Where Do Atheist Babies Come From? September 18, 2011

Where Do Atheist Babies Come From?

I’d never heard of the movie Mary and Max before, but I kinda want to see it now…

According to reader Leslie, who sets up the following clip, it’s a movie about an 8-year-old girl (Mary) from Australia who becomes pen pals with a 44-year-old man (Max) from New York who has Asperger’s syndrome. At one point, Mary asks Max where babies come from, because her father told her they were found in beer bottles. She wonders if they are found in Cola cans in America.

Max’s response is below… including his thoughts about where atheist babies come from:

But… but… MAMA?! I *sniff* never knew…

***Update***: Commenters point out the movie is available on Netflix Streaming.

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  • I loved this movie!

  • Bob Becker

    Track it down and watch it.  I saw it at the Sundance Film Festival some years ago.  It’s quite good.   


    Highly recommended. I loved it.

  • Leslie S.

    It is on Netflix Instantly.  It is fantastic! 

  • Wendryn

    This was a great movie. Not just the story itself, but it was an excellent depiction of someone with Asperger’s. It is worth watching.

  • Ben Crockett

    I need to see this movie now. I know it’s available on Netflix streaming, if you subscribe to that service.

  • Adviser_Moppet_23

    Saw it on Netflix. This movie is absolutely excellent. Made me cry. And not the misty eyed type crying, the full blown tears rolling down the cheeks crying.

  • My local Aspie support group recommended this, so I guess I really ought to sit down and watch it sometime (I have mild Asperger’s myself).

  • Kelcopeland

    Loved this movie! Music by Penguin Cafe Orchestra was a perfect match.

  • Never heard of the movie, but surely the answer is that all babies are atheist until corrupted

  • Quite the oppisite i would think.  All babies deify their parents/carers, and gradually come to realise that they’re just human over long periods – it can take years!

    Its the same reason you’ll hear kids argue about his Dad is best at ‘whatever’

    Babies are naturally theistic

  • Just because children look up to someone/have a role model does *not* insinuate theism… In fact, belief in a deity has nothing to do with looking up to one’s parent and thinking they are an absolutely awesome human being…

  • Theskepticalape

    That is a beautiful movie about the power of friendship. I would recommend it to anyone. And as others have noted above, I too cried like a little baby, yet it was so bittersweet I was crying with a smile on my face. Brilliant.

  • Ashley Will

    My husband and I just watched that movie. It was so good although we both sobbed!

  • Anonymous

    I’ll just add to the praise for ‘Mary and Max’……..the most affecting animated film I’ve seen in the last year or two.

    And I had NO idea that Phillip Seymour Hoffman was the voice of ‘Max’!  I recognized Toni Collette’s voice (as grown-up Mary) right away, but not Hoffman 🙂

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