Thanks for Reading August 9, 2011

Thanks for Reading

This is a guest post by Stef McGraw. Stef is a Junior at the University of Northern Iowa and a member of the UNI Freethinkers and Inquirers (UNIFI).

With Hemant back in the country, our week of the students taking over has come to an end. I’d first and foremost like to thank Hemant for this opportunity, and I know that my fellow student bloggers would say the same. It isn’t every day that our posts get to be read by such a large audience.

I’d also like to state how proud I am that I can consider myself part of the secular student community. I was blown away with how thought-provoking many of the posts were, and look forward to continuing to read the blogs of their own student groups. The fact that so many decided to contribute to Friendly Atheist shows just how dedicated and passionate the future of the secular movement is.

If you were as pleased with this week as I was, I urge you to visit the students’ blogs and keep up with what their organizations are doing on their campuses and in their communities.

Hope you enjoyed your glimpse into the minds of secular students!


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  • Definitely enjoyed it. Thanks to all of you for your insights.

  • David Shores

    Great posts everyone!  I’ve really enjoyed this week.  All the guest posts were thought provoking and well written.  My college years suddenly seem insipid and unproductive in comparison, but I’ll try not to dwell on that.  With great secular minds like these in our high schools and colleges, the future looks quite bright!

  • I read and thoroughly enjoyed every student’s post. Very, very impressive. What a boost to my morale, knowing there are so many articulate and passionate young critical thinkers out there.  I feel like I’ll have to hustle to keep up with them, and that feels great!

    I’d like to follow their blogs, but they’re scattered amidst all those posts. Stef or Hemant, I wonder if all their blog links could be listed in one place? Here, or on one more post about them, or somewhere easily accessible?

  • I was also impressed and it made me happy that the secular movement is so strong at the highschool and college level. 

  • Reginald Selkirk


  • Annie

    Thank you students for your wonderful contributions!  I enjoyed reading all of your posts and am left with a renewed sense of hope for our future.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for writing!

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