What He Said August 29, 2011

What He Said

Jamie Kilstein rips about 39842 holes into Christian arguments against gay marriage:

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  • “maybe Adam should’ve explored other options!” 

    I loled.

  • He was the only redeeming factor of the Sataristas show at Tam 9.

  • Maybe it’s just me, but I didn’t find anything he said remotely funny.  In fact, as a “straight parent” I found some of his tirade a little offensive.  Ho hum.

  • Audriana

    Fantastic!  You MUST watch his “Vegans” video….  Talks about eating children vs. animals.  LOL…. 😉

  • He was only clumping straight parents together as a group to the extent that homophobes clump gay parents together as a group, and even then only to emphasize that the practice is retarded in general, and most everything people use to deride either practice is false in 99% of cases.

    It’s a type of humor.

  • Annie

    I’m a straight parent too… and I found some of his stuff to be funny, but none of it was offensive to me.  My grandmother used to say (as many others did), “You need a license to fish and a license to hunt, but any idiot can raise a child.”  That’s what I took away from this.  There are a lot of crappy straight parents out there… I’ve seen many, and the idea that gay couples can’t even get a shot at parenting, in some places, infuriates me. 

  • Anonymous

    I’ve got to remember the last joke. All the unnatural stuff in the Bible vs provable oral sex

  • Renshia


  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    I watched that part more than once. Funny it was.

  • I thought it was hilarious. 

  • Annie, my dad used to say something similar, “You need a licence for a dog..”  The thing to me is I’ve seen a lot of people, gay or straight, who don’t have kids, judging parents.  Now I know there are a lot crappy parents out there, but just because a kid runs around the mall doesn’t make the parent bad in any way.  Anyone who is a parent knows just how hard a job it is, and it really pisses me off when people who haven’t a clue start tut-tutting or thinking they could do a better job.

    Only a clueless and deluded fool thinks “My child will be nice and quite and polite and never mis-behave.

    @Jon, it may be a type of humour, I just didn’t find it funny.  

  • Bernardo Grp

    funny and well said.

  • Lena915

    Paddy- If you are so uncomfortable with what he said, perhaps you should take a look at how much of what was being said actually apples to you.

  • JustSayin’

    I had the misfortune to work at a Walmart store for many years. As a result of that, I have a very low opinion of most parents. Maybe it’s just the “type” of person that such a retailer attracts, but please don’t get all holier than thou about people judging parents for their children’s behavior.

    A message to the parents who just don’t seem to get it: Just because you’ve learned some method for tuning out the little banshee caterwauling at 150 decibels in your face as you push the cart around lackadaisically, doesn’t mean that everyone else within hearing distance (meaning anywhere in the massive superstore) has developed that same skill as you.Sorry, don’t mean to derail the topic, but I’m through with poor parenting and their apologists. Time for a little consideration of the people around you. You chose to have the child, not me.

  • “Because, at least c@#k sucking you can prove!”  Line of the week. Brilliant.

  • Ddm76

    AMEN AND HALLELOO! I am the proud mom of a six year old and it pisses me off when parents don’t make their children behave in public or even teach them how to behave in public. It also pisses me off that just because some chic chose to breed, (who over 50% of the time have no business doing so) they are the authority on everything child related and can’t get over their own ego long enough to listen to others who might actually know more and better ways to parent regardless of whether or not they have kids themselves. Poor behavior is not always the child’s fault. It is 99% the PARENT’S fault for allowing adverse behaviors and escalate to the point where they can’t manage their own kids. Since people know that parenting is a tough job, maybe they should think about that before they carry a pregnancy to term. But don’t expect the rest of the world to bow down or cater to you and your kids or make yourself a martyr.

  • Haha i LOVE his work! I first discovered him through his and his wife’s podcast(Wearecitizenradio.com) friggin hilarity.

  • Frank

    Talk about nonsense! Keep this guy in the spotlight to ensure that marriage stays between one man and one woman! 

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