I Need to Start Taking More Long Car Rides… August 21, 2011

I Need to Start Taking More Long Car Rides…

I’m finding out about all sorts of podcasts this week that I hadn’t been exposed to yet!

Example: the Think Atheist Radio Show has already interviewed people like Hector Avalos, Ophelia Benson, Michael Shermer, and Valerie Tarico.

If you’ve listened to it, I’d love to hear your feedback. If there are any particular episodes/timestamps we should take note of, let us know in the comments.

You can subscribe to the podcast in iTunes by clicking here.

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  • This is Greg, the host of the show. thanks for the shout out! I am a big fan of friendly atheist and I am myself a friendly atheist (according to Rowe’s definition). 

  • Newavocation

    I’m looking forward to listening to your interview with Daniel Everett. His book “Don’t Sleep, There are Snakes” is an excellent book.

  • Matthew V Greene

    While I like the guests and the style, the production value (specifically the sound quality) is low.

  • Matt will be happy to know that we purchased a very high quality mic to increase the show quality. We all have to start somewhere and the show quality will continue to increase as it grows 🙂

  • Alternatively, you could jog or run. I find that a good podcast helps with a workout. 

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  • skm9

    The sound quality and production value are terrible and the interviewer is amateurish, but the guests are good and the overall content is definately worth listening.

  • Thanks for the input. Being that I am a scholar and not a radio-jockey, I think you can forgive the fact that I had to start off somewhere. I think I have gotten consistently better and I am actually about to join a group to work on my speech. As for the quality, the show is that of a non-profit organization and I volunteer as the host. When I started off, I had a $50 microphone because I have no money (thanks bills and college). I recently purchased a much higher quality microphone thanks to donations from our growing base of listeners. I think if you went back and listened to the first few months of the Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe, you would see a very similar circumstance. 

  • Peter Mahoney

    This “think atheist” podcast (which I am not yet familiar with) is not to be confused with the “thinkING atheist” podcast, which is awesome.

  • Peter Mahoney

    PS: I am in favor of there being as many new/different atheist podcasts, blogs, YouTubers, etc. as possible, so please don’t take my comment as any type of shut-down on this podcast that I hadn’t heard of before. I was just initially confused thinking it was one with a nearly identical name. I will check it out. Meanwhile, I wish great success to these any many others. Keep ’em coming!

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