Georgia Begins License Plate Design Revote July 18, 2011

Georgia Begins License Plate Design Revote

After Georgia state administrators screwed up the online voting for a new license plate by “tagging” a few of them with the phrase “In God We Trust,” they’ve released details about a revote (PDF):

The Department of Revenue announced today it will reopen its online 2011 Georgia License Plate Design Contest for a revote by the public beginning at 3:00 p.m. on Monday, July 18. Voting will be for three weeks and end on Monday, August 8 at 3:00 p.m.

All eight license plate designs that reached the semifinal round will again be displayed on the Department’s website Home Page. The eight individual images (artwork) will contain a blank “placeholder” at the bottom of the plate which represents the location where the applicable label will be affixed.

All eight license plate designs will be accessible on the Department’s website on Monday, July 18 for voting at

No apology on their part, but they’re doing the right thing by allowing a revote. It was their own mistake so it’s only fair that they take the necessary steps to make things right again.

I still think everyone should vote for the plate that looks like a horse’s ass.

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  • I’m a Georgia native (thought currently expat) and I’m glad they’re doing this. Sadly, many of the folks I’ve debated the issue with don’t seem to comprehend the full scope of things, mindlessly falling back on “This country was founded on God!” and similar arguments.

  • Lostinthefog

    “Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this
    address in a way that will never complete.”


    Never been in Georgia in my life, so apparently they don’t want me to vote. 

  • C High

    Charles, rest assured that there are some of us in Georgia who are able to comprehend!

  • Anonymous

    I still think everyone should vote for the plate that looks like a horse’s ass.

    I’m going to pass. Not that I don’t think it’s cute, but the first time around it was merely revenge for overstepping the Constitution. Now that it seems like the matter was a misunderstanding that they’ve gone to some lengths to correct, I’m going to give them the benefit of voting for a decent design. I’m going with the swirly artsy peach design (tag ID 4), though 7 was also very cool.

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    I just voted for the horse’s ass.

  • JulietEcho

    I don’t think people should vote for one they think is bad (i.e. looks like a horse butt) – they’re doing the right thing, and the point is to get a license plate that’s going to be pleasing (to everyone, not just Christians).  I would be upset if a bunch of people voted for an ugly/bad choice for my own home state.

  • For what it’s worth, I don’t think any of the designs are good or bad.  They’ll all be fine and the outcome no longer matters — though I’ll be curious to see if the final design was one of the ones in the “IGWT” top three.  But if it works, it’s always fun to flex the might of the Internets.

  • Meredith

    The Horse’s Ass comments have me rolling. Thank you for your sense of humor!

  • Newavocation

    Why do states need to be in the business of marketing or evangelizing on their license plates anyway? Other countries just have simple black numbers on a white background, that I’m sure is much easier to read by a cop chasing a car. People are free to decorate their cars with all sorts of bumperstickers. Lets keep the government out of it.

  • David McNerney

    Is this not a ridiculous waste of time and money?

    The first time round it was a bit of mess – but it did give the appearance of democracy on an issue that didn’t really need democratic approval.  It was really just a nice idea to ask people what they wanted.  The people voted – for the wrong reason – but they got an answer that doesn’t have any legal impediment.

    Unless, of course, “Horse’s Arse” is a religion – I don’t think it is though. That said, the corollary might well be true.

  • Anonymous

    One more vote for Horse’s Ass

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