Christian Parent: We Must Stop Schools from Teaching Kids That Gay Couples Exist! September 11, 2011

Christian Parent: We Must Stop Schools from Teaching Kids That Gay Couples Exist!

The Christian group CitizenLink (a Focus on the Family affiliate) has exposed the gay agenda in public schools! Thankfully, Education Analyst Candi Cushman is here to tell us how the homosexuals are out to indoctrinate the children by teaching them about things like (*ugh*) tolerance.

I can’t believe it either. They’re teaching kids in first grade that gay couples exist! (*Cue screams*)

Cushman says that elementary school is too early to talk about sexuality — as if kids don’t understand anything about it. We know that’s not true, though. I had my first crush in kindergarten and several more over the next few years. It’s never too early to let kids know that it’s ok if they like someone of the same sex.

Cushman’s writings, a lot of them found at the misnamed True Tolerance site, are littered with phrases like “pro-gay” and “promoting homosexuality”… as if our side is dead set on “converting” people into gayhood. They don’t get it. We’re simply saying that there’s nothing wrong with being gay. The earlier kids understand that lesson, the less bullying LGBT students will have to endure as they get older and the easier it’ll be for kids to accept their own sexual identity — whatever it is — when they’re old enough to understand what that means.

(Thanks to Matt for the link!)

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  • Anonymous

    Two things I keep trying to understand, but failing:

    1.  When “I want to live in a world without bullying” became a controversial position.

    2.  Why the phrase “Because they love each other” is so impossibly difficult to utter to children that the preferred alternative solution is to suppress all public appearances of same-sex couples.

  • Aaron Scoggin

    Hmm, last time I checked, they teach sexual themes to children in church. Hypocritical, no?

  • Aaron Scoggin

    Also, I like how at 3:40, they show “tolerance” and “acceptance” and act like teachers are saying that’s homophobic. I’m pretty sure if we were able to read the entirety of what it says (it’s blocked out for obvious reasons), they wouldn’t be saying that.

  • treedweller

    this is disturbing on many levels, but I am more offended by the show itself (and its ilk) than by this particular topic. They are worse than Faux News (if that’s possible) when it comes to presenting opinion as fact and using the facade of a news program to lend legitimacy to their bias and bigotry.

    I mean, sure, I hate to see people making excuses for homophobia, but they use the same techniques to promote any number of questionable causes while pretending to be reporting news. A teacher I know told me her curriculum (middle school English / Texas public school) included “media literacy,” which is meant to teach children to be smart consumers of information and sort out truth from fiction and both from opinion. Unfortunately, she felt she was one of a very few teachers even trying to fulfill this requirement, and even she struggled to make any real progress in light of standardized testing mandates that remove funding from schools that don’t have enough students passing. No time to teach, gotta practice for the tests. Thank you, Mr Education President, GW Bush (another lie they managed to sell to a lot of people). Bush improved the public perception of our schools (“Scores are up!”), but totally ruined the education they deliver.

    Teach your kids that gay people exist, sure. Teach them that people are born with certain innate characteristics and that’s okay–great! But, please, oh please, teach them to understand that much (most?) of what they see in the media is blatantly designed with the express purpose of manipulating their thoughts and emotions to promote someone’s hidden agenda.

  • Heidi

    So do they think that as a straight person, I’m converting people to teh gay by supporting equal rights? How does that even work?

  • In my opinion, starting at age five may be too late. It should be an open discussion from the time children first realize that men and women are different from each other and that some people kiss each other (in a way that’s different from kissing your children), live together, and sleep in the same room.

    I don’t remember when I had my first crush, but my daughter had her first crush at age four…and it was a grown man! Gasp!

  • Andrew

    Ugh.. this is so annoying to me. Nobody is advocating teaching kindergarteners about gay sex! What children CAN understand though, is that some kids have a mommy and a daddy, while other kids have two mommies or two daddies. It’s about teaching acceptance of diverse ways of life, not diverse ways of having sex!

  • Looked through their PDF of questionable curriculum and found the definitions. I’d say they’re exactly what I thought and why I’d put “tolerance” and “acceptance” in the homophobic category as well. Also of note, homophobic and non-homophobic were two halves of a scale and these were right near the middle.

    Tolerance – Homosexuality is just a phase of adolescent development that many people go through and most people “grow out of.” Thus, lesbians/gays are less mature than “straights” and should be treated with the protectiveness and indulgence one uses with a child. Lesbians/gays should not be given positions of authority because they are still working through their adolescent behavior.

    Acceptance – Still implies there is something to accept. Characterized by such statements as “You’re not a lesbian to me, you’re a person!” or “What you do in bed is your own business,” or “That’s fine with me as long as you don’t flaunt it!”

  • Anonymous

    If children don’t learn about it, they’ll notice it anyways. Like seeing couples in public. But that too is too much too handle for some Christians:

    Clearly a crazy person. She is afraid to leave to house because her kids might see gay couples embracing each other.

    Her post went viral and in typical Christian fashion, she thinks she is the victim here, she is persecuted, gays are intolerant of her homophobia and craziness. The next martyr with a Jesus complex for the Christian right

    The thing is, kids are simple about these things. They just need to know that two people like or love each other. But all homophobes can think about is sex, so they think they have to explain sex to children.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know of anyone that still thinks NCLB was a good act.  I think it should be noted that while GWB proposed it, it passed with broad bipartisan support, 90% of the legislators supported it.

  • mrbubbles

    Hmm, why doesnt she comment that Christians indoctrinate their children into believing their faith…

  • Anonymous

    The fact that they find the mention of gay people an “adult themed topic” says a lot more about them than about gay people.

    “There was the family photo diversity excersize, for children as young as first grade. Just imagine 1st grade children being given the photos and being told to arrange them into families. But lo and behold once they begin the excerize they discover that this photo puzzle is rigged and they are forced to make some families with mixed-race parents, or a black mom and a white dad, and that’s what the instructions in the curriculum say, that it’s supposed to force kids to do this and so I really can’t imagine a more blatant example of indoctrination than that”

    I do take some solace in all of this. They are fighting a losing battle. In 20-30 years, homophobia will go the way of racism in terms of its social acceptability. But for the people who were activists fighting to keep discrimination alive, they will envy the old racists. The people who fought desegregation tooth and nail were all, save a few exceptions, mostly anonymous. Today, video, audio, blogs, etc. are everywhere and they never go away. These people won’t have the luxury of quietly going away and pretending nothing ever happened. The evidence will be out there, just one click away for their grandchildren to discover if they ever google (or whatever it is then) granny’s name and find she has a shameful secret.

    And that makes me smile.

  • Epiphanott
  • treedweller

    NCLB has morphed into different tests and different names, but we still teach kids to pass tests here (some claim the tests keep getting easier so more kids will pass, but I can’t attest to that). Perhaps in the world at large the policy has been discredited, but I assure you down here they’ve only changed the window dressings.

    The statistic you provide only illustrates how well they sold the lie, if you ask me.

  • It’s not just gays—a lot of these people don’t want to have their children realize that there are other religions in the world. And to be fair, it’s certainly easier to indoctrinate your kids when they’re never exposed to things that are different from their parents.

  • Smorg Smorg

    I spent 3 hrs at a Mormon church this morning (their missionaries have been dropping in on my pad asking me to give it a go, so I said ‘why not?’ and went). In the last hour I had to sit through this woman elder teaching a whole class of young ladies (my missionaries were ladies, so I went wherever they went… except for the ladies’ loo, of course) about ‘celestial marriage’ where you are bound by the marriage vow not ‘until death doth us part’ but ‘forever’. Apparently you’re still bounded to your spouse even after his/her death.

    Then of course, she started talking down on anything that deviates from the LDS church’s officially recognized idea of marriage in the vein that ‘marriage’ is god’s domain, and only our church knows what god dictates… never mind that we only popped up sometimes in the 1800’s while marriage has been around  for millenniums longer in other cultures (even ones with atheistic religion like Buddhism or no religion at all).

    In the middle of it all this elder lady kept telling her fellow church females that they shouldn’t rush or feel pressure into getting married even if they feel like ‘the train is passing you by,’ because they should wait until they are sure about the decision before agreeing to such union. Well, I could heartily agree with that. But then the lady turned right around and assert that the guys, on the other hand, are rightly being actively pressured by the church elders to ‘get their acts together’ and get married. I was aghast. What the heck is with this double standard mentality anyhow?

    It all scared me a bit. The gals sitting in that class seem normal and intelligent enough but when it comes to stuff like this they are totally swallowing whatever their church is saying whole.

    Earlier in the service this guy (they didn’t have a preacher who preaches Sunday services, but invite different church members to take up the job instead) spoke from the podium and read 2 different verses from their Covenant book. The first one asserts that the church’s prophets have absolute authority from god, so that every thing he says and dictates is to be taken as coming from god himself. Then the 2nd one is from one of the early prophets saying that you are to examine what a prophet says, and pray to god to confirm that the prophet is really speaking for god and not for himself. I chewed on that a bit and wonder why the need for the 1st verse/command at all if one is to get to question the prophet’s authority…. It’s like that frivolity of inventing up a god that made everything but was himself not made, when one can just say that the universe made itself. :oP

    Bottom line impression after 3 hrs in a Mormon service: nice people, completely brainwashed.

  • 1) Because Christians want to be free to bully people of whom they disapprove. They will of course use a different word than ‘bully’ – but a rose by any other name…

    2) Because marriage isn’t supposed to be about about love. In principle it is first and foremost supposed to be about obedience to God’s Will. But of course in practice it is about keeping women and children under adult male control.

    There. Easy.


  • You are a beautiful person, in a wonderfully sagacious, ‘you’ll get yours’,  kind of way. You are almost certainly correct in your assertions.

    And that makes me smile. 🙂

  • Gremlins.

  • Kevin S.

    I guess I’m not sure why that second phrase is included with the other two. Isn’t the whole point that it isn’t anybody’s business what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their own bedroom?

  • Kevin S.

    I’ve always thought that NCLB was noble in spirit and horrible in execution. Whatever else you want to say about Bush (and I say a lot), I think that he had the right intentions here, as opposed to selling a lie.

  • My primary/secondary schooling was in Australia.

    I had one teacher during primary school (I shall name no names – call him Bill). Bill was loved by most of the parents – particularly the parents of the kids that traditionally got lower grades. Because under his classes, little David would go from scraping through with barely a pass in the previous year to suddenly getting no lower than 18/20 on all his coursework.

    You see, Bill would get us to open our books and copy from the blackboard. Three pages or so was one ‘lesson’.

    Having all the content copied down was 18/20.

    The remaining three marks were for presentation – whoever had the prettiest pictures in the margins.

    I was once stood up in class and harangued for poor performance because I didn’t ink or color in my pencil sketches in the margins.

    In math, we were instructed to fill in the worksheets with pencil. At the end of the lesson we were all given red pens. Bill would go through and write the correct answers on the board. If we got anything wrong, we were to rub out the incorrect answer, pencil in the right answer, and put in a red tick. This was allegedly so we could use the book to study later – the right answer would be right there.

    Tests were worse. Bill would be given a copy of the test two weeks in advance.

    He would take the exact test and literally photocopy into it different numbers. Then he would teach the altered test. Over and over and over. Until we got it.

    Then he would give us the actual test with different numbers – and lo and behold, students who were under-performers in math for any other teacher suddenly bolted up to the top of the class.

    It was a complete and utter waste of a year – just ill-concealed babysitting with fancy coloring-in.

  • Anonymous

    In England in 1986 we had something called Section 28 of the Local Government Act that said that local authorities (school bodies) “shall not intentionally promote homosexuality or publish material with the intention of promoting homosexuality” or “promote the teaching in any maintained school of the acceptability of homosexuality as a pretended family relationship”.  This literally stopped teachers from even discussing homosexuality with pupils and even discussing why the topic wasn’t permitted.  Clause 28 was repealed in 2000 but in the 14 years that it existed children had no teacher to turn to if they were confused or concerned about their sexuality or the sexuality of their peers.

    Imagine that a child has gay parents and that child is singled out and bullied because they don’t fit the expected social norms.  How awful is it to tie the hands of teachers and staff so that they cannot even explain why bullying over this is wrong and cannot discuss the subject in a mature and informative manner.  That’s what Clause 28 did.

    One issue that came out of the debate surrounding Clause 28 was the idea that “promoting homosexuality” implies that homosexuality is a choice that people could be persuaded to make.  The general opinion is that homosexuality is biologically determined and not a choice at all.  Promoting it is therefore something that is nonsensical and imposing laws to prevent it is wasteful and silly.

  • No, that really isn’t the whole point. I’m assuming you’re talking about the phrase ‘What you do in bed is your own business,” which at first seems rather innocuous–and depending on context, it may be.

    The thought underlying it, that I think the curriculum is trying to capture, is perfectly embodied in the sentence right after it. The idea that, “I don’t care if you do it, but it’s icky and keep it away from me.”

    To make a very inaccurate allusion, it’s like me not minding spiders much, but I don’t want them near me. It’s only a small step from that to me shrieking in fear to “Kill all cockroaches!” (NOTE: I’m not comparing gay people to bugs, I’m comparing the feelings and, in my experience, the people who are being described by this area would themselves describe gay sex as “icky.”)

    These feelings that “You can be icky if you want to be icky and don’t touch me with your ickiness” are definitely homophobic.

  • Anonymous

    And what about Science…maybe only teaching their religion would suffice. Reading and writing also might be too risky. Forget art, that could lead to graven images.

  • Anonymous

    The sentiment can be nice depending on the context, but it also implies that being gay is just about sex. And while not everyone who say something like that thinks that, they certainly do. They constantly reduce homosexuality to sex acts. Instead of simply explaining it in terms of attraction, which is what children can easily understand

  • Kat

    I had my first crush when I was 2 on a 21 year old, and my first case of puppy love when I was 4 on another 4 year old. hopelessly in love at 7. I already knew then who I liked. why is it then too early to talk about love. I still remember learning about gay men from a friend at school who had a gay uncle, it was just a man who loves his boyfriend. It wasn’t shocking too us, but we couldn’t talk about it because the adults would get all upset and tell us we couldn’t understand till we were older. so we were shamed into not talking about it.
    And lesbians!, were they like the women version of gay people? we wondered if that’s what the word meant. Too bad we couldn’t ask our parents.. oh how children learn about the things adults won’t talk about from late night television!

  • Anonymous

    It’s not just gays—a lot of these people don’t want to have their
    children realize that there are other religions in the world. And to be
    fair, it’s certainly easier to indoctrinate your kids when they’re never
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  • Next on the list:
    Don’t let kids know that people with other religions exist.
    Don’t let kids know that atheists exist.
    Don’t let kids know that people with different skin color exist.
    Don’t let kids know that apes exist.
    Don’t let kids know that fossils exist.
    Don’t let kids know that scientists exist.
    Don’t let kids know that logic exists.

  • Cthulhu

    Comments and ratings were disable, what a shocker

  • Anonymous

    But all homophobes can think about is sex, so they think they have to explain sex to children.

    Exactly! They are protesting too much. It always kills me how religious extremists spend more time thinking about gay sex than gays do. And when you seem some teabirther politicians bloviating about the evils of gay sex, you can bet good money he is having a bit on the side – c.f. Larry Craig, and (reputedly) Rick Perry.

  • … Wha?

    I’m sure that wasn’t spam a moment ago.

  • Anonymous

    If they’re old enough to learn about straight people they’re old enough to learn about gay people.  It’s as simple as that.

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    Because that is god’s will, silly.

  • Annie

    So true.  I don’t understand how, in good conscience, these women can gloss over that important point.  Showing children that there are many different combinations of what makes a family, or what defines love is in a completely different book than talking to first graders about gay sex.  But, I guess if they acknowledged this point, they wouldn’t have much to talk about on their “news” show.

  • I disagree with Nietzsche about a lot of things… But sometimes he gets things bang to rights.

    Parents involuntarily make something like themselves out of their children—they call that “education”; no mother doubts at the bottom of her heart that the child she has borne is thereby her property, no father hesitates about his right to HIS OWN ideas and notions of worth. Indeed, in former times fathers deemed it right to use their discretion concerning the life or death of the newly born (as among the ancient Germans). And like the father, so also do the teacher, the class, the priest, and the prince still see in every new individual an unobjectionable opportunity for a new possession.

  • Anonymous

    This video gave me a pounding headache.

  • I wish I had answers for you. I wonder the same things, myself.

  • And what about people like me, who really just don’t care who you fall in love with, who you have sex with, or any of that shit. I have my own love life to worry about, and yours really isn’t any of my business.

    Is that “homophobic”?

    Or is it just an individual with different priorities?

  • Removed now, I guess I’ll never know…

  • Because every time a straight person supports marriage equality, tiny gay faeries sprinkle their magick dust on someone and turn them gay.


  • Ah there’s that line “in good conscience”.

    For some people “in good conscience” simply equates to “saying what I must to strengthen my point. It’s the end result of a worldview where they honestly believe what they are saying, that kids are being brainwashed (but not in a way they like).

  • Kevin S.

    Yeah, I guess I could see how that’s said in a tone of tacit disapproval. I’m thinking more of my own history using that as an argument against the morality-legislati g crowd – what business is it of yours what they do in the privacy of their home? But yeah, you’re right about reducing it to sex.

  • Alphabet

    Why is talking about a gay couple “introducing sexuality” but talking about a straight couple is not?  Presumably everyone is having sex.

  • Gus Snarp

    I couldn’t stomach much of that. The carefully crafted words like “some of it for kids as young as six”, clearly designed to mislead were too much for me. Well, that and the fear and hate.

    My son had a classmate in pre-school with two moms. They can’t hide reality from their kids unless they never let them leave the house. Kids need to talk about how a family with same sex parents is a loving family, just like one with differently sexed parents. That’s not indoctrination. But somehow these people think that a brief lesson saying families can be different is indoctrination, but the fact that my five year old has to listen to the pledge of allegiance every day somehow isn’t?

  • Ashley Smith

    Cool article. Please check out an article on Christian Kids and school ===> Are Christian Kids in Public School Missionaries or Targets?


    LGT Christian “Homeschooling” propaganda site, pushing “Biblical” bullshit and the like.

  • Jarrod

    I also read the pdf

    “A peer-reviewed, longitudinal study by Stanton L. Jones, Ph.D., and Mark. A Yarhouse,
    Psy.D., found solid evidence that long-term change away from homosexual orientation can and does occur.
    They also found that, overall, participants were not psychologically harmed by faith-based change”

    Turns out it not peer reviewed but a book published by an evangelical publisher.


  • That’s another of those irregular verbs, isn’t it? I instill good values; you indoctrinate; he’s been arrested for suspicion of terrorism without trial and has been moved to a secret overseas facility for questioning under the PATRIOT Act.

  • Prittieg

    Its a big!! Sin to b gay!!! Its in the bible…

  • Can’t tell if trolling or stupid…

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