Christopher Hitchens’ Next Book August 22, 2011

Christopher Hitchens’ Next Book

It’s called Arguably: Essays by Christopher Hitchens and it’s available September 1st. It’s a collection of pieces previously seen in Slate, The Atlantic, Vanity Fair, and other publications all the way through July, 2011.

There’s an audiobook version, too, but unfortunately, he’s not reading it. At least he’s still healthy enough to be churning out these essays like a machine.

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  • The Hitch is one of the most awesome people to ever have walked the earth.

  • Rich Wilson

    Churning out essays like a machine is part of what’s keeping him alive.

  • Babar’s House

    Not to crap on a dude with cancer or anything, but he did an awful job narrating his previous books. As great a speaker as he is, narrating audiobooks requires a whole ‘nother skill set. 

  • Fitta

    I’m assuming that the essays herein are mostly taken from his past. 

    To Babar: I would say that Hitch reading god is not Great is a sublime experience. The Burton Tenor on top of the most exquisite English prose about the lunacy of  religion – it can’t be much better than that.

  • Friendly Neighborhood Atheist

    Yeah. I love the guy but I couldn’t understand half of what he was saying.

  • Babar’s House

    The problem with the audiobooks is not his voice (which is lovely), but his obvious lack of enthusiasm for the endeavor. 

  • Anonymous

    And I just spent a lot of cash buying his Quotable Hitchens book… Aw, now I gotta save up again! 

  • I think he’s putting out new material to help pay for his medical expenses and to provide for his family when he’s gone. Good luck to him and hope he’s around for a very long time yet. Would love to read his obituary for Kissinger, Galloway, Clinton as much as I did Falwell, ‘Mother’ Teresa, Osama Bin Laden and others.

  • GuyinKyoto

    Hope one day to have the complete writings of Christopher Hitchens in big thick volumes similar to all of the writings of Orwell he has in his own library.

  • demetriusofpharos

    For the record, the original release date was Sept 1 but Amazon is shipping it so they arrive on August 24th. I preordered sometime ago and was quite happy to get an email from Amazon with the updated date, and another yesterday saying it had shipped.

  • I agree. I listen to GING all the time when I walk my dog. Sublime is definitely the correct word.

  • The library is your friend! 😉

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