Speaking in Naperville, IL July 26, 2011

Speaking in Naperville, IL

For anyone in the vicinity of suburban Chicago, I’ll be giving a talk on Thursday night about math (yeah!) and critical thinking (woo!) for the West Suburban Chicago Chapter of Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

It takes place at the Naperville Municipal Center. Doors open at 7:00p and the talk starts around 7:30p. A few more details are here (PDF).

Be there! The first 12 people to arrive get a free side hug from me.

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  • Why can’t people give talks around the Memphis area? I’d love to hear you or someone else speak in person, but I wouldn’t got out of my way to see it. I just don’t think it’s worth it.

  • Annie

    I remember my first trip to Naperville.  My mom wanted to take us kids to this new restaurant that everyone was talking about.  Our station wagon stopped at a Taco Bell… in the middle of corn fields.  I think it’s changed since then.

  • Rodnewbold

    I have a aquestion does the site allow persons who believe in Jesus lend money to persons of intrest

  • Can you clarify that? I’m certain that no one here will try to stop you from donating to anyone you please…

  • Moi

    Is that a Christian Side Hug?

  • Anonymous

    Naperville, eh? I might be in attendance. I haven’t been to any talks at all so this should be cool.

  • Elizabeth

    I’m so excited to see you speak – I missed the last time you were out here…but I think I’ll pass on the hug! 
    We don’t want to start a new firestorm in “the community”, do we? 😉

  • Emodude

    Very cool…I will try and make it!

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