Can You Help an Atheist Politician Get a Scholarship to an Activism Conference? September 14, 2011

Can You Help an Atheist Politician Get a Scholarship to an Activism Conference?

Friend-of-the-blog Cecil Bothwell, an openly atheist City Council member in Asheville, North Carolina, is running for Congress in 2012.

He’s also trying to win a scholarship to the Take Back the Dream Conference and he needs your help:

Democracy for America and Rebuild the Dream have teamed up to send 30 progressive activists to the Take Back the Dream Conference. The conference is spearheaded by the Campaign for America’s Future in partnership with Rebuild the Dream and

On Oct 3 – 5 thousands of progressives will convene in DC to continue to build the American Dream movement, pushing for progressive reform. Activists who might not otherwise be able to afford the conference are encouraged to apply for a scholarship.

How can you help?

Go here and Add Your Support for Cecil. They ask for an email address, but you can relegate their emails to the spam folder quickly if you don’t want them.

The deadline is Thursday at midnight — so we have less than 24 hours to make this happen!

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  • Clicking on “Add your support” brings me to a page that says “The 2011 DFA Scholarship Competition has ended.” It asks us to come back again next year. Clicking on “see the winners” yields a dead end. 

  • Anonymous

    I got the same result as Mr. Richard Wade.

  • Heidi

    Same here.

  • Angryzenbuddhist

    I voted and it worked for me.

  • Anonymous

    Something was wrong before, but is seems to be up for voting again.

  • It worked this time. Cecil is second in the top three. Go Cecil!

  • Cecil Bothwell

    There was a computer glitch. (Actually, I think it automatically cut off at 12 a.m. on 9/14, when they intended it to cut off at 11:59 p.m. 9/15. But went back online. Thanks to all who voted. Thanks Hemant! I was in second place at 11:50 last night, the final results haven’t been posted … but I’m essentially certain I made it. I so much appreciate the support.

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