Congratulations to My Patheos Overlords! August 31, 2011

Congratulations to My Patheos Overlords!

Some exciting news from the home office!, the web’s premier destination for dialogue on religion and spirituality, announced that its site traffic has surpassed 1 million monthly unique visitors.

In just over two years, Patheos has vaulted into the No. 3 position globally among websites focused on discussion of religion and spirituality. An impressive accomplishment in its own right, what makes this more impressive is that Patheos has been able to accomplish this at a fraction of the cost of peer sites, both from an initial development cost as well as an operational cost perspective.

I appreciate everyone sticking with me through the transition! And special thanks to the staff at Patheos — they’re been very quick to respond to all my emails and have done everything in their power to fix the glitches that come up on websites like this. I really appreciate that vote of confidence from them.

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  • And before you came along they only had a quarter of that amount…?

  • dauntless

    You moving here has turned out better than I was expecting, although my head explodes if I try to read any of the other blogs on Patheos.

  • Sure thing bro!

  • Anonymous

    go Hemant! way to grow a site! you rock.

    what? i’m giving the atheist credit for the explosive growth of a religious blog? crucify me, already!

    but seriously, Patheos folk, good job. you get my traffic and all my readers’ traffic i can direct, simply for letting Hemant blog here. he’s the best, and so long as you’re tolerant of him, i’ll return the favor. that is really all i ever ask, as an atheist. let’s just all get along, right?

  • Rich Samuels

    Maybe now is a good time to mention that banner. It lacks the redness of the original site. If I had to guess it was screen grabbed and processed as cmyk and not rgb by mistake. Obviously the pink boosts your mexigay credentials but it still looks faded to me.

    Other than that I think the transition here has been very successful.

  • scott-k

    Perhaps they could address the errors on their main page…  Atheism and agnosticism are not “sub-traditions” of humanism.  Nor does atheism attempt to “prove the impossibility of the existence of gods”. 

  •  I emailed them about that, and about the problems in the library’s definition back in March. They changed the starting date and the place of origin (it used to be Europe, 1570 for some reason), but said they were doing a revamp and it would be finished by the end of summer…which appears to have been pushed back to the end of this year.

    There is actually another atheist blog on the site somewhere, but I have no idea where to find it again, since they haven’t bothered linking to it…

  • And how many of those readers specifically linked up to this blog… I’d like the stats on that!

  • Michael Appleman

    That’s the very first thing I noticed. It looks like it was resized and then saved at a lower jpg quality.

  • Peter Mahoney

    It would be great if Hemant’s Friendly-Atheist blog posts would show up on Google News, the way that many (lesser) blogs and editorials do. That would drive more traffic here, when folks are searching news items (whether that be about atheism, or church-state issues, etc.)

  • Digitalrider03

    Did they ever fix the definition atheism on their main site?

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