Upcoming Talks September 5, 2011

Upcoming Talks

For my stalkers: I’m traveling around the country a little bit this fall and a whole lot more in the spring — my schedule is here. Right now, plans include visiting South Carolina, North Carolina, Michigan, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Washington, DC.

If your campus or local group is interested in having me give a talk, there are a few open dates left remaining on my calendar for this school year. (With rare exceptions, I can’t go anywhere between November and February because of Speech Team/Forensics coaching obligations.) In any case, contact me and we’ll see if we can figure anything out!

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  • Kelly Gorski

    Why is it the squeaky wheel always gets the grease? Tell me, WHY!? We’re ready for you in PA, too!

  • Prosey

    *pouts* Atlanta…?

  • I hope the UW-Madison date gets worked out! I’m at the technical school here and am graduating this May, so starting a SSA group would mean more time then I have left what with my internship and all. I would love to crash the university’s talk though, lol

  • Oh, USC in Columbia! How would I go about being notified when more information about that one is available? I live in Columbia.

  • It should happen in October and I’ll post something on this site!

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