I Like These Atheist Chalkings at a North Carolina Campus September 20, 2011

I Like These Atheist Chalkings at a North Carolina Campus

How do you get publicity for your campus atheist group when you’re brand new and very few people know you exist?

If you’re the new Secular Student Alliance affiliate at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, you grab all the chalk you can find and get your messages out there:

Love it! Their next meeting is Monday, October 3rd (location TBA), so if you’re in the area, check out their Facebook page for more updates.

(Thanks to Mandi for the link!)

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  • I like the “We have lots of chalk one” even if i didn’t agree with/was offended by the others that I saw I’d have to laugh at that one.

  • Erik

    No, plenty of people will get offended by the chalk one. Just wait.

  • savage Robert W Edwards

    Yes. “(We have lots of chalk)” is great!

  • Thank you for the link-love, Hemant! We appreciate it!

  • Sophomore Seahawk

    Hey, UNCW student here, member of the new SSA.  It’s a shame you didn’t get to see the chalk ad that said “Have you been touched by his Noodly Appendage?” It was great, but unfortunately recent rain has washed it away.  We honestly didn’t expect the chalk campaign to work as well as it did, it’s awesome. 

  • guest

    Love this!!  Well done, UNCW SSA!!

  • I’ve got a shot of that somewhere in the pile….

  • Annie

    Awesome! I love chalk messages… they are super-cheap, but reach many (before it rains).  Good luck to all!

  • Rich Wilson

    +1 ‘non-prophet’

  • Ima Freethinker

    Beautiful job, students! 

  • I chuckled at the “We have lots of chalk” one.

  • The lots of chalk one is very clever and funny. 

  • Predator Handshake

    Something about the handwriting of whoever did those is really pleasant to me.  I guess I’ve seen so many messy chalk messages that I’m surprised to see one arranged neatly.

  • Catie

    That’s what was running through my mind as I read the ads. It’s very pretty and rounded and even.

  • The handwriting is what makes the ads really stand out, IMO. Plus the choice of colors.

  • Dana

    I totally agree. I couldn’t write that nicely on paper, much less with big letters using chalk on concrete. Well done UNCW SAA group! Keep up the “good work”. 🙂

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