Now I Have an Urge to Get Paint Thrown At Me… September 22, 2011

Now I Have an Urge to Get Paint Thrown At Me…

This has nothing to do with religion. It’s just an amazing video by a wonderful singer — Lisa Hannigan singing “Knots” from her new album Passenger:

(via All Songs Considered)

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  • Rich Wilson

    That’s very joyously cool!  Friendly even!

  • Fun video, cool song. If I had to be picky though, she’s not very good at miming.

    Still, I think I may have to check out more of her work.

  • AbnormalWrench

    I have her last album.  One of those artists that I really like 10-20% of what they do, and cant’ stand the rest of their songs.

    My favorite on her last album:

  • I just love when one of my favorite sources of news and information shares from another one.

  • BEAUTIFUL! I love it! Thanks!

  • Annie

    Loved this, thanks for sharing.  Reminds me of an article I read a while back.  When I was a teenager watching MTV in the 80s, videos were designed to be mini movies.  The article talked about today’s videos being designed to be able to view on a phone or ipod, which this is such a good example of.  Simple scene, one person filling a third of the screen. 

  • Personal opinion, her best work was with Damien Rice, though I know they haven’t spoken since they split but still, his album “O” was amazing.

  • Bryan Elliott

    Awww… I was kinda hoping she had covered this:

  • Anonymous

    Nice song. I loved Sea Sew (her first album) and I’m glad look forward to hearing the new stuff.

  • Anonymous

    O is a better album than Sea Sew, and probably this new one as well, but I think her solo career is off to a fine start. I don’t think she’s as much as a perfectionist as Damien (who is?) so she’s able to put fine music out at a normal pace. I have no objections.

  • Drew M.

    Yep, I’m with you on this. Her few good songs are *really* good, but the rest are meh at best.

  • Daniel Brown

    I feel this concept has been covered before – only with food.

    Matt & Kim’s “Yea Yeah”:

  • Anonymous

    Everyone should learn to play the uke.  They’re awesome instruments.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    That looks very Holi.
    Hemant, why are you foisting this obvious Hindu propaganda on us?

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