John Hodgman Interviews Neil deGrasse Tyson September 25, 2011

John Hodgman Interviews Neil deGrasse Tyson

You want a geekgasm?

John Hodgman interviewing Neil deGrasse Tyson for 30 minutes on The Sound of Young America. Go listen to it. Or download it (MP3). It’s as amazing as you expect it to be.

(My own interview with Dr. Tyson is here.)

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  • Robert

    Well I hope no one told John Hodgman that Tyson is essentially an atheist but prefers not to use that label.

    Then again, maybe that’s all the difference in the world to Hodgman.

  • The Sound of Young America never disappoints. 

  • Bob Becker

    H:  thanks for the pointer. I’d have missed this entirely but for your tip. 

  • Moneyball16

    Neil deGrasse Tyson is my hero. His passion is infectious. Thanks for the link.

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