A Bus Ad with False Advertising September 5, 2011

A Bus Ad with False Advertising

Adnan Oktar (a.k.a. Harun Yahya), the Islamic Creationist nut, has put up bus ads in London that read “Modern Science Demonstrates That GOD EXISTS” — the ad includes his picture and a link to his clearly-hasn’t-been-updated-since-1998 website:

Somehow, I don’t think the ad will gather anywhere close to the level of traction or publicity that the original Atheist Bus Campaign had.

(via New Humanist)

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  • I love how he puts his face on it. It’s like saying “this ad isn’t about science and it isn’t about God, it’s about ME!!! I’m so awesome *hugs self*”

    At least, that’s my impression…

  • I love how he puts his face on it. It’s like saying “this ad isn’t about science and it isn’t about God, it’s about ME!!! I’m so awesome *hugs self*”

    At least, that’s my impression…

  • I’m a web designer, and all I can say is… da horror… da horror…

    Yeah, but seriously, if modern science could demonstrate that a god exists, don’t you think we would have, ya know, HEARD about it by now? We atheists are the ones who trust science more than most other religions, Islam included. If there’s a peer reviewed study out there that can demonstrate the existence of a god, it would be too revolutionary and mind-blowing to be so obscure and hidden.

  • guest

    I don’t get how he can be allowed to do this… he’s making a false statement. The “atheist” bus ads even had to throw in a “probably” to make it past the censors.

  • Xynyx

    “Other religions”? Atheism is no religion. Literally.

  • I know that, of course. It was a simple typo, and I stand corrected.

    *more than most religions. 🙂 (I almost did it again, lol)

  • He will get the publicity if we give him the publicity!

    A trap that religious people fell into was to complain publicly about the atheist  bus messages and bill-board messages. Religious people simply couldn’t resist generating column inches about them.

    (I’m not convinced he will fool anyone important, so I’m not convinced any publicity matters. Others may disagree).

  • It could just be me, but huge numbers of images are broken on that web-site. In fact the second image you linked is 404 for me.

    I posted a comment on his bus ad article. Doubt it will get published.

  • Anonymous

    If false statement were banned then they would lose most political ads and a large percentage of product and service ads.

  • Rich Wilson

    The power of a small minority of atheists to completely hide PROOF of God’s existence is truly remarkable.

    We must be getting supernatural help.

  • According to my father, we also control the Supreme Court, hence all the decisions to ban school prayer, etc.

  • Yoav

    Apparently when YoYo talk about modern science he doesn’t count anything more recent then 679CE.

  • Morrison90

    Actually, calling this blog the “Friendly” Atheists is false advertising.

    And Mehta personally?  No one that I despise more than someone who pretends to be friendly but is really an arrogant actor.

  • Tasuret

    I really hate arrogant theists.

  • Let’s not feed the trolls.

  • You seem to have been looking for The Doormat Atheist. Hemant is plenty friendly. Look how he talks up Rob Bell or asks for donations to the Salvation Army or asks us to contribute to his christian friend’s book.

    Friendly? What kind of friend would he be if he didn’t call you on the occasional glaring faux pas?

  • Dmacabre

    Just fyi, this site is not called the Friendly Atheists.  Just so you know.  Might want to work on that old reading thing.  Might be helpful.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with the graphic designer up top, it is an horrible design. you have to be up close to make out the letters. And his picture throws everything off. 

  • ‘zactly. One of us here – I don’t know who – is friendly. It’s enough. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I’m offended.  where can I lodge my complaint?

  • In most places, making false claims in advertising actually is illegal. That’s why most adds are carefully phrased so they can be interpreted as statements of opinion, rather than statements of fact.

    In this case, it Yahya’s claim appears to be a statement of fact, however. I wonder if he has any peer-reviewed scientific papers to back up this claim.

  • Anonymous

    Feel that Christian love. just feel it oozing out of every syllable.

  • Anonymous

    When I become a super villain I intend to grow a beard just like Oktar.  

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