Well, They’re Not the *Top* 100 Facts… August 21, 2011

Well, They’re Not the *Top* 100 Facts…

There’s an anonymously written ebook circulating called 100 Facts Every Atheist Teen Must Know.

There’s some decent stuff in it. Though it gives the same amount of space to “God” as it does “Alcohol” (but maybe that’s inevitable in a document like this). It also includes a couple random topics (like “Banking” and “Lindy Hop”) without making any direct connection to atheism.

Anyway, it’s free and you can check it out for yourself, so I’ll stop complaining.

(Thanks to Dave for the link!)

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  • Annie

    What a strange collection of information!  Reads more like a personal manifesto than an informational book on atheism.

  • Anonymous

    It is a collage in many ways.  The cover somewhat bills itself as a repudiation of Catholicism, but then mixed in things Catholics had nothing to do with, such as the Creation Museum.  The bits of privacy and health care really don’t touch on religion or otherwise.  The page on saving is kind of weirdly connected to religion.  Lending, banking and alcohol pages are good ideas, but have little to do with the title of the book.

  • Former Thumper

    I’m an atheist and a ballroom dancer.  I can honestly say I don’t know of any Atheism-Lindy Hop connection.

  • Anonymous Atheist
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  • Valhar2000

    Well, it’s called ” 100 Facts Every Atheist Teen Must Know”, not ” 100 Facts about Atheism Every Atheist Teen Must Know”. Perhaps some of the advice is just general advice for all teens, and the authors thought it appropriate.

  • Eric Hackenberger

    Agreed. Good thing I didn’t have to say it.

  • sqeecoo

    The book might be useful generally, but it contains a few, well, stupid things. For instance, a few pages below the one displayed in the post the authors say “Scientists avoid bias by trying to prove their theories incorrect. If they cannot show that the hypothesis is incorrect, they have demonstrated that their idea is true.”This is breathtakingly silly. If  not being able to prove that something is false constituted a demonstration that this is true, the existence of fictional entities such as pink unicorns and god would be “demonstrable”.

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