It’s the Gays’ Fault: A Hilarious Swedish Parody September 4, 2011

It’s the Gays’ Fault: A Hilarious Swedish Parody

About a month ago, during Stockholm Pride, Swedish State Television (Channel 1) aired this song on Allsång på Skansen (Sing Along at Skansen).

The band in question mocks homophobia, Christianity, the Bible, and everyone who blames gay people for the downfall of society 🙂 (You’ll want the subtitles, so click on CC if they’re not showing up!)

(Thanks to Alec for the link!)

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  • Rieux

    Skansen is a heavily-attended open-air museum/zoo/fair/park right in the capital, Stockholm. The main museum-ish concentration involves historical recreations of how Swedes lived in centuries past.

    It’s simply awesome, just like pretty much everything that’s Swedish. Woot!

  • Anonymous

    Excellent. Can we please send it to Bill Donohue? Making him hyperventilate with outrage is good clean fun.

  • Annie

    Hemant!  You found the source of all of Michelle Bachmann’s talking points! 

  • That. Was. Awesome. I’ve watched it twice. I’m moving to Sweden.

  • Thanks for posting – I just put it on my FB page.  A great song for a Sunday.

  • Anonymous

    Oh those Swedes. That was incredible!

  • Glad many people liked the video, I felt I really needed to get it out there among atheists as it’s just so awesome =)

    What makes this all the better is that it occured during Stockholm Pride…


  • *Sigh* the accusations this video makes are disgusting. It’s far from hilarious if you ask me. Yes, I am a Christian and I would say that. But as soon as someone started blanket covering all atheists for insulting and persecuting homosexuals, then the hilarity of it all would soon fade away.

  • Awesome. I went to allsång once when I lived there. It really wasn’t my cup of tea, but I would have loved to see this!

    Heja Sverige!

  • Cpeace

    This made my night 😀

  • Jim Henline

    Ok here is the issue, there is no doctrine in atheism that states gays are bad, in fact there is no doctrine in atheism period, but when it comes to religion, it is preached that gays are bad. You cannot say you are a christian but have no issue with gays, being a christian means following the teachings of the bible and one of them is that gays are bad, you cannot pick and choose to make yourself feel good. That is simply religion via buffet.

    The absolute one and only thing you can say about atheists as a whole is that they do not believe in god, that is it, everything else is up for debate.

  • Pseudonym

    The point is even made in the song that the prejudice depicted has no basis in the Bible.

    Oh, and “being a christian means following the teachings of the bible”? That’s inaccurate as a simple matter of history, but we’ll leave that one for the moment.

  • Erp

    Your statement about Christians only follows if you agree with the conservative Christians about who are Christians.  Most liberal Christians have no issue with people being gay and several denominations have  partnered or married (to a person of the same sex) gay clergy (e.g., Episcopal Bishops Gene Robinson and Mary Glasspool).  BTW no one can follow all the ‘teachings’ in the Bible for the simple reason that some teachings are contradictory.   

  • Rich Wilson

    You’re right.

    They left out the Muslims.

  • Greg

    A few things:

    1) The video wasn’t blanket accusing Christians of anything. It was blanket making fun of the Christians who blame the gays for everything. If you aren’t one of those people (or even if you are, I guess, as presumably that is what they believe…) you have no reason to be offended.

    2) Even if it was blanket criticising all Christianity for blaming the gays for everything, it at least has some scriptural basis. I’m sure we all know the verses in the Old Testament that say you should put homosexuals to death. 

    As an aside, I always think that the Christians who wish to disassociate themselves from some of the things said in the Bible should publish their own new Bible with all the things they don’t like expunged. At least then we’d have a better idea of what they believe.

    3) If ‘someone started blanket covering all atheists for insulting and persecuting homosexuals’, I think the hilarity could only increase. I would personally love to see the contortions that person would have to make in order to get from ‘I don’t believe there is a god’ (the only thing all atheists have in common) to ‘all gays are EVIL’!!

  • Patrik

    This song isn’t new, but was first performed by the humor group in their own tv show a while back. Performing it on Pride is hilarious, of course. But it also received some flak for – get this – being offensive to gay people.

    One police report was filed by someone who had a gay friend who apparently took offense. They were, naturally, cleared of all charges. But it just goes to show that people everywhere just don’t have a sense of humor. Either that or they didn’t listen to the song, just read the title and started whining.

  • Carlita

    Haha!! Love it…very gospel-ish

  • Here is the slightly edgier original version, with singable English lyrics in the subs:

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