I Do Not Think This Means What They Think It Means… July 24, 2011

I Do Not Think This Means What They Think It Means…

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about Christians over the years, it’s that they never proofread their church signs:

A church that speaks the truth?! You should stay away from it, just to be safe.

(Thanks to marf for the image!)

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  • LOL Ah, accidental honesty…

  • Marieber

    But what could it have been supposed to be? Oh, for people who are hurting…

  • sliderossian

    The powerful force of the subconscious … real honesty in advertising.

  • Marguerite

    *Snickers* I love church signs.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, if I ever want to be hurt….  But until then, no.

  • Anonymous

    Will the local priest sue for false advertising? Or apply for a job?

  • awesome.  i do so love snickering at these.

  • Todd Libasci

    After the Haiti earthquake, a church here in Tulsa had, “WHEREVER DISASTER STRIKES, GOD IS THERE”

  • Jdatty

    Mehta, why do you continue to call this site The “Friendly” Atheist?

    You admitted a while back that the name no longer really applies.

    To continue to capitalize on it is, well…dishonest.

    And we all know how honest atheists are…guys like John Loftus and Dan Barker for example, and who only continued preaching after they no longer believed for a little while.

  • Jennifer K.

    I don’t see anything “unfriendly” about his post! Sounds like you just have issues with atheists and are trolling this blog. Have fun with that!

  • How is Hemant not friendly?

  • cipher

    Hey, Jdatty – do you troll Christian sites and castigate them for making fun of the poor, benighted atheists?

  • Trace

    Double entendre?

  • Keith

    If it was  a catholic church, that would be down right freudian.

  • Anonymous

    Hush. I can’t hear the people talking the truth over the noises coming out of your wordhole.

  • G-bird

    I just have country music in my head now. “I’m the hurtin’ kiiiind doobeedooo”. Is it just me?

    Silly church, not thinking things through. I do still have the “Lying in bed screaming ‘oh God’ on a Sunday does not constitute going to church” (paraphrased) as my all time favourite, photoshopped or not.

  • “Mommy, that sign…”
    “Yes, Honey, what about it?”
    “Mommy, is ‘hurting’ a verb or an adjective?”

  • Jake

    The first rule of Church is you do not talk about Church.

  • *snrk*


  • Sware

    While traveling to a recent camping trip I saw a pair of billboards along the highway.  The one on the top said simply, “JESUS”, the one directly below it said, “Truckstop and Car Wash”.   Totally had me giggling & if I wasn’t already delayed for my trip, I’d have pulled over for a photo

  • Blytheaar

    Our neighborhood used to have a bench near us that said “Kids + Jesus = Fun. My mathematically inclined children all wondered whether that meant that Fun – Jesus = Kids. Which might be true.

  • Dan W

    Someone didn’t think that one through beforehand. Made me chuckle.

  • Pardon my inner adolescent for a moment, but now I’m thinking about sex…

  • Anonymous

    I;ve never found Hemant’s blog friendly, and I was surprised that Patheos let him join. I was taught that its not friendly to keep belittling and making offensive jokes and slurs against other people. But hey…

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