Help a Dynamic Freethinkers Group Win an Award August 12, 2011

Help a Dynamic Freethinkers Group Win an Award

Richard Wade here.

My friends at Filipino Freethinkers have been nominated at the Global Tatt Awards in two categories:

The first category is called “The Advocate.” Since they first formed in early 2009, they have fought tirelessly both in public events and online against the Catholic Church’s domination of Philippine politics and public policy, advocating for freethought, secularism, reproductive health rights, LGBT and women’s rights, and free speech.

The second category is called “The One.” This is for shaping society through advocacy with the best overall website and online presence.

Winning either of these will help them to bring more public awareness to the important causes they support, and will also give them a much needed $2400 cash prize. From their beginning they have funded most of their advocacy efforts out of their own pockets, while of course the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines, (CBCP) has virtually unlimited resources.

I’ve been impressed with the Filipino Freethinkers’ energy and courage since I first encountered them two years ago, and since then they have shown enormous support for two of my letter writers. They really deserve some recognition and help.

To vote for them, you must have a Facebook account. Use this link to go to the official Globe Tatt Awards site.

Click on “The One” at the top of the category list at the left, and click your vote under the blue and red ff logo for Filipino Freethinkers.

Then click on “The Advocate” at the bottom of the category list and click your vote for them in that category.

To clarify, you can vote once in both categories.


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  • Greg’s petite chou

    I have had the pleasure of growing up Atheist. Both of my parents grew up in religious homes; once they were adults, however, they began to use logical and critical thinking.
    My dad is having me read these articles, as well as a weekday column, “Best of the Web”, from The Wall Street Journal. Those are some pitch-thick, yet highly entertaining, articles. Thanks dad for challenging my 16 year old mind 🙂

  • Annie

    Is this one of those contests where you can vote daily… or just once?  They’re doing great right now in the polls.  I wish them luck!

  • Frank III Augustine Manuel

    You can only vote once per facebook account, unfortunately.

    We’re doing okay in “The Advocate” category, but we could seriously use some help in “The One”.

    Thanks for the plug, Richard!

  • Heidi

    The One it is, then.

  • Thanks for the vote Heidi! You can actually vote for FF in both categories but you just get one vote per category.

  • Ben

    No can do!  They only accept logins for facebook and twitter accounts, neither of which I have (or desire).  I really despise voting sites that require some kind of account on a specific social networking site.

  • Garrick

    There was a glitch in their system where votes weren’t registered. It seems to be working now.

  • Thanks for the plug, Richard 🙂

  • Gandicela

    This voting site assumes everybody has a Facebook account; I don’t have one & will never have one. Why Twitter isn’t accepted? This is like almost assuming every Filipino is a Catholic. I wanted to vote, but it isn’t possible.

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