Secular Summer Camp Coming to Seattle July 11, 2011

Secular Summer Camp Coming to Seattle

Good news for families in the NorthWest: Camp Quest is set to open a chapter next summer in Seattle.

In the summer of 2012, Camp Quest NorthWest is bringing a new kind of summer camp to the Pacific Northwest. With science experiments and s’mores, campfires and activities to foster critical thinking, Camp Quest NorthWest provides a secular twist on the time-honored summer camp experience for campers aged 8-17.

Excitement is high among Seattle-area freethinkers who are pitching in to help the fledgling camp. The Humanists of North Puget Sound have offered to match all donations up $10,000 until the end of 2011, which will be used for facilities, speakers, supplies, and “camperships.” In addition, earlier this year, Seattle Atheists raised $2,700 for the camp with its “Rapture Relief” campaign.

(photo courtesy of Camp Quest)

To get people excited about enrolling their kids in the camp, directors are planning to hold a free preview event on August 20th from noon – 6:00p, open to parents, children, and potential volunteers. All they ask is that you bring a food item for a potluck picnic! You can RSVP for that event and get more info about it here.

I know a lot of readers have either sent their children to a Camp Quest somewhere in the country — or they’ve volunteered at one. The children love it and come back year after year. If you live in Seattle, tell your friends about it!

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  • Lady Rain

    Wow that’s so great. Wish I had something like that growing up! It’s great for kids to see that no worries, there are other kids that are just like them. Such a basic thing, but it’s so vital to their well being seeing that they are accepted not only by their parents, but by peers and other adults as well.

    Have fun secular kids, enjoy yourselves! =)

  • You’re right Hemant the kids love CQ. It gives them a chance to build community and have a great time. I hope to be involved with CQ Northwest as I am with Ohio and Michigan camps. The photo is one I took at CQ MI last year.

  • That’s close enough! (Vancouver here.) But I’ve got a 5-year-old. Summer 2014, I guess.

  • COOL!!!! Too bad I’m too old to be a camper…

  • kissychick

    I wish there was one in Vancouver or Burnaby. Maybe I’ll have to make a trek when both my kids are old enough.

  • Brennon

    @Tom: I feel for you. I’ve been eagerly waiting since my kid was born 4 years ago to enroll him in Camp Quest. That’s why I joined the CQNW group. 4 more years to go…

    @Kaleena: You’re never to old to be a camper. We are always looking for volunteer camp counselors. Drop by our meetup through the link above if you are interested.

  • Larry Meredith

    Well I know where Jen’s gunna be this summer.

  • Austin

    I’m near Seattle! Too bad my parents are incredibly religious. 🙁

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