Mahalo’s Interview with Michael Shermer September 14, 2011

Mahalo’s Interview with Michael Shermer

Michael Shermer, author of The Believing Brain, recently answered about 9823423 questions for There are too many to list, but you can see his answers to each individual question here or watch the full interview below:

I particularly like his answer to: “Is Science a Religion?”

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  • Selfification

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  • His answers for stuff like the tea party and global warming always leave me wanting.

  • Steve01

    Shermer’s political views are rather juvenile; the Libertarian philosophy of governance would be a fast-track to social darwinism, and bring us back to the days when the rich called all the shots, and the working classes were exploited and poisoned. There is a necessary role for government to regulate individual and corporate behavior, and provide for the general welfare of its citizenry. Libertarians fail to understand this, and elevate the power of the “free market” to God-like status. The free market works quite well for many kinds of economic transactions, but cannot be applied to all forms of human behavior and social institutions. If the Ron Paulies and Libertarians of the world had their way, they would eliminate the FAA–how many Libertarians would be willing to board an airplane or drink from their public water supply in absence of government regulations?

  • Anonymous

    I agree.  The pretense that the Tea Party is some grassroots organization that stands outside of the mainstream Republican party is silly.  Perhaps it might have been in the first few weeks, but that is certainly not the case today.

    He talks far too broadly about “spending us into oblivion.”  So, our infrastructure is rated “D,” and they’ve just had to shut down the Sherman Minton bridge because hey, turns out the steel they used to build it was improperly manufactured.  And the other two major bridges crossing the Ohio River in that area were made of the same steel, but those are totally safe, people.  Keep on driving across those.  No problems.

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