Quote of the Day September 8, 2011

Quote of the Day

In reaction to last night’s debate between the Republican Presidential hopefuls:

Listening to GOP Presidential candidates talk about science is like listening to children talk about sex: They know it exists, they have strong opinions about what it might mean, but they don’t have a clue what it’s actually about.

(via The Daily Dish)

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  • Yep. Why didn’t I think of that before?

  • Anonymous

    Or they have a clue, they just deny it because their religion tells them they have to.

  • MartyM

    It was truly painful watching Perry wax ignorantly on the idea that if science negatively impacts economics then it’s not good science.  Besides being utterly wrong about what science is, it’s bad science only if it impact economics in a way that he doesn’t care for or impacts his campaign funding.

  • Apparently the ignorance is almost crushing. Perry tried to explain that science was bad by making a comparison to Galileo. Hey Stupid! Galileo was punished and censured by religious fundies like you!

  • Kathy Orlinsky

    Best analogy ever.

  • Anonymous

    Science is to religion-induced ignorance what sunlight is to a vampire. No wonder the rethugs are agin’ it.

  • usclat

    Great analogy!! At least kids have an excuse. 

  • Love the quote.  Maybe someone can give Republicans “the [science] talk”.

  • Anonymous

    This is why Carl Sagan said “Thomas Jefferson may have been our last scientifically literate President.”  I really hope that none of them get to be president.  Ever.

  • Rufus

    In fairness, it’s not just GOP presidential candidates, it’s politicians as a whole.

    I remember my mum (now retired computer programmer for large UK subatomic physics lab) when the minister came to “inspect the troops” one particularly hot summer.
    He’d had a good long think in the car on the way down and he was curious, was there some relation between the temperature and the pressure of the inside of a car tyre (a sealed system)?
    Fortunately one of his aides managed to steer him away before anyone mentioned the ideal gas law, and how it had been derived halfway through the nineteenth centuary.

  • “When a scientist and an experiment love each other really, really much…”

  • Vlad


  • Anonymous

    Actually Galileo was derided and and told he was wrong by the vast majority of scientists of his day.

  • Rob

    is that really a friendly thing to say?

  • guest

    gezzz…there is no man made global warming, didn’t  you liberals get the memos….they cooked the numbers to keep getting grants according to their emails…so listening to liberals talk about science is like getting married in a brothel

  • What about Woodrow Wilson? John Quincy Adams? Madison? Surely some of the rest were well educated at least. I might not like Nixon, but at least he seemed smart.

  • Anonymous

    Well it was Sagan’s quote but I do agree with it.  Wilson had a Phd in political science and history and spend his working career in politics.  Adams was a diplomat.  Madison studies Hebrew and political philosophy.  Nixon was a lawyer.  

    I’m not saying that any president you’ve had so far was stupid…well Bush maybe…but there is a difference between intelligence and scientific literacy. Knowing what experiments are for, understanding the scientific method and the acquisition scientific knowledge is a skill that has be be learned.  

    These candidates spout religiously fuelled nonsense in order to appeal to the ignorant masses.  They simply haven’t taken the time or effort to explore the ideas that they spew out.  If they had then they simply couldn’t promote creationism for example.

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