Are You An Atheist-Friendly Lawyer? October 2, 2011

Are You An Atheist-Friendly Lawyer?

If you are, then American Atheists is looking for you:

When someone emails us asking about an atheist-friendly lawyer in Cincinnati or Seattle or Omaha, we want to be able to direct that person to a lawyer that fits their legal needs. If someone in Denver is looking for a family law or divorce lawyer who is atheist-friendly then we should be able to help them with that and get them to a lawyer who meets their criteria.

To do that we need your help! If you are a lawyer who is an atheist or is atheist-friendly and would like your name included in our database, just fill out the Contact Info below…

Not only will you be helping out your local atheists who need legal assistance, you will be increasing awareness of your practice and getting some free advertising out of this!

If you fit the description, please fill out the form and get more information here.

And if you’re looking for one an atheist-friendly lawyers, you can see the current database here (*.xlsx)

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  • Anonymous

    Now that the school teacher has been cleared of any wrongdoing in the Dakota Ary case ( ), maybe it’s time Hemant Mehta gives an apology.

  • I’ve spent the last year trying to figure out what to go back to grad school for in a few years. I’ve been thinking about law school and if there’s this much of a need for atheist lawyers, then maybe that’s what I’ll do. 

  • Anonymous

    I would not recommend criminal law for atheist friendly lawyers. Atheists are underrepresented in prison. Either we commit less crimes or we are well represented already (I’m betting on the former). 

  • I passed this on to a Mennonite attorney who works a lot with the peace movement, encouraging him to sign up and pass it on to any other lawyers he knows.  He doesn’t do much criminal law, but he is the guy to go to if you are trying to get out of the military as a conscientious objector status.

  • Jeff

    Dustin, while that’s a very noble thought, I would recommend against it. Law school is expensive both in terms of time and money. In the current economic climate, lawyer jobs are hard to find and I wouldn’t expect to have a very busy practice if you will mostly being doing cases for AA referrals.

  • I think you misunderstood something here. An atheist lawyer as in an atheist who is a lawyer and helps out like minded people on occasion, not a lawyer who caters exclusively to atheists.

  • Rich Wilson

    Or there are various reasons for atheists in prison to not want to identify as such.  Although considering the movement for recognition of wiccan/neopagan/druid as valid religions for inmates, perhaps this effect is overblown.  It just seems like an environment in which it would be difficult to get honest answers.  Not because of the dishonesty of the person, but because of environmental pressures to save one’s ass.

  • Anonymous

    There are also lots of incentives to at least pretend to be religious. Believers get privileges in prison (like time for services or books) and piety plays well with judges, juries and parole boards

  • Frank Bellamy

    There hasn’t been a draft in almost 40 years, how could anybody be “the guy to go to” for conscientious objector status?

  • I remember reading somewhere that some people pretend to be Jewish to get better food, but I forget where I saw that. I do remember the same article said you couldn’t ask for vegetarian food because being vegetarian was a choice.

  • Anonymous

    But he’s right; I’m currently in law school (luckily, in a country with a better legal market than the United States), but if you are the USA, I would advise you to seriously reconsider law school. 
    The American law school market is flooded because it doesn’t take much for you to get accredited and pretty much anyone can set up a law school if they want. You will compete very hard to find your summer jobs and your first job as a lawyer. A very large proportion of your classmates will not be able to find jobs at all. If I were in the US, I wouldn’t think go to law school unless I got into one of the T14.

  • It’ll be at least two years before I start applying to grad schools and law is only one of three or four possibilities I’m casually considering. Of course there’s always the chance that I won’t leave management if I can find a position that fits me better.

  • poliltimmy

    So should I spend $139.00 on excel just to read your list?

  • Or you could download either OpenOffice or LibreOffice. 

  • poliltimmy

    You must be a fellow Linux user. Maybe Mac? My bad I just forgot. I have a habit of stripping down my Distro. Thanks for the reminder.

  • Rich Wilson

    That does beg the question- is this the most portable format for this data?  Looks like a new idea so they’re just doing whatever is easy.  But even just putting it on google docs would mean anyone with a moderately functioning web browser could get it very easily.

  • I use Arch Linux myself. I opened up the file just fine in LibreOffice 3.4. I’m always amazed how many Linux users I find in the atheist community, of course both do attract geeks.

  • Oh and with Arch you don’t have to strip it down, you can just build it how you want it.

  • Google Docs or a PDF would probably be best, next would be be a Office 2000 xls file.

  • Rich Wilson

    I’d eschew PDF for this.  It’s really a DB, so you want it searchable/filterable.  Harder to filter a PDF by just your state.  Granted the list is still short enough that it doesn’t really matter, but we’re hoping it’ll grow, right?

    btw I contacted one who said he’d add his info, but he’s not on there yet.

  • poliltimmy

    I use Ubuntu. I just carry my “I refuse to follow” attitude with religion to Microsoft. I will not be assimilated. 

  • poliltimmy

    P.S. I am a 49 yr old biker turned biker/geek.

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