His Doctors Deserve All the Credit September 9, 2011

His Doctors Deserve All the Credit

Our Youtube friend Edward Tarte recently underwent surgery to remove cancer and I’m happy to report that it went successfully! It looks like the cancer is gone from his body. (In case there’s any confusion, the date he mentions in the video isn’t accurate):

Feel free to leave some positive thoughts on his YouTube channel or video.

Get well soon, Edward! You’re in our thoughts (but not our prayers).

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  • Fizzylike

    Stay strong and get better! Yay for Science!

  • Karen

    *LIKE* Medical Science!
    I’m happy for your improvement!  It’s wonderful news.

  • Anonymous

    I love this man!  Is it just me, or does anyone else always feel warm fuzzies and want to hug him every time he says “Hello, I’m Edward Tarte.”??

  • I’ve always liked his personality as well as his incisive videos. I hope he recovers fully and quickly. 

  • Wilson

    And if doctors fail, they deserve the blame.

    According to the AMA’s own statistics, they kill close to 100.000 people a year.

    Including my dad.  No one would accept responsibility, no one would help.

    Until a Christian Medical Malpractice lawyer stepped in.  And that’s why I a aiming for Law School.  I admit it, its for no other reason than revenge.  Arrogant Doctors only understand one thing…A LAWSUIT.

  • Anonymous

    I’m so pleased to see him on the road to recovery.  His videos always brighten up the day.  Medicine truly is a wonderful thing.

  • What made America great, arrogant doctors, lawyers and revenge. And our government is trying to make the most efficient health care system in the world follow the US model.

  • Rabid

    A few things that immediately came to mind…

    Yes, there are indeed plenty of incompetent or negligent practitioners of science and medicine in particular. This is a problem with individual people and or systems that make up the infrastructure though, not the actual science and medicine behind it.

    Whether your lawyer is Christian or not is entirely irrelevant. ANY lawyer specialising in medical malpractice would have taken the case, christian, jew, muslim or atheist if they’re worth their salt.

    Your intent to go into law as a response to this honestly makes me twitch… I mean if the goal is to improve medical care in general, surely the better course would be to go into medicine. You know, prevention before treatment and all that. :

    I’m really not sure what you were trying to say.

  • Aaron Scoggin

    Depends on what you mean by “kill”. If someone dies on the table and a doctor’s right there, that’s not killing – some people can’t be saved. That’s not the doctor’s fault. Now, it’s another if they intentionally stab them, or if they don’t have the requirements filled for the job they’re doing. But blaming doctors for trying to save lives is a pretty low thing.

  • StarStuff

    Why did god make your dad sick to begin with? Why did you bother to take him to a hospital if the doctors all incompetent crooks. Why didn’t your prayer work? How did the doctor kill your dad? Stab him, shoot him or decapitate him?

    Enquiring minds want to know.

  • Rose

    Nope! It’s not just you! Me too!

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