Touchdown Jesus Is Being Rebuilt By the Same Firm That Built… September 1, 2011

Touchdown Jesus Is Being Rebuilt By the Same Firm That Built…

Remember how Touchdown Jesus burned down back in June?

They’re rebuilding him, as expected. But the webcomic The City taught me something about the reconstruction efforts that I hadn’t known before…:

Click through to the comic to see the punchline 🙂

(Thanks to Daranda for the link!)

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  • Loren

    After the fire, all that was left was the metal frame which was dubbed Terminator Jesus by non-church members of the region. The church posting a sign saying “He’ll be back” was icing on the cake. 

  • Jasen Tracy

    That’s not Touchdown Jesus.  This is Touchdown Jesus:

  • Evan Kelley

    I guess they can now call him Jesus Frisch’s Christ.

    (Frisch’s being the name of the Big Boy franchise in the Cincinnati area.)

  • Matthew Prorok

    Monroe isn’t far from me; it’ll be interesting to see a Touchdown Jesus that is built to be resistant to holy smiting.

  • Annie

    Oh the irony of him being burned down by “an act of god”. 

  • Bob Becker

    Reminded me of the pragmatic padre aboard one of the battleships being attacked at Pearl Harbor, who when asked by a panicked seaman what he should do, is supposed to have replied “Praise the Lord… and pass the ammunition.”

    New version:  “Trust in the Lord… but install a lightning rod in case His aim is off.”

  • Teeyodi

    I wonder how many hungry people could have been fed with the money spent for such a silly display?

  • Great, now I’m craving hash and eggs with chocolate milk.  *Calling Dad*

  • Nonsense, that thing isn’t on the way to Walmart.  There is a Walmart the next exit North and four exits down.  And the people South o the statue will definitely go to the Southern Walmart (there is a 5 mile gap South of the Jesus until the next exit). 

    The “Cincinnati Premium Outlets” mall, however, that will draw plenty of people past the Giant Jesus.

  • Canadian Atheist, eh!

    Isn’t there something in that book of theirs about not worshiping graven images? Or something? These guys must not be True Christians (TM).

  • Canadian Atheist, eh!

    Isn’t there something in that book of theirs about not worshiping graven images? Or something? These guys must not be True Christians (TM).

  •  Hahahah… That’s grand. Too bad they’re wasting their money on something so utterly useless though.

  • Anonymous

    Hey, they’re supposed to have a live webcame so we can all enjoy the building process… as of 8/22, though, it was not live and I can’t find it.  I was so excited, too!  The new statue looks to be of the “welcome little children” pose, with the arms stretched out wide in front of him. 

  • oh really? as in a “give jesus a hug” pose or more of a  “I once caught a fish THIIIIIIS big” pose?

    Please let it be Big Fish Jesus!

  • the old Doug McLeod quote: “I still say a church with a lightning rod on top shows a lack of confidence.”

  • Anonymous

    I do think you’re going to be very happy:

  • Renshia

    Who cares about the hungry, they send out missionaries. When you get filled with jesus, who needs food?

  • Guest

    Sadly, some of us not from the US don’t get the punchline

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    How to get filled with jesus? If you are at work, don’t click the link.

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    It comes from Bob’s Big Boy Restaurants. Just click the link and you will get it and yes, it is 100% safe. There is nothing sexual about the link. You will get the joke after you visit the link.

  • I’m not in the US either and I get it. I know of the Big Boy statue from the Austin Powers movie and there was a parody of it in the video game Fallout 3.

  • Bob Becker

    Hadn’t heard that one.   Love it. TY.

  • Looks more like “Lard Lad” from the Simpsons to me! 😛

  • Anon

    For those wondering where the money comes from and where it goes (besides giant Jesi), here’s some interesting background:
    Darlene Bishop, co-pastor of Solid Rock Church in
    Monroe, Ohio, is being sued by the children of the late country music
    songwriter Darryl Perry, who died of cancer in May 2005. Bishop is
    Perry’s sister and executor of his estate. The suit accuses her of (a)
    wrongful death, (b) clergy malpractice, (c) undue influence, (d)
    coercion, (e) tortuous interference with medical treatment, (f) fraud,
    (g) tortuous interference with inheritance, and (h) as executor of
    Perry’s estate, breaches of certain fiduciary duties.

    In 2007, the last year for which complete IRS records are available, Darlene
    Bishop Ministries made more than $1.3 million and paid salaries of
    $75,00-$84,350 to three of the Bishops’ adult children, Lawrence Bishop II,
    Julie Hooks and Renee Kim.
    The couple’s remaining child, Jana
    Mitten, is a paid employee of Solid Rock, as is Julie Hooks’ husband, Leroy.

    Darlene’s friend and secretary…gets
    free room and board with the Bishops, and receives monthly donations from
    Solid Rock to Parker’s own ministry, called Answering the Call. IRS forms
    show Parker made $80,500 from Answering the Call in 2008.

  •  Agreed.  Touchdown Jesus is at Notre Dame.  The statue on I-75 is Big Butter Jesus.

  • Brandi

    I wonder how many people they actually DID feed with the extra money that was donated to them because of the statue burning down… Hm.. Get the facts straight before you speak, hun.

  • Brandi

    What should they spend the money on sweetie? Drugs? Alcohol? Oh wait, they’re spending it on people’s lives. That’s right, I forgot. 

  • Brandi

    Isn’t there also something in the Bible, the Word of God, that says Jesus is all power? Oh yeah… What was that statue an image of? A sculpture of? Jesus.. Right, Jesus. 

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