Christian Business Owner: Recite John 3:16 and I’ll Give You a Discount on an Oil Change September 29, 2011

Christian Business Owner: Recite John 3:16 and I’ll Give You a Discount on an Oil Change

At Kwik Kar Lube & Service in Plano, Texas, owner Charlie Whittington has a deal for you: Recite John 3:16 and he’ll give you a discount on an oil change.

Don’t want to recite it? Well, screw you.

Resident Marshall Wei, who had been to the Kwik Kar on Custer Road in Plano before, was happy to find the coupon hanging on his door last week.

Above the promised $19.99 price though, the coupon says customers must quote the New Testament verse John 3:16 to get the deal.

“I think maybe I forgot exactly what it is, and I needed to go look it up online,” Wei said

With the verse in hand, Wei drove to the store and pulled into the garage, but as he waited he started having second thoughts about the offer.

“Why should I be compelled to quote something I do not feel comfortable to quote?” he asked.

After a short discussion with a store manager about the verse, he declined to recite it, and ended up paying more than $46 for the service, more than twice what he expected.

“I’m paying you,” Wei said. “Why can’t you treat me like others?”

(Side note: Why did he pay $46 when the coupon is for $19.99 and a savings of $15 off the regular price? Shouldn’t he have paid $35 + tax?)

Anyway, it’s a privately-owned business. So Whittington is welcome to tell his Jewish, Muslim, atheist, (black, gay, female, etc) customers that he doesn’t want their business without any legal repercussions.

But his reasoning makes no sense:

“I’m not making you do anything and I’m tired of people making me do something.”

Yeah! How *dare* the rest of us make him do… um… something… whatever that is… (someone please tell me?)

But I guess he has a right to do this…

And the rest of us have a right to leave reviews about his business on Yelp. I’m sure a Bible verse in your review would be appreciated. ***Edit***: Commenters point out that you may be violating Yelp policies if you express disapproval on their site for reasons like this. But that may not be the case on other sites. Either way, dont bother giving them your business.

Also, how come it’s always Christians who seem to do things like this? You never see an atheist business owner saying she’ll give you a discount if you say “God is a myth.”

(Thanks to Ryan for the link)

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  • Vandelay

    “I’m paying you,” Wei said. “Why can’t you treat me like others?”
    Asking that he recite the verse in order to receive the discount would be treating him like all the others. Wei is actually asking to be treated nothing at all like the others. 

  • Miko

    And the rest of us have a right to leave reviews about his business on Yelp.

    I’m not sure of Yelp’s terms of use, so it’s possible that that’s true.  But unless you happen to live in Plano, TX, keep in mind that the Yelp service is intended to help people get information that they need and not as a way for atheists to badmouth businesses that they’ve never patronized; your misuse of the service will just make things worse for others.

  • Ian

    “Anyway, it’s a privately-owned business. So Whittington is welcome to
    tell his Jewish, Muslim, atheist, (black, gay, female, etc) customers
    that he doesn’t want their business without any legal repercussions.”

    That’s not how I understand modern human rights laws. You specifically cannot discriminate your clientele based on race, gender, or religion. If you hang a sign on your door that says “no blacks” or charge them more you (rightfully) get in trouble. The same applies to atheists.

    Ron Paul and many Republican-Libertarians might want to get rid of those rights, but for now people have the right to be served equally.

  • Drew M.

    Indeed. That’s what the reviews on Google are for.

  • Revyloution

    I think I would go to the station, quote the desired verse.  After paying, I would laugh, declare myself an atheist, and point out to the proprietor that most atheists know more about the bible that the average Christian.  Then laugh, saying “see ya, suckah!”

  • Vandelay

    Atheists, Muslims, Jews and Christians are all equally able to recite a Bible verse. 

  • Drew M.

    Eh, I’m not feeling the outrage on this one.  I’d quote the Qu’ran, Bible, Bhagavad Gita, or Harry Potter to get 23% off an oil change.  Perhaps it’s a thin line, but I see a distinct difference between quoting a bible verse and “proving” you’re a Christian by bringing in a church bulletin.

  • paul caggegi

    Shoot, I’d recite the verse, get the discount, and go about my merry way. Joke’s on him! 😛

  • Another deluded religious zealot in Texas how unusual.

  • Thorny264

    If i did that in my country, i would be sued until i had no business although i think i may move to america if i get a business and discriminate against all religions, maybe in alabama.

  • TheG

    Leaving a bad review on Yelp isn’t going to help anything.

    On the other hand, his franchise may want to know what one of the owners is doing with their name:

    Kwik Industries, Inc.
    4725 Nall Road
    Dallas, TX 75244
    (800) 442-5368

  • Vandelay

    “If i did that in my country, i would be sued until i had no business”
    Do you think that’s a good thing?

  • Rich Wilson

    I think I’d see if I could get the manager to let me quote my own favorite passage of the bible.  Baiting it with a sense of excitement.  Maybe some of that Deuteronomy 21:18 from earlier today?  Or Gen 22:5, the binding of Isaac?

    But then I have trouble not being a dick sometimes.

  • Sulris Campbell

    if he had said it was a discount for christians only it might have been bad.  but he asked people to read a sentence out of a book… not a big dieal.  if a harry potter enthusiast told me i would get a discount for reading the line where on book when harry slew the basalisk i dont think anyone would be upset. 

    i suppose people would be mad if he chose mien kompf… but then again one should read the books of the poeple that disagree with you so know why you disagree witht them.  nothing wrong with a little literacy.

  • Bob Becker

    Not a big deal, seems to me.  You’re happy to recite the passage to get the discount, fine.  You don’t want to, take your business elsewhere.  The only thing I would absolutely not do is pay full price at his establishment for what the passage reciters were getting at a discount.  

    But it’s his business. He wants to give a discount to anyone who’ll whistle Dixie, or wear plaid, or recite the FSM’s eight I really rather you wouldn’ts,  or shout Hossana! it’s fine with me.   

  • Charley

    I don’t really have a problem with this, but it was still an interesting read.

  • I think that’s a good thing.

  • Pureone

    3:16 So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.
    wow, that sounds, uh, how to say it….

    Oh, which John again? There are two books by “John”…. 😉

  • Anonymous

    Would anyone have a problem if he only offered the discount to white people?

    I wouldn’t, but I wouldn’t frequent his business and would hope enough other people felt the same way so he changed his policy or went bust.

  • Also, how come it’s always Christians who seem to do things like this?
    You never see an atheist business owner saying she’ll give you a
    discount if you say “God is a myth.”

    That’s because atheist business owners don’t want to get their stores vandalized. And just by sheer numbers, a Christian boycot of an atheist store is going to be much more effective than the reverse.

  • Anonymous

    So you couldn’t just turn up and say “John 3:16” and get the discount?  Taking idiots literally can be fun sometimes.

  • Uhm, no. The discount is only available to those who can say those words without violating their personal beliefs, or those that are willing to say things they don’t mean. If you can’t do that, this business won’t give you a discount. Therefore, the treatment is different, depending on what sort of person you are.

    It’s like offering a discount to anyone who can jump up and down twice, and then claiming that the person in the wheelchair is asking for special treatment if they want the discount too.

  • Dynaboy

    This is why I change my own oil.

  • Yes, I’d have a huge problem with that. People who do those sorts of thing are a stain on our society. It’s just that I can’t do more than use some harsh words, avoid his business, and convince other people to do the same.

  • Rainierrod

    That’s genius. Perhaps the biz owner’s an atheist. How funny would that be? Who cares if he markets to fundies, thats his demographic there…its not the same as saying he wont serve african americans, theyre not african americans because thats what they believe. If youre offended, take your car somewhere else…

  • Personally I have no problem with the business owner. If he wanted me to recite a verse from the Koran or book of Mormon I’d have no problem with that either (Google!). I’d have a problem if I recited a verse then he decided not to honor it because he didn’t think I was a True Believer or whatnot. Then I’d have a right to complain. But I wouldn’t give the guy my business to begin with, so it’s a non-issue.Look, don’t go looking to start trouble with this guy. Just let him be and live your life. He isn’t breaking the law. Can we stop with the “angry, bitter atheist” bit once in a while? He’s not making students recite it in class for extra credit, or voters recite it before being allowed to vote, or drivers recite it to get out of a ticket. There’s a lot bigger fish to fry in the world.

  • Denis Robert

    Not really. If he had simply picked a verse at random, you might have a point. But John 3:16 is not just a verse, it’s a profession of faith, and specifically a profession of faith for Evangelical Christianity, as specific to them as the Nicene Creed is for Catholics.

  • Denis Robert

    Actually, it’s “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son,  that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

    It’s the national anthem of Evangelicals.

  • David

    An elementary school teacher announced to her class that she would give $5 to the first kid who could answer her question correctly.
    “Now children, who was the greatest person whoever lived?”, she asked.
    “George Washington”, said one kid. “Martin Luther King”, said another. “Archimedes”, said a third.
    Finally, a little Jewish kid, Sammy, put up his hand. “Jesus Christ, the son of God”, he exclaimed.
    The teacher said “Correct” and handed him the $5. Then she said to him, “Sammy, you answered correctly but I have to admit I’m surprised by your answer.”
    And Sammy said to her, “Miss, in my heart I know it was Moses but business is business!”

  • Peter Mahoney

    I think that under the 1964 Civil Rights Act, even a private business can NOT discriminate against someone based on their color, race, gender, RELIGION, etc.

    Thus, if a customer’s religious views do NOT make him a candidate for reciting the bible, and the store overcharges him for that reason, it is the same as overcharging someone because the customer is black, or Jewish, or because the customer is a woman.

    At least that is my understanding of the law.

  • I suppose they are all capable of speaking the words, yes. I also suppose that the owner can’t make you mean the words when you say them. Some people may have a problem saying things they don’t mean for personal gain though.

    Also, don’t forget that some religions consider the notion that Jesus is the son of God a heresy.

  • Of course there are bigger fish to fry. That doesn’t mean that this guy wasn’t being obnoxious. It doesn’t mean it’s a wasted effort to point out that there are still people who think they can do this without some push back.

    And why are you asking us to stop? We aren’t breaking any laws either, you know.

  • Anonymous

    That’s entirely different.  The person in the wheelchair is completely incapable of jumping up and down.  An atheist, myself included, is perfectly capable of reciting a Bible verse he doesn’t believe in, and personally I would have no qualms about doing so.  Nowhere does the ad indicate that one must profess belief, only that one must recite a rote passage that most people in the Western world would already know by heart through cultural influences, and I see it as no different than reciting the opening to Hamlet’s soliloquy.  I don’t have to believe that I am the rightful heir to the Danish throne to recite that, do I?

  • b00ger

    This business owner is not discriminating against non-christians. (Well he is, but not in a way that is against the law) As a customer, you can read whatever he wants you to read to get the discount or you cannot or you can realize this guy is a Christofacsist a-hole and take your business somewhere else. Unless this is the only oil change place within 50 miles, I really see no problem other than the guy is an a-hole. But being and a-hole is not against the law.

  • Bfundom

    Shouldn’t the eight I really rather you wouldn’ts be in all caps? As The Ten Commandants always are?

  • Murphium19

    You wouldn’t, have a problem if he only offered the discount to white people? Then why wouldn’t you frequent his business?

  • Anonymous

    It depends on the state you’re in (especially when it comes to things like sexual orientation), but yes, the “private businesses can do whatever they want” line is BS

  • Ryan

    Hemant,  I’m Ryan(the guy that gave you the link) I’m a little disappointed that you asked people to leave disapproval remarks about this business on review sites. That’s not why I gave you the link.  I just wanted a broader opinion on this story, then just the comments from the news site. 

    I think the coverage of this story was okay. The only thing I what to know was how long has Wei been here. His accent is well pronounce, which leads me to think that it is some what recent.  So, It makes this story just a mistake of what the Constitution says about it. Also, besides looking it up, he just called a news channel  to report on it.

    I don’t care for what this business is doing on more ethical grounds. I really don’t think it is good ethics to use your business to advertise  your  religious point of view in ads. It’s says come shop…etc here, because I’m christian…etc.  I don’t care if you’re christian.  If when I’m in your business and I happen to see a cross, bible verse, or some other type of religious symbol. I wouldn’t care or think twice about it.  As long as I got good service, I’ll be back.(puts sunglasses on)   But, when I see it on an ad, I’ll think twice about going to your business.

    The attorney stated it well “The study of the Bible has many rewards. I’m not sure that God intended a lube discount to be among its many riches.” to convey that point to the other side.

    oh yea!
    uhhh huh huh he said lube.

    BOOIINNNNNNNGGGG! eh heh he heh

  • Darwin’s Dagger

    The guy is offering a bible verse discount for whomever wants to quote the bible verse. It’s like putting a coupon in the paper, if you want the discount you have to go through the trouble of cutting the damned thing out (or dragging the whole page into the shop).

  • Alice

    Don’t see the problem. My years of brainwashed bible memorization finally being put to good use? Yes please!

  • Anonymous

    Sounds to me like it’s practice for atheists who debate Christians a lot. You have to know what the quotes are before you can point out how ridiculous they are. 😉

  • T-Rex

    If I ever see an ad like that you can bet they’ll never get one penny from me. There are oil change places on every other corner.

  • Anonymous

    Ah, is this much different than a business giving a discount to customers that bring in a copy of their church’s order of service which was ruled illegal? Your freedom ends where mine begins. If this business owner wants to enjoy the rights and liberty he has been given, he should at least respect the rights of others and the laws of this country!

  • Rudy

    I just filed a complaint. This is uncalled for. Thanks for the insight TheG.

  • TheAlmightyGuru

    Note: That is the wrong Kwik Kar location. The article says that it’s off of Custer  Rd, so you should leave comments at this site:

  • cbc

    I believe that it is a mortal sin to some Muslims to admit the divinity of Jesus. Hence the saying ‘There is no god but Allah, and Muhammed is his prophet.” Saying John 3:16 would violate their sincerely held religious belief. Ergo, discriminatory.

  • Greisha

    While you are right about asymmetry in consequences, most atheist will probably consider such a behavior stupid.

  • Annaig

    As others have pointed out it is a violation of the civil rights act. I also think it is discriminatory against people who are illiterate.

  • Bob Becker

    But of course. Late night carelessness on my part. May FSM forgive me!

  • dwasifar karalahishipoor

    There are literally 12 places within three miles of my house that routinely offer $20 oil changes.  (Yes, I mean “literally” literally; I had reason to count them recently.)  So I have choices, and I’m guessing the people of Plano do too.

    If this guy were the only game in town, I’d probably quote the verse to get the discount, but I’d do it in a funny voice or something.  I do a pretty good impression of Pee-Wee Herman.

  • dwasifar karalahishipoor

    If you follow the link and watch the video, it takes on kind of a different character.  The guy has a reader board sign:  “$19.99 OIL CHANGE ASK INSIDE”.  So a lot of customers are only finding out about the requirement after they’ve already been lured in by the price.

    This being Texas, I’m sure not many of the customers will mind.  But it’s still a sneaky trick.  How christian of him.

  • Rich Wilson

    Well, in English it is…

    Which begs the question, what if one says it in Aramaic?

  • dwasifar karalahishipoor

    I’m sure you can find plenty of illiterate people who can quote John 3:16 and other greatest hits of the bible.  Try a Tea Party rally.

  • Rich Wilson

    What if the discount was for eating meat, or pork in particular?

  • Not only do you get a better discount, but you know you did the job right, plus you might see other problems with your car that you can repair (or have repaired) that an oil change place would likely not tell you about, or frighten you into having fixed by them at a steep price (my favorite scam: when they bring you your PCV valve, rattle it, and tell you its broken and you need a new one).

  • Anonymous

    Again, I see that as a different issue.  While of course a Jew is perfectly capable of eating non-kosher foods, one cannot eat a non-kosher food without directly contravening one’s beliefs.  As for John 3:16, I really don’t see reciting it as being any different from reciting any other piece of fiction.

    I mean, are we going to start going after places that serve giant burgers where you get your entire meal for free if you finish the burger in a certain amount of time?  Doubt it.

  • Anonymous

    Again, I see that as a different issue.  While of course a Jew is perfectly capable of eating non-kosher foods, one cannot eat a non-kosher food without directly contravening one’s beliefs.  As for John 3:16, I really don’t see reciting it as being any different from reciting any other piece of fiction.

    I mean, are we going to start going after places that serve giant burgers where you get your entire meal for free if you finish the burger in a certain amount of time?  Doubt it.

  • Rich Wilson

    Not necessarily.  The Civil Rights act is federal, so you’d have to show that the establishment was involved in interstate commerce.  From Title II of the act

    Outlawed discrimination based on race, color, religion or national origin in hotels, motels, restaurants, theaters, and all other public accommodations engaged in interstate commerce; exempted private clubs without defining the term “private.”

  • Rich Wilson

    To us it’s reciting fiction.  To them it’s blasphemy.  Try asking a Christian to say “allahu akbar” or “Satan is my Lord”, or a Jehovah’s Witness to say “Happy Birthday”.

    Good question about the monster burgers, but I think in that case it’s not something they would eat in the first place.  Perhaps if you charged more for a hamburger minus the beef patty, then Hemant might have cause for complaint.

    Most of us have need of a lube job.

    Come to think of it- I was pretty annoyed when Safeway started giving ‘fuel rewards’.  As a non-car owner, I felt it was discriminatory.  If a car owner and I both spend $100 on groceries, they get a refund in a gas discount that I don’t get.  Even now that I have a car, I would get less of a benefit because my gas tank is a lot smaller than some SUVs.  Someone with a large vehicle can buy more gas, and save more money.

  • Pureone

    Yeah, I know which he was intending, but again, it just says “John”. 

  • ACN

    Uhhh I would. Why on earth WOULDN’T you have a problem if he said “white people, $15 off lube jobs!”??

  • It would be quite difficult to prove that this is a violation of the Civil Rights Act. You’d have to prove both that, as Rich Wilson said above, this particular business is engaging in “interstate commerce”, and that this is actually an instance of “religious discrimination” towards potential customers. I don’t think that this incident qualifies as “discrimination” (as defined by legal precedent, etc.), but I could be wrong.

  • T-Rex

    You mean dark skinned Americans? Unless they were born in Africa and came here to become a citizen, they aren’t African Americans. I really wish people would so stop using that term for people born in America with dark skin. I’m not a Euro-American because I have lighter skin. I’m a fucking American. Period.

  • I wonder.

    If I put up a sign saying, ‘Admit there is no god and get a free dozen eggs’, how long would it take before someone came by and poisoned my chickens?

  • Rich Wilson
  • Anonymous

    States usually have their own anti-discrimination laws

    Still, saying that this is discrimination is borderline. On the face of it is feels like it. But legally it’s probably not. He doesn’t outright refuse customers after all

  • Anonymous

    My sentiments exactly. In fact, I was going to post something to this effect — but you beat me to it.

  • Vandelay

    I don’t think it’s up to him to account for each little theological pecadillo of every single religion.

  • [quote]Also, how come it’s always Christians who seem to do things like this?
    You never see an atheist business owner saying she’ll give you a
    discount if you say “God is a myth.”[/quote]
    Hey now… there’s stupid atheists too. It’s a stigma of society. Most are Christians or at least welcoming of Christians. Most people view any atheist message as negative. If things were different, if atheists weren’t risking getting vandalized, boycotted and making negative press then some dumb atheists would do it, not caring that it’s stupid even if it’s acceptable.

  • keddaw

    Because I don’t want the state to enforce my morality when it is not harming anyone.

    When he offers his labor he is within his rights to charge what he wants to who he wants.  None of my fecking business except I can avoid his segregationist nonsense and try to get him put out of business.  But I don’t want him arrested for it.

  • Federal civil rights laws bar religious discrimination.  Discounting on the basis of a profession of faith is religious discrimination.

  • Does he buy anything imported from out of state?  He’s involved in interstate commerce.  Same as most theaters and restaurants. 

  • Allen

    What about bars that give discounts to women (ladies nights), or senior citizen discounts?  In those cases, you must be of a certain sex or age to get the discount.  In this case, all you have to do is recite.  No way this is unlawful.  Too many whiners….

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    Minnesota Declares ‘Ladies’ Night’ Illegal.

    And a lot of other states have done the same.

  • Renee

    If you don’t like it, go somewhere else. Not a big deal.

  • Rich Wilson

    A useful test of the morality of something is to ask “what if everybody did it?”  What if every business in town required you to declare your Christianity to get a discount?

  • Newavocation

    I think it’s already been proven to be a violation:

  • Zgorman

    but you would recite it and thats getting the word out… suckah

  • Mt4god

    God IS. It is the fool that says in his heart “there is no God”, sorry folks, soon enough you will all see. God bless you with faith. amen.

  • Dave

    Teresa Heinz Kerry was born in Mozambique, and she’s as caucasian as they come. But she’s an American, so this makes her African-American, right? 😉

  • Ljhopkins_1

    you say only Christens do things like this, but you not believers try to stop any from even saying GOD any where. 

  • Mark Cooper

    “You never see an atheist business owner saying she’ll give you a discount if you say “God is a myth.”

    Because Christians are instructed to share their faith with the world. There are no eternal consequences if someone fails to become an atheist.

  • Mark Cooper

    The bake sale was intentionally racist to make that point that affirmative action is racist.

  • I’m going to go to McDonald’s, buy some food, and then run away declaring, “I LOVE BURGER KING!!!” That’ll show ’em. Haha

  • He IS charging the exact same price. The discount has “fine print” so to say; instructions the consumer must follow if they would like to redeem the discount. Your logic is akin to a black man crying racism when he is denied using a coupon because it has been expired. C’mon.

  • Jacksonntcc

    they can go to Texaco then and get one for $20

  • Brn2bwild

    Do a google search for plano kwik kar on custer road and you get a list of near a dozen.  That tells me if you dont want to do business with this guy, you have a few quick choices within a 3 mile radius or less. If his choices bother you do business elsewhere. He has a right to believe in his God as much as one has a right not to believe in a God.  Instead of whining about him giving a discount on “his” service at “his” business if you jump through “his” hoop change the channel and get over it. Im a little anti-potato myself I think I will go complain that Mcdonalds has offered a free burger if I buy their fries and a drink coupon! how dare them.

  • AmyC

    Actually, yes it would. In journalistic style writing, or AP Style, you are not supposed to use the term “African American” unless they are indeed an American who is from Africa. Even if somebody is caucasian, if they were born in Africa and are American then they are considered African American.

  • And he’s laughing all the way to the bank! Idiot.

  • Brian Macker

    Pretty sure his discount price covers his operating expenses plus a small profit.    You’d just be helping his business.

  • Brian Macker

     God, god, god.  What’s the big deal.  You are on an atheist blog and no one is stopping you.     What they try to stop is YOU forcing their kids to pray to god, or You forcing them to use money that says “In God We Trust”.   Yes we are force to use it because of legal tender laws.

  • Brian Macker

    How’s repeating a verse  declaring your Christianity?   You just have to quote it, not believe it.   You are free to say, “blah blah, is verse X of the christian bible”. 

  • Brian Macker

    ‘Also, how come it’s always Christians who seem to do things like this?
    You never see an atheist business owner saying she’ll give you a
    discount if you say “God is a myth.” ‘

    You do however see communist atheists taking over all businesses in a country and forcing Christians not to go to church, and indoctrinating them in Marxism in the public schools.    Unfortunately.

  • Jefferson

    In Michigan, the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act prohibits discrimination against individuals on the basis of religion by any business that makes goods or services available to the public. There is no legal difference between discrimination against someone based on their religion (or lack thereof) and discrimination based on race, national origin, etc. It’s important that the secular community become educated about this area of law. Like the general public, most atheists are under the mistaken impression that religious discrimination by businesses against individuals is acceptable. Until recently I was also misinformed about the law in this regard. Part of the problem arises from the term “public accommodation” which many assume doesn’t apply to what we might otherwise refer to as “private businesses” — but it does. Under Michigan law virtually any business is a “public accommodation”. Under Federal law, the types of businesses that are considered public accommodations are more limited.

  • Brian Macker

     Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.    He didn’t exactly express himself very well.

  • Scott M

    I, as someone who does believe in John3:16, would have offered the discount to anyone who wanted to recite whatever religious/non-religous verse/saying they wanted.  That way people would remember the advertisement and not be offended.

  • Brian Macker

    So then you would you not have a problem with the government instituting
    affirmative action, and only hope that enough people felt the same way
    so that it changed its policy?       After all you don’t want the government to enforce your morality.   Obviously the government has to enforce some form of morality.   If not yours then someone else’s.

    You can always avoid such a racist policy by emigrating.   Well unless of course all the other countries are that way.   Which brings up the same issue with this business.   What if all the other businesses are not selling to blacks?   Then what?  Obviously the blacks will need to move somewhere else in the hope they will get treated with equal authority.

    How do you feel about restrictive racist covenants?   Can a business require that you not resell their product to a black?   Can General Motors sell it’s cars with a restriction that says the buyer is not allowed to be friends with black, drive blacks around in the GM car, let a black drive the car, or sell the car to any black person, or anyone not agreeing to said terms?

    Think about why that is wrong and why some libertarians are wrong on this issue (the ones who think the way you do).

  • Rich Wilson

    Poorly worded on my part.  I meant more along the lines of what I said elsewhere

    To us it’s reciting fiction.  To them it’s blasphemy.  Try asking a Christian to say “allahu akbar” or “Satan is my Lord”, or a Jehovah’s Witness to say “Happy Birthday”.

    You’re free insert whichever pledge you like, and at some point you’ll get something that some people would freak out at.

    Heck, I’ve never spoken the current US pledge of allegiance in my life.  Wouldn’t kill me of course, but I still don’t intend to.

  • Brian Macker

    Huh,  the interstate commerce clause is interpreted so broadly it covers acts that don’t even involve commerce, like not buying something.    One farmer was prevented from growing corn to feed his own family hogs because that meant he would “not” be buying corn on the open market, which would effect prices, which would flow over state lines.   

    Obama has put all his chips on the idea that by not buying insurance coverage you are practicing interstate commerce.   

  • Brian Macker

     Bait and switch

  • Brian Macker

     I was at one of the first Tea Party rallies.   It’s not about racism or religion.  It’s about the government screwing up the economy and bailing out all the private actors it enabled by it’s prior bailout/stimulus programs.     I’m a atheist.

  • Brian Macker

    Does he screw his wife.  Well then he’s involved in interstate commerce.   After all he might have had to travel to Reno to get sex otherwise.

    Not very far off the reasoning the Supreme Court has upheld.

  • Brian Macker

    He actually gave out coupons.

  • Brian Macker

    Can’t he stop acting like an angry Christian.   Did you hear him.   He wanted this to be controversal.  He also said, “Bring it on”.    Any atheists in the area should stop by and give him some controversy.    Then he can spend all day arguing religion instead of doing business.

  • Brian Macker

    Yes and it was racist in a way that discriminated against the race of most of those doing the sale.     They were being racist against whites, just like affirmative action is.

  • keddaw

    I don’t have a problem with gay people, but I don’t go fucking guys.

    I express my disapproval (of the garage, not gay people) by not frequenting his business.  I can disapprove of things I dislike by not encouraging them but recognising their perfectly legal ability to do it.  e.g. I would stand up for the Phelp’s right to be assholes, but I could not be more against what they say and what they do.

  • Unfortunately, you have it completely backwards.  No matter what happens, you’re not making any money in this exchange.  You’re paying money.

  • Yay Fascism!

  • You’re a liar and a phony.  You don’t have an “favorites.”

  • Just shows how utterly Totalitarian “modern human rights” laws truly are.

    You MUST work for people otherwise the Wise Overlords of Liberalism will throw you in jail.  You cannot refuse to work otherwise the Wise Overlords of Liberalism will throw you in jail.

    You’re so indoctrinated you’re actually stupid.

  • Guest

    WOW!  You’re a total moron!

  • Guest

    Apparently you’re so indoctrinated you cannot even understand how your blathering doesn’t apply.  Anything else you feel like crying about that doesn’t apply?

  • Guest

    Apparently you’re too stupid to know what “rights” are.  You’re too stupid to understand that having someone work for you is not a “right.”  You’re too stupid to understand that government is force.  You’re too stupid to understand that when you impose your bullshit “right” you’re forcing someone to work at gunpoint.  You’re demanding slavery for your stupid notion of “rights.”

  • Here We Go Againg

    lmbooo david i think you just put this review or what ever he is trying to prove to a curve… B’cuz you aint (who ever wrote this review or story/believe) going no where with this mambo jumbo this is america buddy you at liberty to do what you wish with no punishment of the law because of your practice of religion. if you dont like it, i got two word for you get! out!. you cannot kill our pass of suffering and build, over your sense less. (here we go again remind me off when we got kick out for practice of our religion). What!!! you trying to kick us out of our establishment please!!! get the effin out of here or you will get kick out if you cannot live with us or around us. IS THE LAW. P.S david we all know is moses but god say he who believe in his son has passage to his kindgom(when we died).

  • Rich Wilson

    Your trolling might be more effective if you weren’t so drunk.  On the other hand it might be less funny.

  • Rich Wilson

    Right.  Because expressing your opinion of a business’s practices has nothing to do with free market capitalism.

  • Anonymous

    So then you would you not have a problem with the government instituting…

    If the government is doing something like this then I rightly have a problem with it as the government should treat all people equally.  Individuals can have whatever batshit policies they like.

    Restrictive covenants I have a problem with as I view them as unenforceable since I either sell the item through a middleman or, more likely, take the view that once purchased it is mine to do with as I choose (hence the DMCA can go to hell.)  Obviously I try, in the first instance, to find alternative suppliers who don’t attempt to impose restrictions I don’t like.

  • dwasifar karalahishipoor

    Have you been to one recently?  I think you’ll find the demographic has changed considerably since the beginning of the movement.

  • Ann

    You would be the suckah because you would have done what he requested and he have your money.  So, who is the suckah again????????????   You had the nerve to post that comment and believe that you’re being smart!

  • GreginDallas

    I googled Kwik Kar in an attempt to locate the address of this establishment for the very reason I plan to take both my vehicles there and receive the discount for reciting the Bible verse and supporting a fellow Christian.

    I’m a Christian (but no Bible thumper) and believe the words I will be reciting and also believe that everyone here has a right to believe what they believe in their own lives.

    As a human, prior service American and fellow citizen I might not like you or agree with you but I have served you and this Country to protect your right to your lifestyle and beliefs.  I don’t care what those beliefs are, I just want you to be free to exercise them as much as I can exercise my right to support my brother and his business.

    And PLEASE don’t stop expressing yourselves. It’s what makes us a great nation.

  • Rich Wilson

    There’s a subtle difference between expressing yourself, and suppressing the speech of others.  You might see offering a discriminating discount as expressive speech, but at what point does it become suppression?  As I mentioned elsewhere in these comments, what if EVERY business did this?  What if the regular price was $100 with an 80% discount?  We are on a very slippery slope towards treating people differently based on their religion.  And I don’t see this as a problem for atheists so much as Jews.  I wouldn’t do it based on principle, but it wouldn’t kill me.  Ok, it wouldn’t kill a Jewish person either, but it would be like you bowing to Allah.

  • Phill Heslop

    It’s not a discriminating discount – it’s a marketing gimmick and perfectly legal in many countries. If you want the discount, quote a Bible verse, it doesn’t mean you have to believe it.

    Seriously – this is not even worth making a blog over.

  • Ed

    “Why can’t you treat me like every one else?”
    Jesus was always on the side of the societal outcast.
    Even in the parable that was meant to explain who one’s neighbor is when endeavoring  to “love your neighbor as yourself,” this point is brought out.

    Now while it is my right to tell a customer to go away, it is silly to do so.

    As a Christian operating a business, what sort of Christ-like behavior is it when one makes a stupid demand which is obviously meant to turn away and even alienate customers that he could have more easily persuaded to consider the values of Christianity with good works and generosity?

  • ReallyYouNeedMyName

    Also, how come it’s always Christians who seem to do things like this?
    You never see an atheist business owner saying she’ll give you a
    discount if you say “God is a myth.”
    Its rather simple, really – do you feel persecuted or slighted by your society? While being an athiest you don’t believe in God, it typically does not mean you are out to convince the world that God doesn’t exist. Its not an issue that is close to your hart and you just don’t care that much. Unfortunately, we do care. When we then do things to try and make others care, some have overreactions and declare Christians stupid, bigoted, or irrational. This creates the dissident atmosphere that causes Christians to feel slighted and the cycle continues.

    Its an emotional issue, please don’t expect it to be dealt with rationally.

  • Mingtian

    “So Whittington is welcome to tell his Jewish, Muslim, atheist, (black,
    gay, female, etc) customers that he doesn’t want their business without
    any legal repercussions.”

    What do blacks, gays, and females(especially) have to do with this? It’s about religion, not sexual orientation, race or sex. Hemant Mehta (Slumdog) you are an idiot.

    Also; “how come it’s always Christians who seem to do things like this?”

    Maybe it *seems* that way because it’s a majority Christian country, stupid slumdog.

    PS. I’m an atheist too but moronic atheists like you(if you are one) make me feel guilty by association. Go cry.

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