A New Podcast for Godless I’m-Not-Saying-The-Word-In-The-Headline August 16, 2011

A New Podcast for Godless I’m-Not-Saying-The-Word-In-The-Headline

Here’s a new podcast featuring the women of the Atheist Experience TV show: Beth Presswood, Tracie Harris and Jen Peeples.

It’s called Godless Bitches.

The first episode, covering topics like sex education and reproductive rights, was just released.

You can subscribe to it on iTunes using this link.

(via Atheist Experience)

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  • Anonymous

    Awesome! I love ’em all, but Tracie Harris in particular is GODLIKE! <3

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the heads-up on this 🙂   And like mrthrnite, I’m a HUGE Tracie Harris fan……..

    but who is Beth Presswood?  I think I’ve listened to almost every episode of The Atheist Experience in existence and I don’t know her from a hole in the ground 🙂

  • Bnii

    Matts soon to be wife.

  • Anonymous

    AxeGrrl, Beth is on the most recent Atheist Experience. She and Matt Dillahunty are getting married soon. She’s sharp, and I love her accent (I’m from North Carolina, it’s different, but the same.) I just finished listening, the show starts off a little slow, but picks up well. I hope it takes off, and we get ’em regularly. I guess i should watch how I word this, but I think we need more feminist perspective in the “community” and for my money, these are women I trust to present it fairly, informatively, and enjoyably.

  • Why would you promote a website or podcast… or ANYTHING… and then turn into a 5-year-old when it comes to promoting the proper name in your blog’s title?

    What are you afraid of? And how half-hearted ARE you??

  • She’s also been on several episodes of the Non Prophets.

  • I’d guess it’s more of a tongue-in-cheek reference sort of thing than that Hemant’s afraid to type the word ‘bitch’.

    Although considering the typical audience of patheos, maybe there’s some sort of profanity filter for blog headlines…?  😉

  • Vickiinmyhead

    Yay, i love listening to them on Ae and np. 😀 Listening to it now.

  • There is no way Hemant could have won this one.  If he said the title he would have had complaints, he didn’t and still got complaints.  Thanks for the link.

  • I listened to this podcast and I enjoyed it. Looking forward to future episodes.

  • Anonymous

    True, but not very many and it probably would have been the same if he had done it the other way around. In fact there seems to be fewer comments in general on Hemant’s site than there was before he moved to patheos. We haven’t had the big invasion of fundie commenters that everyone was worried about so I hope people weren’t scared off by that threat.

  • Sweet! I’m gonna take a look-see. Never been one for podcasts myself, but that name does call to me. 🙂

  • Heard the podcast and loved it.  I’m glad to not 100% agree, but thoroughly enjoy them.  One point on which I completely am behind – Down with the Slut shaming!!  It was some of the most fun ever and my husband was glad for the previous training.  
    P.S. Condoms, so it doesn’t burn when you pee.  

  • Anonymous

    I highly approve, but to a certain extent this will be preaching to the choir. I highly doubt that the listeners of this podcast will need to have Feminism 101; the people that need this message most will be turned off by the “shocking” language.

    That said, I still planning on spreading this thing around the interwebs. Mad props to all the ladies (and gentleman, if they are contributing! I haven’t heard of it, but just in case…props to them too) who are getting this off the ground.

    P.S. I was super not excited to learn that Beth and Matt are getting married. My husband and I had every intention of going down to Austin and sweeping him off his feet! Sigh. I guess I’ll have to develop a new atheist-celebrity-crush. 🙂

  • Listening to it now, but I’m not expecting anything great. Tracie and Jen are great, but Beth is a simpleton in comparison. Let’s be honest here, Tracie and Jen are by far the most intelligent of the Atheist Experience group, and frankly, no one would know who Beth is if she weren’t about to marry Matt.

    In addition, and I’ve expressed this before, but discussing feminism in hopes of equality doesn’t work. Not because I think feminists are trying to get into a superior position or anything, but simply that singling out a group of people in any activist movement is counter-productive. Equality should be discussed as equality, and as such, can not exclude anyone. As soon as it starts focusing on one group, it stops being relevant to equality in any meaningful sense other than uses of supporting points.

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