That’s One Way to Promote Your Atheist Bus Ads… October 4, 2011

That’s One Way to Promote Your Atheist Bus Ads…

I know the Central Arkansas Coalition of Reason had a rough time getting its ads on local buses

But now that a judge ruled in their favor and the ads are set to make an appearance on buses this week (if they’re not up as we speak), it’s good to know that some members of the coalition are taking every opportunity to spread their message… and I do mean *every*.

For example, in a local (just for fun) kickball league, a team consisting of atheists in the Coalition promoted the billboard with their uniforms…

Since atheists are naturally athletic, I suppose those costumes were hardly obstacles at all…

By the way, the group calls itself “The Non-Prophets.” And you have to appreciate their logo:

It might seem silly, but it got the attention of the media:

“How easy or difficult is it to maneuver out there wearing the costume?” asked FOX16’s Kelly Dudzik.

“It’s quite difficult actually. When we’re kicking, we tend to just have our head out, but on the field, I have both my arms through the head hole so I can actually grab the ball and field it,” says [team captain LeeWood] Thomas.

If you watch the clip below, I was laughing out loud at the way Thomas said “It’s quite difficult actually.” Also take note of how he says “Vroom Vroom” as he runs 🙂

If you have a few seconds and you want to amuse yourself, check out the names of the other teams in the Laidback League (part of the Little Rock Kickball Association).

What do you think: Lovable losers or totally-awesome-and-you-want-to-join?

(via Central Arkansas Coalition of Reason)

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  • Godless Irishman

    I really like the email contact for “Umpire Issues”.

  • Godless Irishman

    When you click the link for the Laidback League, that is.

  • Bennicke97

    Well, if Christians did something like this I would be embarrassed for them. it’s just…sigh. I shouldn’t judge, but it’s just not me. I just don’t get it.

  • Anonymous

    Way too silly

  • guest

    Know what, I changed my mind. It’s not that cheesy, and it’s all good fun. I like it. 

  • TortugaSkeptic

    It makes me jealous, this looks like great fun, but how could I choose between ‘Your Mom’ and ‘A Drinking Team with a Kickball Problem’?

  • b00ger

    I’m more interested in kickball with beer. I wish there was a league like that around here. Way too silly, yes, but I love it all the same.

  • Anonymous

    That is so awesome!  I like the attitude of the league itself… just out at the park, having fun.  Life is too serious at times and that would be a fantastic diversion for an afternoon.  As for the cardboard buses… whatever floats your boat to get the message out.  I wouldn’t wear one to play kickball, but I’d sure be there to support those who do.

  • Nicole S

    I think it’s AWESOME. 

  • Lovable losers or totally-awesome-and-you-want-to-join?

    Why does that have to be an either/or question?

  • Aquaria

    It’s sort of cute, and they look like they’re having fun. I don’t think I could stand wearing the buses in Arkansas during the summer, but to each her own.

  • Karen

    I think they’re silly, lovable, and cool.

  • Trina

    It looks fun – and everyone can use that!

  • Heisenberg

    The league in LR is very centered around alcohol, well I guess it’s more centered around being with a bunch of friendly people and having fun, beer is just a great companion to that!

  • LisaMay

    Gotta love a beer league! I used to date a guy who played for the MasterBatters.

  • Annaigaw

    Hemant – atheists are naturally athletic?? Really…???! I must have missed the memo 🙂

  • Annaigaw

    Hemant – atheists are naturally athletic?? Really…???! I must have missed the memo 🙂

  • G Mc

    When someone kicks the ball and runs to first base, does a fundamentalist follow him yelling scripture quotes?

  • Rieux

    Yeaaaah… not really seeing it. Playing while wearing t-shirts (bearing whatever atheistic message one would like; ’sall good) I could get behind, but wearing a bus costume sort of makes a mockery of the activity itself. If I were on an opposing team, I would be royally annoyed. Or even a half-interested spectator.

  • Lratheist

    It wasn’t during the summer. It was last weekend!

  • It’s the Laid Back League and that’s how we’re supposed to play.  The other team had two girls kick at the right the same time and ran the bases sort of “orbiting” each other. Most games, teams try to tie at the end so the winner is decided by a beer relay around the bases.  I once played wearing a Death Star Costume.

  • It’s one the best things I’ve found anywhere.

  • Pontius Pirate

    Some of the other humorous names:  More Cowbell, Puttin’ Pitches In
    Their Place, Rubber Balls & Liquor, Sit on My Base, Goblin My Balls, Where My Pitches At?, Daj MaBalls, Menace To Sobriety, Pitches Be Crazy, Buck Funting, Snatchin’ Balls, Crossfit snatch inspectors, Brews Your Daddy, Kicktease, Ballin’ Oates, Fu-King Pandas, Liver Let Die, Multiple Scoregasms, and Squirrels Gone Wild to name a few.I know there’s a professional adult kickball league that is nationwide, but there’s no comparison to our unique league here in LR.  I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

  • Pontius Pirate

    We only have the Spring and Fall leagues

  • Pontius Pirate

    Thank you Hemant Mehta for sharing this.  I will thank you at Skepticon in November in person.  One of the comments that day was “glad to see you finally got your ads up”  I just told them “If you want something done sometimes you gotta do it yourself”  Most everyone enjoyed these props.  In fact I had to ump a game between two other teams and members of both teams wanted to run the bases a time or two with the buses/boxes on.  It was a great day in the park and it helped keep the story fresh until the real ads were up.

  • Laid Back League Kickball is all about being cheesy and good fun.

  • TigerLily86

    Oh…. I miss LRKA and I miss my teams.  If I were still there (had I not moved out of state) you bet your *** I would be there playing kickball with a beer in my hand and a bus on my back.  Kudos, team.  Miss you guys so much <3

  • Actually the teams we played that day loved the bus costumes and borrowed them to wear. We are all about fun.

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