If Rick Perry Told the Whole Truth… September 13, 2011

If Rick Perry Told the Whole Truth…

If Texas Governor Rick Perry‘s website was more honest, it would include these other images, too 🙂

(Thanks to Brian for the image!)

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"It would have been more convincing if he used then rather than than."

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  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    That scary part is Parry has a very good chance of becoming Preisdent and yes, I spelled his name with an A on purpose.

  • GregFromCos

    The sad part is that at some point it will start raining again and we all know who will get the credit.

  • And he prayed to prevent America’s decline…


    Who would be worse?  Palin or Perry?

  • The A is for America… and Absurdity.

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    The cross dressing yellow unicorn that orbits the sun and has a magical horn and if you rub it just right for long enough it will release a large amount of liquid joy all of over Texas?

  • Anonymous

    How about Perry with Palin as his VP running mate?

  • Kevin S.

    Fox already tried giving Perry the credit when it rained like four months after his prayer call.

  • Kevin S.

    Is there any tangible difference?

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    The cross dressing yellow unicorn is not pleased with your post. It shall now smite Texas with more wildfires.

  • GregFromCos

    I watched the debate a week ago, and I honestly felt that Perry was just Palin. Unfortunately men can get away with ignorance in this society a bit easier, which scares me.

  • Kevin S.

    It’s the Jackie Robinson Standard.  When Branch Rickey was looking to tap into a new talent pool by breaking the color barrier, he knew the first player through couldn’t just be a good player – he had to be a great one, because the new players would be held to an impossibly high standard.  Until a woman wins the White House and does an exceptional job in it, misogyny will continue to be a barrier in the highest level of politics.

    Obviously, Palin’s ridicule is justified, though.

  • The problem is that they haven’t prayed *enough* yet. 

  • S.James

    Turns out that God only knows Aramaic. Hasn’t understood a prayer since the Catholics switched to Latin.

  • Anonymous

    Must be satellite delay on the prayers for rain!

  • Peejaymc

    He also should try this map which shows where all the current fires are in Texas.  http://ticc.tamu.edu/Response/FireActivity/

  • Carrie

    If there was a natural disaster occuring in Obama’s home state and he showed up to a debate, he would be crucified and blamed 100% for not single handedly preventing the disaster in the first place.

  • Mike Weber

    Or they’ve prayed too much. I forget how it works with god. The point is, they haven’t prayed exactly the right amount. (end of Futurama reference http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0768399/quotes?qt=qt0329891)

  • Richard Hughes

    I’m the guy who provided this. It was actually my father who put this together; could you rename this to ‘Thanks to Brian’?

  • Fixed!

  • I think the Christian Right should worry about a Candidate who is clearly being ignored by God.  Given that Texas is as hot as Hell, perhaps it’s the other guy who is listening…

  • There is only one logical conclusion: God hates Rick Perry. Stop praying, Perry! You’re just making it worse!

  • Richard Hughes

    Thanks man.

  • Notice the largest city in the whole world that has a gay mayor has only a “moderate” fire risk? 

    God’s aiming for the lege out in Austin, but Houston is in the blue zone. Actually there have been a couple minor forest fires up in Montgomery county and a few in Waller County.

    Waller tried to keep the black ranchers, farmers and college students in Prarie View from early voting in 2008, so Waller burns a little, nothing like Bastrop, conservative bedroom community of more liberal Austin. What I really wanna see burn is The Woodlands, a super-planned socialist utopian community that only rich people can move to just north of Houston. Alas, Houston’s gayness seems to be protecting The Woodlands.

  • Anonymous

    Others have commented about the irony of fires vs. rain.  I think the dark lord is doing his best God impersonation to Gov. Perry.

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