No List Will Ever Contain Us September 3, 2011

No List Will Ever Contain Us

The Thinking Atheist has the best response I’ve seen so far to Pastor Mike Stahl‘s call for a National Atheist Registry:

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  • Rich Wilson


  • narrator sounded a little creepy. Like some sociopath out of a horror film.

    No list will ever contain us.
    We are atheists.
    We are everywhere.
    We are coming for your children.
    We will infect you.
    You cannot hide, Mr. Stahl.
    We’re right behind you.

  • You are doing coke, aren’t you, you immoral atheist?

  • Grandma Kate

    What’s next?  A national muslim registry?  A national buddhist registry?  A national Hindu registry?  He should just get to the point and make it simple:  what he really wants is a national registry of everyone who doesn’t subscribe to his particular flavor of christianity.

  • Rich Wilson

    Someone online asked why anyone would reject the euphoria that comes with God’s love.

    Thought I’d give euphoria a try.

  • ok, just stop. this is madness.  this “Pastor Mike” was a complete unknown until a blog entry of his (from last year!) was unearthed and circulated.  there are credible, funded, national campaigns being undertaken by fundamentalists all over the world right now.  things that really matter and that any person of goodwill could condemn.  let’s talk about one of those, please?

  • dauntless

    Yeah, put her through a vocoder and she might sound like GLaDOS

  • dauntless

    Where is the obligatory “That’s an awful lot of old, white men” comment? Oh, here it is.

  • Christian von Kietzell

    I can’t help but think that many of the people listed that pastor would only be too happy to have on the list. I mean, Susan B. Anthony? Women’s rights? Aren’t they just supposed to be mothers and wives? Richard Dawkins? The devil himself. Scientists like Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking? Science destroys faith, doesn’t it?

    Personally, I think people like him should just be ignored. Any kind of publicity will only strengthen them.

  • My speakers aren’t working so didn’t catch the audio portion, but liked the video portion.  Adam’s comment re. Stahl and other groups is thought-provoking.  Think it’s time for me to visit the search engine.

  • Michael

    There does really need to be more about medicine in the list.

  • Pastor Mike is just trying to emulate the God he loves. By his beliefs, God keeps a list of all atheists so they can be kept in a position of eternal separation from Him in an afterlife. Pastor Mike just wants to extend God’s work to this life in the here and now. He is just being consistent with his beliefs.

    Fortunately, most Christians are better and more moral than what they believe to be God.

    I liked the video.

  • Schoolmarm

    We’re comin’ out, baby! I feel downright inspired. Maybe there is hope for a new kind of Enlightenment. Oh, no, wait a minute. I’m supposed to be just another bitter, angry God hater, right? Wrong. 

  • Great video, even if it was a little menacing at the end.

    Although I do wonder how much the average Christian Fundi would worry about the list containing scientists. They’re don’t like science to begin with.

  • JustSayin’

    Until they’re sick or injured and suddenly they’re all about it.

    But even then they give all the credit to Gawd. If I were a highly trained medical professional, I’d get so pissed what with the way Christians never seem to even give them a nod when they save the believer’s life.

  • Kathy Orlinsky

    Christian von Kietzell is correct.  Does anyone think Pastor Stahl wouldn’t want feminists like Susan B. Anthony on a list?  Or those anti-god actors and scientists?  I’m not sure who that clip was geared for, but I can’t imagine it swaying anyone who agrees with Stahl.

  • Anonymous

    Scientifically, your brain on drugs and your brain on religion are about the same

  • Anonymous

    Wouldn’t it be great if someday a registry of atheists would be redundant because it matches the U.S. Census completely? Oh well, not in our lifetimes … but one can dream.

  • Anonymous

    This made me wonder: 
    What if he made such a list, and
    what if he was able to get everyone he didn’t approve of on it, and
    what if his site actually had the capacity to handle such a large database, and then
    the list numbered more than half the population?

    Would he, in light of his own data, accept that this is NOT a Christian nation?

    Chances are he would need a smaller level of effort to list the people of whom he ~did~ approve, and then he could condemn everyone not on that list . . . oh wait.   Isn’t that what his God is supposed to be doing right now?

    Maybe God could just release that list to him instead?

  • Anonymous

    They can’t be ignored.  Lists exactly like they one he proposed, along with the dehumanizing language he also provided, are one of the major reasons it’s dangerous to be a doctor specializing in abortion procedures in the United States.

    You’d be right about him not caring about those people being on the list.  People like him love to babble about how they’re not “part” of the world, merely “in” it.  Destroy all art, science and music, and they’d be perfectly fine with that because those are “part” of the world.

  • Cass Morrison

    Great list for inspiring atheists but my first thought was Stahl would love to have all those people isolated from his cohort. They are exactly who he would target. A True Christian(TM) needs no entertainment or knowledge other than what is from the bible.

  • Anonymous

    No, we can’t stop. Silence is affirmation. Make sure that all people of “reason” know that “Pastor Mike” is out there spewing this insanity. I do not want to be part of his holocaust.

  • Rich Wilson

    And, based on comments on Jill Bolte Taylor’s famous TED talk ( a loss of communication between the hemispheres of your brain.

  • Nathan Palo

    I think if someone did compile a list of every atheist, they would be blown away by its sheer size.

  • Nathan Palo

    I think if someone did compile a list of every atheist, they would be blown away by its sheer size.

  • Bully4kate

    Not only do they not like it, they don’t believe it…

  • Za

    yeah at the end it sounded a bit like the hacktavist group Anonymous to me.

  • OverlappingMagisteria

    Both Gates and Wozniac?!!? If we good True Christians are to boycott, that means no Windows, no Mac… that really leaves only Linux….. (checks Wikipedia) NOOOOOO…. Torvald is an atheist too!

  • Alice

    Oh, you listed me, congratulations. Was it worth it? Because despite your bigoted behavior the only thing you’ve managed to break so far is my heart.

  • Anonymous

    Minorities have successfully oppressed majorities on numerous occasions. It’s actually pretty common in the Muslim world (Iraq is a good example) or in societies marked by tribal divisions

  • Anonymous

    We’re still in the Enlightenment. These things take a while.

  • Dan Dorfman

    That Bible is probably some kind of raw sewage container. Go ahead and rub your face all over it.
    Why don’t you marry that bible if you love it so much.

  • Pseudonym

    Hey, at least you can still use Perl. That’s pretty close to an operating system right?

  • I thought exactly the same thing. Only to me, she sounded like the announcer in the movie “Equilibrium”, the one that kept announcing the changes in art classifications.

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