I Waxed a Man’s Leg… August 1, 2011

I Waxed a Man’s Leg…

I said I was going on vacation, but I had to get one last thing up before I left!

Remember when we held a fundraiser for Camp Quest in which PZ Myers was pitted against a group of atheist bloggers to see which team could raise more money?

After PZ took an early lead, several of the other bloggers made offers like singing karaoke or learning to ride a bike on camera if donors chipped in. I wisely shut my mouth. JT Eberhard, on the other hand, promised to wax his legs and shave his head…

PZ, intrigued by those possibilities, nudged donors our way… and we won. (Yay for us and Camp Quest!)

So, did JT go through with his promise?

Yep! He’s a man of his word. Yesterday, at the Secular Student Alliance annual conference, JT got a leg waxed (one was enough!) and his head shaved.

(JT, pre-shaved-head, stands in the front with SSA staffer Sarah Moglia… while intern Kelley Freeman holds the clippers in the background.)

The videos of the events are below!

Possible NSFW language to follow… plus, it kinda hurts to watch. Not as much as it hurt JT, though! (I make a cameo near the end of the the leg-waxing video.)

We love you, JT 🙂

Taking all that pain and getting rid of his hair for a wonderful cause — that’s just awesome.

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  • What? Y’all let him get away with just one leg?? PZ should be annoyed. 

  • Should have let some angry creationist protesters do it.

  • Kenneth Dunlap

    Lol, one leg is sooo much better than two! Lopsided ftw!

  • Tch, leg waxing isn’t that bad, I get mine done every month. Only hurts around the knees and ankles.

  • After watching the videos, I see that the Christian characterization of atheists from the pulpit is true – that atheists are depressed, anti-social loners that have no humor, never laugh, and can’t actually feel any pain because they are soulless automatons.  ;)I like the comment someone said after his head was shaved that now they could do phrenology.  🙂

  • Sue

    Is anyone else mentally adding “…and I liked it” onto that title?

  • Anonymous


  • Victor Harris

    I thought it was going to finish with “just to watch him bleed,” a little Johnny Cash knock off.

  • Grumble F Kitty

    She did it wrong!  You’re supposed to pull it off in the direction of hair growth.  I imagine that hurt more than it should have…

  • MariaO

    Getting a painful, unnecessary procedure done once a month is something only religion would cause. Which god demands this from you?

  • The god of vanity and “I don’t like my hairy legs.”

  • I thought pansexuals liked both hairy and hairless legs 😉

  • On other people. I don’t care what my partners’ legs look like, but my own I prefer to be hairless.

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