A Resource Page for Humanist Parents September 17, 2011

A Resource Page for Humanist Parents

The Foundation Beyond Belief (which I chair) has put together a resource page for parents who are raising their children without religion:

This constantly evolving page brings resources to humanist parents wishing to help their children develop compassionate engagement with the world around them.

In addition to general resources for encouraging generosity and mutual responsibility, this page will include books, online activities, and other resources related to the Foundation’s causes at a given time.

Since one of the issues we’re paying special attention to right now is the catastrophic drought and famine in the Horn of Africa, a lot of our current resources help your children better understand the situation there. There are book recommendations, activities to do with your kids, links to interactive websites, and news stories on what the crisis means for the people affected by it.

If you have any other suggestions for the page, please leave them in the comments!

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  • Jayne Cravens

    I would love to help with this page! I would love to volunteer to write a page for parents on how to volunteer with their kids (it’s not easy – many organizations have crazy strict age rules, but there are things to do!), and another on how to encourage their teens to volunteer on their own. More about me: http://www.coyotecommunications.com

  • Kitschwheeler

    Great idea. I’d love to see resources for parents to help children and families like ours who live in mainstream Christian communities. What do you tell a child to say when their friends at (public) school ask what church your family attends? How about when they ask what religion your family belongs to? How should a child answer friends when they ask if he/she believes in god? 

  • It looks great, but I have no suggestions.  My kids are 30, 18, and 16.

  • ff42

    You might want to consider having your ‘front’ page merely be a pointer to a static page so that if people bookmark it or share a link with a friend that they can always get back to what was originally saved/sent.   Either that or some kind of archiving such that they can find what interested them a month ago. 

  • Interesting, but one of the first things I looked at was a suggested children’s book for age 4+ that seemed to have a plot that involved the problem of drought being solved by talking to the sky, which obligingly rains.  

    That’s pretty much the exact opposite message I would like to give my daughters and seems an odd selection for a humanist site.  

  • Wendy Thomas Russell

    Great idea, Hermant! I’m writing a book and blog for nonreligious parents, Relax, It’s Just God, and would love to help out and/or be listed as a resource. And @Kitschwheeler: Your questions are fantastic. http://www.wendythomasrussell.com

  • Very pleased to have this resource, as I became a dad to a beautiful baby girl five months ago. I’d be delighted to share my experiences as a parent on this page. In fact, I’ve wondered lately if I might start a humanist parenting journal on my own blog.

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