Kansas City Atheist Coalition is Up and Running September 11, 2011

Kansas City Atheist Coalition is Up and Running

Back in June, I posted about how the Kansas City Atheist Coalition was trying to get off the ground.

Looks like they’re up and running! And their website looks awesome, promoting the things they’re most passionate about:

If you’re interested in helping them out, you can become a member, donate, or just attend an upcoming event.

Their first charity event takes place this Saturday and it involves cutting surgical bandages to help wounded animals:

If this is just the beginning, I can’t wait to see what they’re doing when they get even stronger!

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  • The site looks great and I wish them success. One nit pick: I wish the symbol for “activism” wasn’t a fist, especially one pointed directly at my face. Aggression is exactly the slanderous characterization that critics of atheism are fond of making. Perhaps a better symbol would be a pair of legs walking, as in “Walk the walk, not just talk the talk”…?

  • Anonymous

    Wish we had a group that cool in Denver :/

  • Annie

    This is great.  I want to start a group in my town, as there isn’t one.  Anyone who has pointers, I welcome your suggestions!  I would really like a group so we could participate in Volunteers Beyond Belief. Congrats to the Kansas City Atheist Coalition! (I agree with Richard Wade… the fist looks a bit confrontational, and perhaps not the message you are meaning to send.)

  • Michael Appleman

    I dunno, anger is the driving force behind social change. If you aren’t angry about something, why bother changing it? 

    I think the fist works well. It is a fight after all, even if it doesn’t involve physical violence. You can’t really distill a fight for social change into a simple clip art. Also, its really more a symbol for a fist than an actual fist. They probably didn’t think too much about the exact orientation of the fist when they selected that one out of the clip art collection :p Maybe a raised fist would be better?

  • friday

    Pardon me while I ignore the rest of the post… The first two images seem to go well together. I think the third image should have been a joining of hands. It would make the whole thing more cohesive.

  • Indeed – a raised fist would be better. I had the same reaction as Richard. And, not that this is the main thing to consider, but some religious organisations *could* use this as a sign of atheist ‘militancy’.
    Best of luck to the group!

  • Indeed – a raised fist would be better. I had the same reaction as Richard. And, not that this is the main thing to consider, but some religious organisations *could* use this as a sign of atheist ‘militancy’.
    Best of luck to the group!

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    I agree with you 100%.  I was going to make a post about it myself. That fist has to go.

  • gsw

    Moral without morality? Don’t be daft – leave morality to those who get their morality from shamans. We atheists have something much better – we have ETHICS.

    The same thing? No, morals are what the church/local soiety says they are – they can keep them. Ethics is what is good for humanity as a whole.

  • gsw

    sorry, that should have been: Morality without mythology of course.

  • Nathan

    It’s about time we got this in KC. I’m definitely going to join.

  • Charles Black

    I don’t know if this is news to anyone here but we have a very big problem called the Republican Party. They basically want to regress our civilisation away from science & rationality to superstition & blind faith. Are we going to let them win? Of course not.

  • Niall

    Ditto… The fist is a counterproductive image (or are they teaching secular karate at meetings?). Might be useful if Hemant could feedback that view to them – they might find it useful to get some friendly, gut reactions about the visual branding.

  • Trina

    Due to health issues, I don’t make it to meetings, but am glad to say that K.C. has a very active atheist/skeptic/secular humanist community!

  • Anonymous

    Of course then the religious would start screaming about communism. Probably better to choose a different symbol entirely. Maybe a bird on the wing or something similar.

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