does bear repeating. */

    That being said I don’t agree with Hemant’s assessments in terms of punishment.  Fired?  Sure.  Public Apology?  Sure.  Last official act being the signing of the paper work accepting the creation of the GSA?  Sure.  But after that, get him the hell away from the students.  No teen struggling over their sexual identity is *ever* going to feel safe in a school run by this man, let alone be willing to talk about their sexuality with him in the room.

  • Alima

    Yep. I’d’ve called the cops.

  • And I agree with you.

    What I was discussing was jail time for the principal and how I don’t think its warranted in this case based on the current evidence.  Right now we only have the student and his sister’s word that this is what happened.  To paraphrase your response, the principal would have to be insane to do something like that with a witness in the room.

    Did he touch him.  Probably.  Repeatedly?  I don’t know, though it is telling that the student didn’t appear to be physical harmed (you can bet *that* would have been covered in the news story).  I think its going to end up somewhere in between and will probably look a lot like a parent restraining an unruly child at the grocery store.

    Is that acceptable behaviour for a principal to take.  Absolutely not, unless as you said above they were breaking up a fight (and its bullshit that some districts will say you’re not even allowed to do that much).  But the question was whether or not its worth jail time.

    Based on the evidence and lack thereof and the fact that this is likely going to end this guy’s career — ensuring that he never sets foot in that school again — I’m going to say no.

  • Erp

    I should point out that Tennessee does legally allow principals and teachers to administer corporal punishment. 

    Any teacher or school principal may use corporal
    punishment in a reasonable manner against any pupil for good cause in
    order to maintain discipline and order within the public schools.

  • This overgrown punk has a serious problem.  Regardless of how criminal or civil procedures go, he should be fired immediately and banned from working with children in any capacity. The school board can then be held accountable to come up with a replacement who will take the school in a positive direction. The public will be watching.

    I suggest that Maurice should get a job tending sheep in some remote, unpopulated place. Not the figurative, Christian kind of sheep, but Ovis aries, the four-legged, wooly kind. I’m sure he’ll be happier psychologically, socially, and sexually.

  • Newavocation

    What kind of roll model is he providing to his students? I had a HS coach not let me go to the nurse’s office after I messed up my ankle playing flag football. I had trouble walking and my mom took me to the hospital where they determined I had broken a bone.

  • Hazor

    It might be argued that he did it “in order to maintain discipline and order,” but it certainly was not “for good cause.”

  • Hazor

    It might be argued that he did it “in order to maintain discipline and order,” but it certainly was not “for good cause.”

  • Drew M.

    Judging by most of the replies here, parenthood makes you a vindictive, violent asshat.

    Thanks, but no thanks.

  • Susie

    Does that include chest bumping and verbal abuse?

  • Susie

    Would that be Fox “News”? 

  • Anonymous

    As I have a cousin that actually attends this school, I rather fear for her safety now!  He absolutely deserves to be fired.

  • Student who was subjected to physically dominant behavior from teacher grows up to be the kind of adult who calls people puss wads anonymously on the internet. Rebuttal writes itself.

  • Erp

    This is Tennessee we are talking about and a student wanting to start a Gay Straight Alliance club.

    The law is bad and should be revoked, but, it could possible give a legal out to the principal.   The local school board’s policy is that it must be administered in the presence of another school employee so the principal is in violation there.  Some of the rest of the policy is left up to the interpretation of the principal.

  • The Captain

    AWWWW sorry to burst your little straw man bubble, but I wasn’t a hypersensitive ninny long before I got into hight school. And not because my parents where mean or abusive, they just let me play on the playground that had gravel, and jump off the high dive.

    PS. read the next story… THAT is an “assault”.

  • The Captain

    Oppps, typo “high school”

  • The Captain

    Your coach sounds like he was an ass. Mine teacher however never would have done that (wasn’t my “coach” since I didn’t play football), he was a great role model. And if you had read the story you could see that I wasn’t hurt in any way, so the comparisons you make are false. Unless you equate breaking ones ankle and horsing around in class as the same thing, than I would have no idea how to explain reality to you.

  • I’ll just throw this out there and see where it leads but this incident probably wasn’t all that unexpected seeing as how the school and/or school district allows religious events to take place on school grounds. 

    See slide #19 here and just to make sure that the students didn’t miss the fact  that the event took place it was repeated in slide# 20 here.

    It was only a matter of time before the Christian contingent was confronted with the horrible notion that they might just have to allow a GSA group into the school. And of course the principal couldn’t let that happen for any reason whatsoever.

  • Not surprisingly this was kept quiet here in East TN. Just so you know there is a reason we nicknamed Monroe Co, Moron county. 

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