Videos from the Oklahoma Freethought Convention August 18, 2011

Videos from the Oklahoma Freethought Convention

The Oklahoma Freethought Convention took place at the very end of July and some of the videos are now available. The quality is *fantastic*, better than most speaking videos I’ve seen. Here are the videos up so far:

Dr. William Morgan talking about his journey from Faith to Agnosticism:

Abbie Smith talking about evolution and vaccines:

TheThinkingAtheist talking about challenging faith claims:

Aron-Ra talking about what people believe:

Matt Dillahunty talking about changing minds:

I haven’t had a chance to watch the videos yet, so if any parts stand out, please leave the speaker’s name and timestamp in the comments!

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  • tommyru/denbutsu

    Thanks for spreading the word about these videos. I’ve watched them all, and they’re all great. A humble suggestion: you should probably give props to the Thinking Atheist for recording, editing, and publishing the videos.

  • Rbray18

    awww man,i live in Oklahoma and i had no clue this was taking place. least i can watch the videos,may be for the best any ways. i have poor eyesight no money and not much for transportation so if i managed to see it live i probably wouldn’t see much 

  • Ash Lux

    I’m sorry you missed it. The turnout was good (300+).  There will be another one next year (this year it was Tulsa so maybe OKC next year). Admission was an affordable $10.

  • Rbray18

    well,it being in tulsa would a made it far too expensive for me to go gas wise anyways,maybe next year since i live in mid west city.

  • Ash Lux

    Have you

  • Anonymous

    I really like seeing this in Tulsa. I grew up there in the “rapture ready” 1970’s, and from hindsight I wish I could have joined an atheist group in my teens just to have some sane people to talk to.

    I hope more children in Tulsa can grow up as atheists now. I’ve met a few people who had that sort of good fortune in other parts of the world, and to me they seem like characters from an advanced civilization out of science fiction.

  • Thanks for posting all of these Hemant! Thanks to Seth / The Thinking Atheist for recording, editing and putting them to YouTube. Obviously, thanks to all of the speakers and organizers, etc. Lots of steps, but I really glad it’s all being done.

    Looks like it was a good conference.

  • Anonymous

    The Thinking Atheist does a great job. I rarely listen to the podcasts (in fact, I think I’ve only ever listened to one) because podcasts aren’t really my thing, but the rest of the content on their channel has always been top notch.

  • Surgoshan

    Irony: An ad for Christian Mingle dot com coming up at the start of the Dillahunty video.

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