Win a Copy of The Christian Delusion by John W. Loftus July 24, 2011

Win a Copy of The Christian Delusion by John W. Loftus

John W. Loftus recently edited a book called The Christian Delusion: Why Faith Fails (Prometheus Books, 2011). It includes a number of essays, written by scholars, all debunking Christianity as we know it.

Loftus has offered to give away a copy of the book to one lucky reader. Details on that below. First, a couple excerpts from the book:

There are many religions in the world we don’t take seriously enough to pay attention to them. There are many dead religions of the past that we ignore in today’s world, including several dead Christianities. They do not merit our thought or discussion. They are dead. They have no relevance for our lives. Unless we’re interested in the history of these religions we simply ignore them. We ignore their scriptures, their prophets, their religious duties, their rituals, and their threats of punishment in the afterlife. They no longer matter to us.

When it comes to Christianity two thousand years is enough. It’s time this ancient myth was put to rest. This present book calls for the same end of Christianity as the other religions we reject that are dead to us. Just as we ignore other faiths our hope is that someday we can ignore the Christian faith, because the future adherents will live in the cultural backwaters like the Amish people who pose no threat to the peace of the world.

In fact, as far as I’m concerned Christian theism has no more credibility than Scientology, Mormonism, Haitian Voodoo, or the southwest Pacific Ocean cargo cults… And it has no more credibility than the many different dead ancient religions of the past, including the faith of ancient Israel, several other early Christianities, or the many other resurrected savior cults (such as the cults of Zalmoxis, Romulus, and Osiris).

Skeptics reject all of these religious faiths because none of them offers satisfactory answers to basic questions nor do they present sufficient evidence to believe. So it is not the case that we single Christianity out for rejection, and therefore it’s not the case we do so because we have hardened, sinful, selfish, prideful, rebellious hearts, or that we had poor father figures, or any such nonsense. All such attempts to dismiss our rejection of Christianity tacitly admit that the Christian faith does not offer good reasons to believe based on sufficient evidence. For you would never see a serious scientist dismissing another scientist in the same manner by saying: “That guy had a poor father figure so that’s why he rejects my new theory!”

Since I’m a thinking person I cannot accept just any claim at all. Given the number of false beliefs that have been propagated down through history and in today’s world, I am right to require reasonable answers to basic questions, and I am right to require sufficient evidence commensurate with the claims being made before I will accept them. I can see no reasonable objection to this requirement at all. Even if there is a god he supposedly created me this way as a thinking person. So the existence of a god changes nothing, for it would be duplicitous and counter-productive of a deity to create me as a thinking person and not also provide me with the answers and the evidence that a thinking person needs to accept the Christian claims. There are Christians who object that we should not trust our intellect. But it seems utterly contradictory for them to appeal to our intelligence when arguing for why we cannot trust our intelligence. There are Christians who object that our thinking about such matters is unreliably clouded because our minds are fallen. But that means thinking people are hopelessly condemned because they don’t know any other way to search for the truth but by using their minds. There are Christians who object that it doesn’t matter if thinking people can’t understand the truth because all of us deserve to be condemned for the sin of our first human parents in a Garden of Eden anyway. But isn’t it obvious that only if some of us would not have sinned under the same initial conditions can such a test be considered a fair one rather than a sham? Yet if some of us would not have sinned in the Garden of Eden then there are people who are being punished for something they never would’ve done in the first place.

There are Christians who object that we are in a cosmic war where thinking people are just unfortunately being deceived by Satan. But since humans are no match for Satan’s supposed intellect and power then God is to be blamed for allowing Satan’s continued existence or by not successfully helping us know the truth. It just seems unreasonable for God to demand that deceived people should ask for his help when they don’t even know they are deceived enough to ask for his help in the first place.

Loftus spends a lot of time in the book arguing for an “Outsider’s test of faith.” In a nutshell, it asks the question: Whatever reasons you have to dismiss other faiths, can I use it to dismiss yours?

If you’d like a chance to win a copy of the book, just leave in the comments an example of an argument Christians use to dismiss other religions that we can throw right back at them. (e.g. “The stories in your holy book never really happened!”) You must leave the word “Anthology” after your comment if you’d like to be considered for the prize.

I’ll pick a random winner next week and contact that person directly!

By the way, until July 27th, the publishers are offering the Kindle version of the book for only $2.99. After that, the price goes back to normal.

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  • Kayla

    They’re all just superstitious fairy tales! 


  • “Other religions are violent.”  Anthology


  • 072806

    The bible says that there will be many false prophets that will fool people before Jesus returns. This argument invalidates all religions established after Christianity. Anthology

  • “Christianity has a long tradition unlike Scientology, Mormonism and even Islam. How can a system of belief that has been tested for over 2000 years be false?”

  • Miss Coconut

    ‘The devil put those other books and beliefs out there to trick you into turning from God, just like he put the dinosaur fossils there. You are being fooled by the fallen angel Lucifer, the deceiver! You need to have faith in God, and He will help you see the light. The devil will only deceive you and use you to spite God and His goodness and love; he will never love you like God does. If you read the Holy Bible, if you turn to God, if you accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Saviour, you will live forever in the light and love of the LORD God in Heaven above. If you do not, if you choose not to believe, if you choose to follow in the wicked footsteps of Satan, you will burn for all eternity in the fires of Hell, as it says in the one and only Holy Book, the Holy Bible.’


  • Danny

    Of course they believe in those myths they are/were in an uncivilized society. Their legends are convoluted, contradictory, and obviously impossible!


  • Melissa

    Can you prove that your religion is true? Anthology

  • “You worship the Devil!” 

    Nothing the Devil has ever been said to do comes close to being as evil as what the god of the Bible (YHWH+Jesus) does to people. Who is really worshiping “the Devil” here?


  • Rmurchshafer

    “but Jesus really existed. There are many historical documents saying so.”


  • AwesomeCloud’s mom

     “They say their holy book doesn’t promote violence – well, they don’t understand their own book!”  Anthology….

  • “They were just forerunners of the perfect truth that is Christianity.”  Anthology.

  • I would love to own this.  I’m really excited to read it.


  • Gordon

    “it is not a religion it is a relationship”


  • Greggb57

    Our savior rose from the grave and no others have done that. Anthology

  • We’re all Atheists to an extent. I just believe in one fewer god than you do.

  • Patrik W

    Our book says it’s divinely inspired, so that must be so. Other books say so as well? Well, they’re obviously written by people pretending to be divinely inspired.


  • Annie

    “The shroud of Turin is all the proof we need.  Carbon dating, schmarbon dating!”


  • “Those were just stories to explain things that people back then didn’t understand.” 

  • David Byars

    That religion makes silly claims about morality. How can you believe what they say about women or diet?


  • fuzzybunnyslipperz

    They cannot be proven with historical documents.  


  • Kevin

    “Christianity has good arguments for it.  For example, the Kalam Cosmological Argument…”


  • Inferno

    You can’t expect that something written so long ago could really be that accurate.


  • “The other religions are wrong because I have faith that mine is right.”

  • “Allah has daughters in one verse, therefore Islam cannot be a monotheistic religion” 
    or another one:
    “Their religion has changed over time, so it cannot be divinely inspired” (I remember thinking this one as a kid, since churches don’t teach children anything about their own religion’s history. Now I just find church education extremely dishonest)


  • Ross

    Those religions are ridiculous and obviously have no basis in reality. They must be idiots to actually believe that crap.


  • Anonymous

    “That religion? That religion has magic in it! How crazy is that?!” (cf. Exodus 4:2-4, 8:5-7)


  • “I don’t know anything about those religions, but I know they are false!”

  • Anonymous

    It must be true because people were willing to die for it.

    Anthology (assuming that you’ll post internationally…)

  • My god wrote this book because it says IN THE BOOK that he wrote it!


  • “If it was good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for me.”


  • Annette

    I know God exists because I have a relationship with Him.  I know Him just like I know my brother.


  • Scott

    There shall in that time be rumours, of things going astray. And.. and there shall be a great confusion, as to where things really are. And nobody will really know where lyeth those little things, with a sort of raffia work base, that has an attachment. At this time, a friend shall lose his friend’s hammer, and the young shall not know where lyeth… the things possessed by their fathers that their fathers put there only just the night before, about eight o’clock.Anthology

  • Golfie98

    I Know,

  • Greg

    That religion can’t be true, because their god kills people for virtually no reason. No real god could be that evil.
    Assuming that the book is postable to the UK… Anthology.

  • Anonymous

     “All other religions are about man reaching out to god. Our religion is the only one that is about god reaching out to man.”

    I know it’s incredibly specious and question-begging, but I hear it all the time, even from “sophisticated” christians.


  • Christian: “I know Christianity is the one true religion because of the wonderful feeling I get inside when I believe it.”

    Me: “I know I have one hundred billion dollars in my bank account because of the wonderful feeling I get inside when I believe it.”


  • Rex

    Followers of X religion are misguided.  They can’t see how foolish their faith is.


  • Trina

    “It’s different from what I believe, so it can’t be true!”

    (The book looks great!)

  • Your religious text doesn’t have an attestation by hundreds of people who witnessed a miracle, it has an attestation to by one guy who wrote that section of the book and CLAIMED that hundreds of people saw the miracle.  There is a difference between many witnesses, and one person claiming that there were many witnesses!


  • Anonymous

    If those other religions were true, they would still have followers.


  • Dan B

    “God speaks to me personally, so I know my God is the correct God.

  • Anonymous

    “They must be reading it wrong.”

  • Seth

    “Their creation stories don’t make any sense.”


  • “The devil made all other religions to make Christianity less unique and make it appear christianty copied them, Infact the fact that Christianity is both the only true religion and appears to copy others proves its veracity”


  • Christian: “My holy book has prophesies in the early chapters that are fulfilled in the later chapters.”

    Me: “Here’s my holy book:
    Chapter 1. Richard Wade is awesome. Some time in the future you will be called a codfish.
    Chapter 2. More stuff about how Richard Wade is awesome.
    Chapter 3. You are a codfish. The prophesy is fulfilled! Richard Wade is sooo awesome.

  • “Our religion is unique, and that makes it true!”


  • “Why was death present in the first place? The first man (Adam) sinned against God, and because of his sin death entered the world. This sin also separated man from God. Why do we still die if our god is a living god? We all die because we have all sinned. Jesus did not have to die, but He gave His life as a sacrifice in order to reunite man with God. Now we can have a relationship with God and receive eternal life. After we die we can have eternal life because Jesus has given it to us. He is able to give it to us because He is superior to death. The other gods (eternal Buddha and Vishnu) cannot give us eternal life, for they are both inferior to death.”


  • Anonymous

    “WE have revealed truth on our side! Since when did Buddha or Mohammad have any revelations???”


  • deb

    Those are just stories, myths that people used to explain things that they didn’t understand and as a means of societal control, but we know better now .


  • “But God didn’t send his son to them, he sent him to us!”


  • Voodoo is obviously of Satan – they claim to  make dead people walk.

    (Obviously, Anthology, if you’ll ship to Canada.)

  • Christian: “Our Savior warned us that we would be persecuted for trying to bring the Truth to people. We are being persecuted, so we have the Truth.”

    Me: “If persecution tells you you’re on the right track, try peddling Islam around here instead.”

  • d cobb

    other religions are the work of Satan.


    Christians automatically
    assume that since Jesus said he was the only way (John 14:6), and God said
    there was no other Gods (1st of the Ten Commandments), that
    therefore all other religions, faiths, and spiritual practices must be of the
    devil Satan.  Not all Christians are so quick to assume this, but some
    are.  No matter what arguments there are for other religions or spiritual
    practices, Christian fundamentalists will always quote these verses:


    14:6 “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but
    by me.”


    Timothy 2:5 “For there is one God, and one mediator
    between God and men, the man Christ Jesus;” 


    And since the Bible says that
    Satan is the “Father of lies” (John 8:44)
    that explains away anything good or credible about other religions.


    While the average American
    Evangelical Christian knows almost nothing about other religions, this argument
    is still hard to disprove to them.  Those that are more versed in other
    religions though, tend not to use this argument.  Instead, they just
    consider other religions to be inaccurate and not reflecting of the true
    God.  However, One can pose some questions for Christians to think about.


     If all other religions were the product of
    Satan, then why have they improved the lives and attitudes of their
    followers?  Why have they helped them to be better people?  Would
    Satan do such things?

  • Mike

    “The mythologies of other religions closely resemble several stories from the Bible.  That proves that those stories were based off ours.” –A. P. (friend of mine)


  • Looking forward to reading this.

  • Looking forward to reading this.
    Anthology – for the win 🙂

  • Richard Bookout

    “Have you seen the way they treat their women?”


  • Common apologetic argument along these lines: “Jesus really did live, teach, die, & was resurrected! We have the eyewitness accounts of his death & resurrection to go by, and there are even contemporary Roman records to prove it all happened just as the gospels say!”

    Granted, we cannot cross-examine the “eyewitnesses” referred to here, and there are no “contemporary Roman records” of Jesus’ life, but that doesn’t stop Christians from making this claim.

  • Sinfanti

    For me it has to be the mother-of-all cop-out answers, “I can just feel god in my heart and that’s enough for me.”  Anthology

  • George

    we will know when Jesus comes back. He will be the guy walking down the street using his hands as a whistle.

  • Magee Katherine

    People are willing to die for Christ and the Church. Nobody would give their life for something that isn’t real and true.

    My mother likes to use this one. I just reply “911”.

  • Magee Katherine

    I meant to include Anthology in there. Anthology. There.

  • Geoah54

    There must be alot of walls in heaven. There are so many  religions  that think they are the only ones going.

  • Geoah54

    There must be alot of walls in heaven. There are so many  religions  that think they are the only ones going.

  • cipher

    “A minute after we die, we’ll find out who was right!”

  • cipher

    “A minute after we die, we’ll find out who was right!”

  • Beau

    “God is in the beauty of the sunrise.”

    “Yes, it’s pretty but all I see is a giant fusion ball in the sky.”


  • TheSecretAtheist

    “You can go see the empty tomb that proves Jesus rose from the dead, this proves that he is god.”  Anthology.

  • Christianity is the only religion where we don’t earn our salvation – it’s a gift given by God when we ask His forgiveness and accept Christ as our savior!

    The rebuttal: And Islam is the only religion with five pillars including giving to the poor and making a pilgrimage to Mecca. The fact that you’ve found somewhere your religion is unique is unrelated to whether or not it’s true. If you think it’s important that Christian salvation isn’t based on anything we do, it’s only because Christian dogma teaches that salvation shouldn’t be based on anything we do. You’ve begun with your belief system and you’re judging all others on the basis of what your belief system says is important.

  • Tinker

    I have to say that this is the winner in my book.

  • This is exactly what I was going to say.  I hear this one all the time too.

    Can I just say “ditto” and “anthology?” 

    (Canadian here, but his one didn’t specify US residents only.  *fingers crossed*)

  • Mikeinfhaz

    my feature argument of the week: 
    IF man (woman, ha) had never sinned in the garden, then they were going to outgrow Eden anyway. DO these millions of christians disagree? of course they would. They shift under any new idea like squirming tapeworms. So, suppose the population of humans who were prompted to fill the Earth were to do so, without sin, eventually we would have been forced out of the garden by sheer overcrowding. Its a simple conclusion really, and I asked it of a pastor and he just shrugged. He pro’lly never even considered this 5th grade logic. 



  • LeelooMinai

    “The Isis/Osiris/Horus story may predate Christianity by thousands of years, but there is nothing even remotely real about those mythologies.  The stories might be similar with the death and resurrection of Osiris, but it doesn’t mean Christianity “borrowed” anything from them.  Also, it  doesn’t matter that the artworks of the Madonna and Child were influenced by old artworks of Isis nursing Horus at her breast – Jesus and Mary were real people!”


  • John

    My mother got better after we prayed for her!


  • Anonymous

    The last argument I heard was an appeal to numbers. Something along the lines of “why would so many people believe it if it weren’t true?” It’s clearly not a very good argument but, then again, they never are.


  • Anna

    Two things I’ve heard. First, “Christianity must presuppose the Word of God to be true to be logically consistent. Not presupposing the Word of God to be true means rebelling against the Word of God and, by extension, God himself. The Bible proclaims itself to be the Word of God, therefore, the Bible and Christianity have to be true. So, to answer your question, other religions cannot be true because they deny the Bible.” 

    Yeah. And wonderful surprise, this gem came from the same person:

    “The Bible demonstrates that humans do wrong and need to be punished. Jesus condemns wrongdoing and provides a way to achieve righteousness. This is consistent with the world we live in. Conversely, other religions fail to establish a consistent morality as an answer to the reality of human immorality.”


  • “A cult, then, is a group of people polarized around someone’s interpretation of the Bible and is characterized by major deviations from orthodox Christianity relative to the cardinal doctrines of the Christian faith, particularly the fact that God became man in Jesus Christ (Walter Martin, The Rise of the Cults, p. 12).”

    This starts with the premise that the particular brand of “orthodox” Christianity is already correct, and was recently used by a Catholic that I know to vilify Mormons.  I pointed out that the Mormons, or anyone else for that matter, could just substitute themselves in the assumed position and call every other faith, Catholicism included, a cult.  He then informed me that all beliefs are equally valid, right after calling Mormonism a cult!  Infuriating, yet hilarious.


  • How do I know mine is the one true religion?
    My god can beat the piss out of your god.
    That’s how I know.


  • “Their religion offers a barbaric stone age morality system!”


  • notURgod

    Roman/Greek/Norse/etc mythology is based on just that…myths!


  • Clarinet Box

    “Without God where did morality come from?”
    “Altruism has obvious cost benefit factors as seen in a number of species”
    “Oh, go ask a priest…if he hasn’t been arrested yet”


  • I know who My true father is, so nothing you say can stop me from knowing the truth.


  • Christianity is different in which it man cannot save himself, but must rely on God to do it. This makes Christianity different from other religions.

    Essentially, Christianity is different, therefore it’s true.


  • Meaningless Riot

    Those were just primitive people who didn’t know what they were talking about.


  • Bethany

    Those other religions are full of people who are willfully ignorant of the Truth.


  • J.C.

    “What if you’re wrong?”


  • Viraldi

    “My faith never fails, cause my God is real.”


  • Anonymous

    “Those other religions are just paths that lead to Christianity.  Give them time.”


    “God is love and if you don’t believe in him he’ll send you to Hell forever.”


  • Mej

    Actual comment from a Christian, regarding Islam:  “It was founded by a guy who just hid away and came back with a bunch of stories?  That’s so stupid!”


  • The JWs like to say that other Christian groups don’t really follow the Bible–but they pick and choose what to take literally, too.


  • Anonymous

    “The bible says hundreds of people say Jesus after his resurrection.  And if he didn’t rise, then how do you explain the empty tomb?”

    Then they throw John 3:16 at us.  To which I respond with NefYoo 3:16, “For the Fwying Psghetti Monster so wuvved the world that he dwank alotta beers and made nekkid ladies.”


  • Colin Steadman

    “By the way, until July 27th, the publishers are offering the Kindle version of the bookfor only $2.99. After that, the price goes back to normal.”

    Not on Kindle UK store its not!  Damn you Amazon, damn you to cheese hell!

  • Chris_K

    But the bible is definetely the infallible word of god and all other “holy” books are wrong.


  • Jeremy Miller

    Them Your Taking it out of context the the new testament is what we now believe and follow

    luke 14:25-26
    large crowds were traveling with jesus and turned to them and e said if anyone comes to me and does not hate his father and mother, his wife and children, his brother and sisters yes even his won life he cannot be my disicple

  • Maker_of_Worlds

    Their holy books don’t tell the truth.


  • Predator Handshake

    “In Genesis God punishes the serpent by making it slither instead of walk on legs.  Snakes have things that look like they used to be hip bones so the Bible is true.”  Along the same lines (but much funnier to hear) “God made Eve from one of Adam’s ribs.  Women have one more rib than men so the Bible is true.”


  • Anonymous

    “Mormons are deceived by the devil when they pray to know the Book of Mormon is true.” (How do Christians know they are not deceived likewise?)



  • cipher

    “It’s true because if I say the same thing over and over, that makes it true.”

    Closely related:

    “It’s true because I really want it to be true.”

  • Douglas Kirk

    ‘Best’ one I’ve ever heard:

    “Other religions have a history of violent and oppressive barbarity; not at all like my enlightened Christianity.  That’s 2000 years of peace and prosperity.”


  • Anonymous

    “the bible tells us that there will be false prophets that claim their religion is true, but as Christians we understand that there is only one true way to enter the grace of God.”

    Matthew 7:
    “15 “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. 16 By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? 17 Likewise, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18 A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. 19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20 Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them.”ANTHOLOGY

  • Matt

    The devil put them there to confuse/confound Christians.

  • Nena

    God warned us about false religions in the Bible…


  • Nick Wingfield

    Your Holy book isn’t backed up by four independent eye-witness accounts that would stand up in a court of law!

    This is what my RE teacher told us at school to ‘prove’ that Christianity was the true faith.


  • Martiusnauticus17

    “LOL your religion”


  • Christians preach that of all the gods, theirs (Jesus) is the only one who is alive.   Ha.  Show me the proof of that!

  • Anonymous

    “By the way, until July 27th, the publishers are offering the Kindle
    version of the bookfor only $2.99. After that, the price goes back to
    It’s July 25th now and the price is $5.74. I guess Amazon isn’t the tides as there seem to be a miscommunication somewhere.

  • Keith

    As a Stone-Campbell Movement pastor and studier of Dr. Craig serving near your old stomping grounds in Lincoln, IL, I wanted to offer a classic fallacy that other Christians somehow still trot out in conversation: Pascal’s Wager.  Rarely, has a person utilizing this fallacious argument applied it to the claims of other religions they have rejected.  I look forward to reading your book, whether free or otherwise :-). 


  • “I cant believe the other religions have it all wrong, you figure they would all be christian since we all believe in the same god” – the exact words from my grandmother -in-law


  • Theist: FSM was made to mock religion.
    Pastafarian: That was just stated as a test. FSM is real.


  • “The bible is the word of God, so God must be real, because the bible says so!”


  • Scout

    They were all just “warm-ups” for Jesus’ coming. 


  • Anonymous

    “They’ll find out how wrong they are when they die”


  • Matthew W. Miller

    “The Qur’an is filled with violence, barbarism, and weird stuff!”


  • An All  Benevolent God has built free will so well that it excuses Him from its resulting evil.

    Or just perhaps evil shows that free will does not come from a God but merely a bad idea that there is one.

  • Anonymous

    All those pagan gods are just demons!

    Anthology (hope you post to the UK)

  • ACN

    “Look around, can’t you see the evidence of god’s great creation everywhere????”


  • thnuhthnuh

    i) In order for logic, science and morality to be valid, you must presuppose the existence of the Christian God.
    ii) The gods of other religions are too anthropomorphic: thus they are obvious fabrications.


  • MRK

    This (insert holy book name here)  is written by the hand of the one and only true (insert almighty deity or deity via conduit here).


    peace out, Mark

  • There’s simply no reason for me to believe what you believe just because you believe it.


  • Southern Geologist

    “Other religions aren’t proven true by archaeology!”


  • Laurance

    Faith!  You must have faith!  Just have faith!

  • Craig E.

    Everything had to start somehow.


  • Bex

    Hahaha! idiot.

  • (on the big bang) ” how did something come from nothing? ”
    or the similar variants of before the “creation” of stuff.

    I’ve always giggled at this question, because I wonder about their own argument


  • Jude

    Jesus said “Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples…”  So you love everyone *except* atheists and those who aren’t Christian?  I really don’t think that’s what Jesus meant.  

  • Jude

    Jesus said “Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples…”  So you love everyone *except* atheists and those who aren’t Christian?  I really don’t think that’s what Jesus meant.  

  • Anonymous

    Christians died for their faith.  Nobody would die for a lie. 


  • I would just love to meet a Christian who says this. Vestigial hips and claws are evidence for evolution, and men and women both have 12 pairs of ribs. Ribbing them could be great fun. 

  • Ross

    “Can you believe people actually think that? ”


  • “The Bible is the basis for our law.”

    Well, there are a lot of different commandments in there, and nothing that tells you not to sell another human into slavery, not to beat them to death if you own them, and to marry the woman you raped as a punishment for you. Clearly it was a really early stab at primitive human government and quelling human selfishness (every man [literally] for himself [literally]) by trying to get people to be a LITTLE more community minded. It certainly didn’t take every human into account when it considered things like justice and fairness. It certainly didn’t get causality right – explanations were invented to explain disasters – science has given us a much more accurate picture why things occur as they do. The Bible was about getting people to live in larger tribes (thereby having the resources to kill larger tribes) as a ploy to get more resources – one can do more when you have a larger hive. It was necessary to invent an invisible “moral” babysitter to do the bidding of those in power (writing that shit down) because we hadn’t built enough policing into the system yet. Now we have. Now we reward selflessness (otherwise known as heroism) societally because we have the benefit of systems that create more order and allow us to focus our attention on even wider tribes and the benefits thereof. And we police those that don’t live a more selfless ideal either through social consequences or by locking them up to separate them from our goals – to be able to do more through cooperation. Eventually we’ll get over nationalism too.


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