Christian Magazine: The Prison Food Multiplied! September 10, 2011

Christian Magazine: The Prison Food Multiplied!

If this actually happened, you would think it’d get more headlines than just this one in Charisma, a Christian magazine. As it stands, I can’t find any other information about it.

They had only prepared food for 70 people. But once the service in the prison in Pochutla had started, more and more men joined in…

As soon as the service finished, it was time to pass out the food. “We prayed for God to multiply the food,” says Tami. “By the end of the service there were 200 men attending.” Their prayer was answered. “I could hardly believe it, but it happened. As we were handing the food out to the inmates, it didn’t run out. We even had enough plates and spoons for 200 men!

A few possibilities:

1) They gave out smaller portions when they saw more people in line, thus having enough food for everyone.

2) They had more plates and spoons than they had thought they had.

3) They made more food. And bought more supplies.

Why are none of these things even considered in the article? No one bothered to check those possibilities out?

Oh. Right. Christian news service…

Why bother with all the facts when the story sounds so much better without them?

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  • Reality: not a requirement for religious reporting.

  • JimG

    Don’t forget:

    4) They arrived right after meal time; and

    5) It was lousy food, so nobody wanted it.

  • Now if only God would spread the wealth…

  • Timothy Alexander

    is it just me, or does the picture in the article make it look like they crucified some prisoners?

  • Anonymous

    Oh good, I’m not the only one who thought that.

  • Annie

    I saw that too.  I tried to click on the photo, but it wouldn’t enlarge. 

  • said they prepared food for 70 prior to the services so in the probably 3ish hours  the cooks could have been making more food to make up for the larger numbers.  Cooks ” watch we will work our butts off to get this food out and they will claim god did it!!”   …. oh well…..
    timothy I noticed that too.

  • This could be used to justify lowering the far-too-lavish food budgets at prisons. It’ll cut down on problem behavior as well, since the inmates won’t have enough energy to make trouble. 

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    If you right click and save the picture and then zoom in  you can cleary see each man on a cross. So yes, they did that.

  • Underlying message: God rewards convicted criminals.

  • That was just lovely. Now if only Our Merciful And Benevolent Lord who was kind enough to feed these sinners (and aren’t we all) would turn his Eye of Sauron on the millions of starving children throughout his majestic world. Perhaps he could even lend a hand without first requiring belief or propitiation. The most sickening idea about so called miracles and divine intervention is the idea that some people are singled out and deemed worthy, while the vast majority are left to suffer. It is an incredibly naive and egotistically wicked way to think. Better that we should all be ignored. I’ll leave the concepts of the pattern seeking brain, confirmation bias, indoctrination, empirical evidence, etc for another day. Miracles are an Ethics FAIL

  • Sailor

    Well if they nailed those guys to the crosses, they probably did not eat much.

  • Jennie

    God logic: Multiply food for prisoners, let starving children go hungry.

  • Well, I for one prefer to have my prisoners crucified! If it was good enough for the LORD, it should be good enough for everybody. Right? Right.

  • The Christian mentality boggles my mind. That they could be dumb enough to ‘report’ this ‘miracle’ for prisoners but spare no thought for the hundreds of millions of starving people, mostly children.

    God must really hate them children.

  • Anonymous

    And they have the nerve to say that atheists are egotistical for thinking that life has no higher purpose…

  • Anonymous

    If you crucify ’em, you don’t have to feed ’em

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure all of those kids in Somalia are filled with joy at this wonderful display of God’s grace.

  • I was thinking that smaller portions were given out as well. The extra spoons, forks and plates don’t make sense though.

  • *scrolls up*

    Oh. Oh, my.

  • Karen

    OH good grief!!!!!  LOL

  • Karen

    Chris, THANK YOU for posting this on the page of the article.  Seriously.
    I was freaking out about the ridiculousness of the story until I read  your reasonable reply!

  • Anonymous

    If they crucify them then they can’t eat the food.  I see a solution to the paradox.

  • Thank-you. I was freaking out too. 🙂

  • Yep, they may not be well fed, but hey sure are well,…hung.

  • Manna fell from heaven, unfortunately it was the Sabbath so nobody was allowed to collect it

  • Judith Bandsma

    Sounds very much like a magic pot of noodles that was making the christian rounds in the early 90’s. That was here in the states, though and involved a lot of spaghetti.

  • Few

    4) Somebody lied.

  • Tom

    It’s not as if these alleged miracles are even of a scale or duration that would even be noticable, let alone useful, on a global scale.  Hey, all you kids in Africa who starve every day of every year, God just miraculously fed one single group of people in a single town in a single country on another continent for one single day!  Isn’t that wonderful?

  • Anonymous

    Maybe that is why the food multiplied. Perhaps if we sacrificed a few people every day we would have more food.  LOL

  • usclat

    So god fed this group of convicted Mexican criminals but can’t (or won’t) stop the horrifying daily violence that has gripped Mexico for years? The last thing Mexico needs is more religion. Hell, most of the worst cartel murderers bless themselves before they go out and torture, decapitate and butcher their victims. Oh but wait, these evil deeds are really the work of satan not god! What a scam!

  • Dear conservation of mass and energy,
    Screw you. Seriously.

    Yours faithfully,
    The Christian God.

  • Anonymous

    So apparently God cares more for prison inmates then he does for starving African children…

  • Anonymous

    You inspired me to go to that site and snark off too.

  • More Xian nonsense. Yet another thing making me glad i left this stooooooopid cult in 1999! Like others aid, got forgot about all the african kids starving. Rather let a bunch of loony inmates hanging their fellows on a popsick stick get the food.

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