The Superstitions of the Presidential Candidates September 7, 2011

The Superstitions of the Presidential Candidates

This is one of the best (and funniest) Pat Condell videos I’ve seen in a while:

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"It would have been more convincing if he used then rather than than."

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  • Austin

    Too bad Pat is a little hypocritical when he supports religious right institutions when they attack Islam.

  • Bob Lee

    I think that is taking God’s name in Vain. i.e. Oral Roberts. There is only one thing Jesus did to you, it is what He did for you, save your ass from Hell.

  • Always like this guy. 

  • Rich Wilson

    Don’t know where he got that 49% wouldn’t vote for an atheist stat.  I’ve never seen that number under 50, and it’s generally a lot higher. puts it at 61% ‘less likely’.

  • Greg Robertson08

    Bastrop is burning not 10 miles from Governor Goodhairs office and he sneaks away from his day job to go try and get a better one! In the real world people get fired for that. It still hasnt rained in Austin and Perry had his “prayer rally” in April and another bigger one last month where he prayed for Obama! I dont want to live in a theocracy. I dont want to live under another super duper, turbo christian,ex-governor of Texas. Perry will win kids. More guns,more bombs,more wars,more prayer and more stupidity. America is like my really good friend who keeps drunkenly vomiting and being an ass at an important party…I love her but its giving me the drips. I think this English fellow nailed it. Goddamnit. Just nailed it.

  • No Gods. No masters. Period.

    its a myth dude.  just a petty, sad, tired, wornout stupid little myth.  now put down the child’s book and go be an adult.  I’m sure you know how.

  • Dubliner

    The first 2 and a half minutes were spot on but then Condell with his libertarian disdain for the marginalized in society reminds me of why I’ve never liked this guy.  

  • Rich Wilson

    Not us blasphemers.  We’re hell bound regardless.

  • usclat

    As Eddie Murphy would say with an incredulous and sarcastic tone: “shut the fuck up!”.  Seriously. STFU with your god. 

  • Man, even if your book is *right*, then God (who is also Jesus) created that hell specifically to save people from it and hang it over their heads forever. I don’t call hanging someone out a window and then dragging them back in ‘saving someone’s life’.

  • Bobby Lee,

    Remember that one time when you typed random gibberish, and then everyone either insulted or ignored you? This really brings back the memories…. thanks. Quick side note…. ha,ha,ha,ha.

  • He used the words God, Vain, Oral, Jesus, Ass, and Hell, all within two sentences. I’m not sure he does.  There’s a joke in there somewhere, though.

  • oli kenton

    Pat Condell has some nicely agreeable views on religion and politics but i’m a million miles away from him politically. Actually Pat, I’d far rather live in a European style socialist deomcracy than a US style capitalist republic. But then my partner is disabled so i actually get to see what that safety net does.
    Maybe Pat is just getting grumpy in his old age. Certainly i find the values of looking after the sick and the needy to be far more enlightened than letting them beg on the streets. Also as a government stats guy, i’m aware that a lot of bloviating on our supposed legions of sick and benefit claimants is actually complete nonsense pushed by the same kind of right wing groups that try it in the States. The Government itself, despite embarking on a huge program to try and get as many people off benefits as possible admits that the DLA (Disability living allowance) is not only under claimed but also remarkably free from fraud.

  • GentleGiant

    Bob Lee, why have you taken it upon yourself to troll both the Friendly Atheist’s Facebook page and now here too?

    If you’re interested in dialogue, I suggest you bring some facts to the table instead of just spouting off your religious diatribe.

  • Pat is a well known Islamaphobe.  I think it looks bad when atheists repost his videos.  That is not what atheism should stand for.  We should stand for pluralism.  Not hate.

  • I did not ask him to.  Especially since I don’t think making love to my wife is a sin (original sin being sex). 

    So since he decided to do something for me without asking, I should be forced into eternal servitude to this man-god?  No Thank you.  Enjoy the rest of eternity living under the ever watchful eye of your master… errr I mean “Lord”.

  • Anonymous

    Pat’s politics are completely whacky and it’s really impossible to take him seriously on that. Obama a socialist? What the fuck? Obama and the Democrats are center-right on most issues.  Center-left at best. He is what conservatives usually are in Europe.

    It’s true that Europe’s social systems are under a bit of strain financially. But the US isn’t any better. It doesn’t have a universal health care system, but actually pays more more capita for health care than any other country. If you’re gonna spend that many you can at least make sure than everyone has insurance. How is the US any better?

    I like his anti-Christianity rants, but he should really keep his politics out of them.

  • Nhills

    Since when does Obama want a welfare state? I thought he wanted what the Republicans wanted: more for the rich, less for the poor?

  • I have to disagree with his comment on the social democracy, living in Britain, we are under strain (and the Tories are trying to systematically destroy all support structure) but it’s not as bad as people make it out to be…

  • Karen

    Don’t feed the trolls.

  • Gus Snarp

    I like when he said: “look where it’s gotten us.” I thought: “It’s gotten you to a hell of a lot better place than we’re at across the pond. Who paid for Pat’s college education? Was he complaining then? How many people who have major health care needs are complaining?

  • Gus Snarp

    I like when he said: “look where it’s gotten us.” I thought: “It’s gotten you to a hell of a lot better place than we’re at across the pond. Who paid for Pat’s college education? Was he complaining then? How many people who have major health care needs are complaining?

  • Rich Wilson

    Complaining about all the bums is easy.  I’ll pay attention when he actually suggests someone to vote for.

  • Anonymous

    I remember arguing online with a vicar who lived on an island off the coast of Essex, England, and was a rabid Sarah Palin supporter, despite (or perhaps because of) knowing nothing about her. I had the same reaction watching  this video. Much as I usually like Pat’s videos, I’d rather he stayed away from US politics.

  • Wendy

    It’s not KINDA a Christian taliban deal, Pat.

  • T-Rex

    Couldn’t agree more with Pat. I will throw away my votes on 3rd party candidates while the majority of voters will vote party lines and our country will continue on its road toward 3rd worldome.  The U.S. is most definintely a welfare state and all these entitlements need to go away. I’ve never been unemployed for more than few days, never collected welfare or scammed insurance companies. Both my wife and I work full time while raising 3 children. We receive no help or financial aid from anyone because we “make too much” yet we struggle from pay check to pay check to pay our bills because of all of  the idiots and corrupt ass holes in this country that abuse all of our support systems. Fuck our  2 party political system and everyone dumb enough to vote for one of the 2 parties’ nominees

  • It’s nice to see an atheist who applies the same logic to his politics. 😉 

  • Dubliner

    He likes the UKIP – bleuch!

  • Anonymous

    He’s the first European I’ve head call Obama anything but conservative.

  • He still pays less for healthcare (taxes and all) than we Americans do.  Healthcare costs are astronomically higher in the U.S. and we still have a large debt.  So facts be damned, right Pat?

  • Dan W

    Okay, I like much of what Pat Condell has to say about religion, but disagree with his political views. I’d rather see the U.S. become more like a European-style social democracy. Also, Obama is not a socialist. I should know; I’m socialist. Obama is more centrist.

  • DLA isn’t the problem though, nor is it what the current re-assessments focus on. The problem benefit is Incapacity Benefit, and it is massively over-claimed by people that manage to get themselves medically certified as completely incapable of any work at all, for incredibly minor things. The practical effects of incap are not helpful to people with disabilities since it completely stops them even trying to work. DLA, on the other hand, is available to people in work, meaning that it can support someone to be more independent by (helping to) cover the costs associated with their disability.

    The problem with our safety net though is that we’re wearing it out – if we keep spending in excess of what we can afford the safety net won’t be there in the future. Already the interest on the national debt is over £40billion a year, and that’s not paying the debt off – that’s just to stand still. For context, that’s almost half the NHS budget. Can you imagine what we could have done with forty billion quid if we weren’t handing it over to private individuals, corporations, and foreign governments in debt interest payments?

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