Taking Nominations for the Bad Faith Award September 14, 2011

Taking Nominations for the Bad Faith Award

For the past several years, New Humanist magazine has been handing out the Bad Faith Award.

The award goes to “the person who has made the year’s most outstanding contribution to talking unadulterated (and often destructive) nonsense about matters of religion.”

Recent winners include Sheikh Maulana Abu Sayeed (2010), the Pope (2009), Sarah Palin (2008) and Dinesh D’Souza (2007).

Who should be nominated this year? They’re taking nominations so Let them know!

My money’s on the Republicans. Any of them. Or all of them.

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  • Mike

    Bachmann has to be in with a chance…

  • I second this. Maybe Bachmann and Perry could share the award this year. I don’t know if they are even the most absurd examples, but they are certainly the highest-profile.

  • jimmy

    If this blog is going to be used primarily as an instrument with which to bash the republican party, I believe I’ll discotinue my visits. Thank you for some information that was at times relevant to all atheists and not just liberal democrats.

  • Anonymous

    They’ll stop being criticized here (or rather the atheist blogosphere in general) when they stop being theocrats. Which isn’t going to be any time soon

  • Tasuret

    Most of the GOP are theocrats. Methinks you should reconsider your politics.

  • Anonymous

    The North Carolina Legislature for demanding that all NC residents live according to their book of mythology… 

    They recently voted to put a state constitutional amendment up for vote that not only declares a marriage as one man and one women, but the amendment would also PREVENT any other device such as civil unions that would allow same sex partners to share the rights associated with marriage.

  • Rick Perry for the prayer rally, a declaration for prayer for rain, and other nonsense…

  • William Lane Craig.  You can’t get more unadulterated nonsense than his recent defense of biblical genocide.

  • Bruce_wright

    Flouncing poster is flouncy!

  • SeniorSkeptik

    Give me the name of just one nationally known Democrat that rants and raves about his Christian god as much as do the Republican theocrats.

  • Correction – most big GOP candidates are theocrats. I think the smaller-time GOP members are often very level-headed and intelligent people.

  • Would pastor Mike count?

  • Here, have a kitten…

  • The entire GOP.

  • Perry has been relatively bad with his prayer rally… but Bachmann claimed… well here’s a link of quotes:

  • Anonymous

    The USA Judicial system for taking away any right of atheists to sue for church/state violations via the “lack of standing” rulings.

  • Anonymous

    It’s used to bash people, especially people in power, who try to claim a special ear to god or use their religion as a justification for their views. Sadly, much of the Republican party is fully on board with this.

    John Hunstman seems like a perfectly decent Republican. He’s religious in the way Obama is religious; it’s his business and he doesn’t want to impose it on others. I would disagree with him on a whole host of issues, but he’s no holier than thou asshole like Perry or lunatic like Bachmann. Ron Paul, though he’s hardly great given his anti-choice views and especially the fact he doesn’t believe in evolution (he’s a friggen physician!), at least doesn’t bring god up every other sentence.

    It’s certainly true that atheists tend to be more liberal, but a lot of that is a function of the fact the Republican party shows open disgust for people like us. You’ll find that gays, another group the GOP has no problem demonizing, is also largely liberal. I’m betting there are a fair number of fiscally conservative atheists, and maybe even more libertarian ones, but the Republican party is a hostile place for them. Shit that used to come from Pat Roberston (God sent the tsunami!) are now heard from Republican presidential candidates (God sent the hurricane and earthquake! – Bachmann).

  • My mother for saying it’s unfair that she’s expected to be tolerant of homosexuals but they aren’t expected to be tolerant of her religiously fueled intolerance…

    that counts… right? Someone get me out of this house…

  • Czehner

    So, what’s the stance on atheists using the phrase, “bless her heart”?

  • Anonymous

    Have we forgotten Harold Camping so quickly?  Maybe that’s a good thing.

  • dauntless

    Get yourself out of that house!

  • Timothy Alexander

    Ok I forget the guys name, but the pastor down in flordia, who had threatened to burn the Koran once, and everyone in the country was like “Don’t do it.” and he put it off for a while and then his church put the Koran on “trial” and it was found “guilty” so they burned it anyways.

  • Terry Jones.

    Thank Ceiling Cat it’s not THAT Terry Jones.

  • Anonymous

    Nadine Dorries for being a bigoted Christian MP who wants to limit women’s freedoms and body autonomy.

    Rick Perry for his rain dance and prayer rally.  That gave us some giggles on this side of the pond.

    Harold Camping for having the audacity to give a date for the rapture when all those other god botherers who buy into the same nonsense were too embarrassed by their own beliefs to give a date.

    Shirley Phelps-Roper for carrying on her father’s tradition of being a loud mouthed homophobic bigot.  Mainly though for laying the blame of “Anonymous” hackers on a lack of good biblical beatings when they were children.

    Michelle Bachmann for her outspoken comments on vaccinating against HPV…for a start.  ‘Cause you know that the best way to stop girls from having sex is to make it dangerous for them.

  • Anonymous

    I’m guessing you already tried the analogy of a racist complaining that they have to be tolerant of blacks but blacks aren’t expected to be tolerant of the racist belief that blacks are an inferior form of human?

    I understand that she’ll probably answer that it’s not the same and then go off on a Bible quote-mining campaign, but maybe it’s worth a shot?

    Or get a cheap hotel/crash on someone’s couch.

  • Anonymous

    Michelle Bachmann for spreading misinformation about the HPV vaccine because protecting girls against a STD through a vaccine goes against her puritan mindset (to be fair she’s being blasted from her own side for this particular level of bullshit). Saying that the earthquake and hurricane hitting the East Coast was a sign from god that you have to lower the deficit also helps.

    Michael Pearl for leading a movement that encourages the physical abuse of children from newborn onwards based on “biblical discipline” that has recently led to a child being beaten to death by her parents and causes the physical torture of countless infants and children.

    The legislature of South Dakota, for passing a law making the killing someone in order to protect the life of a fetus justifiable homicide, which essentially means that killing an abortion provider is just fine and dandy.

  • Timothy

    Pat Robertson, for just about everything that comes out of his mouth.

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