Why Do They Do This…? July 20, 2011

Why Do They Do This…?

The Ting Ting’s “That’s Not My Name” is an annoying song to begin with, and Jesufying it only makes it worse:

(via Christian Nightmares)

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  • They do that as a parody, they think it’s clever and cool… mostly to attract young people. The whole “fun parodies” thing is older than I am.. and I’m 24. My aunts and uncles were fond of “Another One Bites the Dust” (Satan bites the Dust.) However, it backfired because their children weren’t allowed to listen to the originals anyway. Our Southern Baptist pastor convinced them that MTV cursed the CDs/songs and wrote demonic messages in them. Their favourite story to tell was that Satan had possessed a boy listening to AC/DC… they claimed to have witnessed it happen.

  • Mattir17

    Christ must have made them push the younger-brother-looking-kid onto the floor.  Bullying in Jesus’ name – yep, that’s the Christianity I recall from 8th grade.

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    I tried to watch it but that was painful. I’d rather watch a spider bite me.

  • Anonymous

    Make it stop!

  • Jeff Ritter

    Great…now I have vomit on my keyboard. When will I learn to not click play!

  • 296 views, couldn’t we have just let it die quietly?  I think my day could have ended better without being introduced to either of those songs…

    Yes, I remember plenty of this from backintheday.  I remember playing a song-lyric game in the back of a church van on a trip and quoting The Doors lyrics (Break on Through) and getting blank stares…  Our church’s attempts to replace “secular” (always such a dirty word!) music with Christian rock/etc. was not a tactic destined for success in my case.

  • Al Y

    forgive them for they know not what they do

  • fiddler

    As always, comment approval and disabled ratings. Some day one of these christian channels will be honest enough to let people comment and rate…

  • Renshia

    Don’t do that, is this a sick idea of a joke??
    I hope you grow feathers….

  • Anonymous

    I refuse to turn on the sound.  Just skimming through it just looks so lame.  OK, most music seems pretty lame to me, but it’s hard to look lamer without consciously trying to be lame.

  • So they are being serious? Either way it’s not funny.

  • Audgiexx3

    Anyone notice how she kept rolling her eyes…? Like she was so unsure of what she was saying!

  • Dan W

    The original song is unappealing to me. Why would a Christian parody of it be any better? When will Christians realize that their music, books, movies, etc. suck because they ignore quality and focus solely on the Jesusy message?

  • Renshia

    Hey, your sounding a little judgmental.
    You do know it’s okay to lie for jebus, don’t you.
    It proves the true depth of christianly love.

  • Timothy

    I know this kind of thing gets done all the time, and lets face it, weird al even made a career of it (making songs out of music allready out there not specifically religious songs)  but couln’t the origional artist sue over that kind of thing if they wanted?  I know if it was my song I wouldnt want it changed like that.

  • Rabid

    Parody and satire is protected under fair use in most countries,

  • Rich Samuels

    I don’t think my comment will get ok’d by their moderator. I was only pointing out the whole thing was a blooper.

  • John

    I don’t know, “Baby Got Bible” was kind of funny, I guess.

  • That’s one song I hope I never hear in an elevator.

  • Chuck Schneider

    They do it because they’re young.  Honestly, if you didn’t do something when you were a kid that you’d be embarrassed of today, I’m not sure if I’d believe you.

    The fact that they’re Christians has nothing to do with it, it just makes it seem a little extra lame to the non-believers among us.  I’m actually kind of surprised it even ended up on this blog.

    At the very least, I give them credit for doing it in the first place.  Most of us would rather sit on our asses than put something out there to be ridiculed.

  • Ziztur

    I can’t help but notice that the only  non-white person in this video is portrayed as the janitor.

  • Surgoshan

    Look!  They’re wearing tiny hats!

  • Ytoc0816

    well hes also the writer

  • Ytoc0816

    hey i was the tall white boy in that video so yall shut up

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