'You KNOW There's a God, Little Boy' July 10, 2011

'You KNOW There's a God, Little Boy'

Well, you have to give Thunderf00t credit for trying to go into the lions’ den and talking to representatives from the Westboro Baptist Church.

For all his efforts, he ends up with about 328423 looks of exasperation on his own face and very little wisdom passed across to the other side of the aisle.

The woman in the middle is just full of happiness, joy, and rainbows.

There’s more hope with the daughter. You get the feeling at times that even she thinks her mother is acting crazy, but she’s not about to say that out loud. Like Thunderf00t says, “[H]ad it just been me and her we might have made some progress.”

A valiant attempt to have a civil conversation with the other side, but I’m not sure if anything good came from it.

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  • According to the loudmouth in the middle, he went from being a young man to a little boy to a little girl and then back to a little boy. I think that if I were Thunderf00t (and if I had made the mistake of coming to this meeting without some kind of baton, mace, or cudgel), I would have countered the “little girl” comment by saying “What’s wrong with being a girl?” and then pointing out that one Bible verse.

  • Wow. The level of intolerance, ignorance and idiocy of that women is almost impossible to fathom!

  • Yeah, I didn’t actually take the time to watch this video before commenting, but I don’t think going to the top of crazy mountain is the best place to start a dialogue.

  • Thunderfoot’s strategy was horrible. The two women were predictable and to not foresee that is a terrible lack of understanding on Thunderfoot’s part.

  • Ray M

    If you’ll pardon my UK English: what a bloody old cow she is.

    Thunderfoot is a brave (and perhaps foolish) fellow to have undertaken such a task – I confess I couldn’t make it more than five minutes through the harangue. To paraphrase Monty Python, I shall turn my back on her and fart in her general direction.

  • Kudos to Thunderf00t. If I were in his position in this I honestly do not know if I would have been able to remain calm. That close minded bigot is so condescending and insulting. Notice how it’s the apparent “rebellious ass” who is the more civil

  • NotYou007

    I had to stop it at 9:57 because I couldn’t take it any longer. I won’t say what I really want to but if they go bye bye tomorrow I’ll do a happy dance.

  • stellaluna

    i think that woman in the middle has a congenital deformity of her eustachian tubes that prevent her form hearing anything not written in her silly little book

  • Andrew

    One can hardly criticize Thunderfoot’s strategy, when there IS no strategy that would be effective.

    I just look at this exchange as Thunderfoot trolling WBC. :p

  • MammaG

    It is virtually impossible to have a civil conversation with uncivilized people.

  • Rhodent

    Andrew: There is an effective strategy with WBC, which is to ignore them completely. WBC are nothing but a bunch of attention whores whose sole raison d’être appears to be acting so outrageous that someone near them loses their cool and does something stupid, at which point WBC will sue everyone they possibly can in relation to the incident. To pay them any attention whatsoever is to play into their hands. Thunderf00t should have steered clear of them.

  • Valdyr

    I was surprised that Thunderf00t didn’t seem to respond at all to how rude and childish Margie was being. The constant interrupting and name-calling would’ve had me leaving the room inside of five minutes. What an angry, fucking horribly unpleasant and petty person.

  • Catie

    The woman in the middle is incredibly stressful. I can’t help but find it a little funny (especially her ridiculous attempts to insult him & her insistence that he not interrupt either of them while she doesn’t let him complete a single sentence the entire time), but she’s really difficult to listen to. I do admire Thunderf00t’s patience (I probably would have snapped her glasses in half), but I agree that, ultimately, it’s unproductive to pay any attention to these people at all.

  • I don’t know what “side” Westboro is on, other than the “media whore” side.

  • dauntless

    I really can’t stand watching this, or even Thunderf00t’s dialogue with Ray Comfort. The man has no charisma and is not a good live spokesperson for science. His scripted videos are great, but anything he does off-the-cuff is a bit underwhelming.

  • Ben

    The lady in the center is an idiot. Thunderfoot can’t even finish a sentence or question. Than when he somewhat interupts hes yelled at and rediculed. the ignorance of this debate tactic is clear.

  • El Bastardo

    Amazing how they insist on talking over and shouting down and generally being rude and arrogant, yet throw out ad hominems after abuse, and demand others must “hush” and let them finish.

    Logic won’t wonk on the ignorant. I doubt they are too ignorant to see the irony of it, insisting there is no argument against them while shouting and shouting and shouting.

    Cant listen through an open mouth.

  • Jeffy Joe

    I love the grinding mill point right at the end – that’s a clever tactic. If the omniscient Jesus knew that the rapture wasn’t scheduled for at least 2000 years, shouldn’t the parable have gone “Two women will be texting on their cell phones…” Or even “Two women will be waiting to be beamed up in the transporter bay…” We don’t know how much longer we will be waiting, after all.

  • JLSR

    How does such an backwards, ignorant woman think she can talk down to people of higher intelligence and turn to name-calling when she doesn’t like HIS answers or comments?

  • Beriaal

    I’m with Andrew:

    I just look at this exchange as Thunderfoot trolling WBC. :p

  • Jean Baptiste

    I can’t watch it. The encounter with lunacy is enough to make you question whether we as a species will survive. I would not have expected any less due to my conversations with folks who cannot think outside of their own dogmatism.

  • I watched the teaser he posted yesterday, and I’m not going to bother watching this video. I doubt my body can handle that much blood pressure.

    I have to wonder what the point was? Sure, TFt gets some kudos for going into the lions den, but there comes a point you’re just flogging a dead horse. The ‘elders’ of WBC aren’t going to change their minds. The youngsters will probably go 50/50 – some will stay some will leave. Everyone outside WBC knows they’re all totally batshit crazy – even other Christian Fundies. What exactly is anyone gaining by doing this? The only outcome is that they get to feel legitimised because of the attention.

    Just leave them do fade into insignificance quietly (with any luck, but I doubt) in a corner.

  • Chris

    what do they say when asked “where does god come from?” That women was the rudest person I have ever seen.

  • SeekerLancer

    She truly believes her god is committing all of these horrible atrocities because we’re “rebel scum” but she keeps worshiping a god that’s this evil.

    Anyway there’s no reasoning with these people. It’s not even funny anymore.

  • Rich Wilson

    I’ve seen enough attempts to engage the WBC to know it’s a waste of time. Nobody learns anything. They sure don’t, and everyone else already knows they’re assholes. And attention whores. The only way to deal with them is to ignore them. Not censor, just ignore. Silent walls of people at funerals, preferable back turned to WBC. Silent counter protest, but don’t directly engage.

  • I just got back from listening to about as much of the Evidence 4 Faith podcast as I could endure without flinging crockery (about 20 minutes) and I see this. What is this, make-me-fly-into-a-blind-rage-at-theists’-stupidity day?

    Ah, well. The Atheist Experience is starting in a few minutes, unless they’ve been preempted again, in which case crockery may yet be thrown.

  • Jim

    I agree with many of the comments here, but it was also very funny the part where Thunderf00t suggests she would have been burned at the stake as a witch for using a cell phone in the time the bible was written.

    The item I didn’t agree with was at the end where he suggests that the bible claims that two men sleeping together meant they must have been having sex. Even though I don’t agree with the rest of her statements she makes in that video I did agree with her disgust at him suggesting that the passage read was suggesting homosexuality. I don’t believe it was and I think it was a bit of pandering (intentional or not).

  • It was difficult to watch. It would be interesting to engage them from a fundamentalist perspective and try to one-up them on their own craziness. Kind of like that Monty Python skit where the guy pays for an argument and only gets contradiction. In this case, though, completely agree with everything but amplify it and one-up it. I wonder how that would play out. I wonder if there would be any limit to which they would think the rhetoric was crazy.

  • I don’t know why people continue giving Westboro recognition. They THRIVE on the attention! Good press, bad press, doesn’t matter. As long as they keep getting recognition they will continue with their sick agenda.

  • Leena

    Why, oh WHY doesn’t someone give that woman a good slap across the face?? She dares ask him to shut up and let her finish while HE is still talking!!! I wouldn’t have been that calm at all. I would have probably taken the book and smashed it on her head in the first five minutes… So annoying…

  • nathan

    Did he finish a single point without being interrupted?

    “we don’t have to prove god to you, you have a duty to obey god, and you know he exists or you wouldn’t be here”

    “you don’t have any hope, you don’t have any happiness,” etc etc…


  • Nathan Palo

    It does do some good, it shows that they are unreasonable, irrational, and unwilling to have a real conversation, while he was polite, let them make their points, and showed that they were wrong, even when they interrupted him constantly and misrepresented everything he said.

  • ILoveMe

    Wow, I am a very tolerant person when it come to others’ beliefs, but I really want to punch that woman.

    I can only hope that she will watch this video and realize her hypocrisy. At 12:20 she interrupted and wouldn’t let him finish his question, when she so vehemently insisted for her daughter to be able to finish speaking just prior.

  • JD

    I don’t think there’s any reasoning with them. They might believe what they say, they might be doing it for attention, or a little of both and maybe other motivations. They are largely funded by litigation rewards, when they win suits against those that would deny their constitutional rights, or those that would assault them.

  • Jack Shepherd

    The church may be perfect, but never will the members of it. Anyone can find fault in believers of christianity. Those two certainly lacked a level of maturity, but we all have faults.

    My best argument for christianity is actually take time to study and live it from an open minded perspective, and not just for a day. It came clear to me. I was an atheist at one point.

    Some good places to find answers are writings of CS Lewis, Scott Hahn, Thomas Aquinas. I found Lighthouse Catholic Media to be a great source of answers for myself.


  • Erinn Foley

    Nice house she tells him “she’s not done yet” when talking, but then constantly interrupts him herself… Couldn’t make it past 4 minutes of this crap. What a bitch.

  • Danielle

    Thunderf00t is a brave person for trying this, and it just goes to show how ignorant and idiotic these people are. I’m most proud of him for keeping his cool, though. The fact that he didn’t blow up or get mad at all shows his self-discipline. Many people think this was a failed attempt, but I think this shows everything perfectly. Why have a civilized discussion with somebody when you can just yell over them and drown them out?

  • Melissa

    i have never seen such a display of rudeness and disrespect. And what bothers me is that I’m so shocked by it! I shouldn’t be surprised that the people of WBC would be like this…but I guess watching it is a different story. I loved the ‘matriarchal’ comment he threw in there too haha. I would have gone off!

  • Richard Bass

    Thunderf00t was rediculously weak there, why did he feel the need to confront these people and film it if he was going to just play door mat to them?

    I’d of liked to see him go to town on the old lady in the middle. We need someone with a stronger mind to confront them and not worry about looking bad or being confrontational. They didn’t give him a chance to get comfortable, they smelled weakness and forced him into pointless debates about iPhones. He should of known better than to think he could “beat” them in a debate, better folk have tried.

    I am getting a bit bored of the apathetic, lazy attempts at reversing the flow of religion now. It always ends up with the viewer thinking “I wish he had just said this/that/the other” It always ends up an argument over semantics instead of pushing the facts. Confront these nutters with actual proof that is quite easy to find online etc, of where life comes from, how the universe works etc. They can only argue so long before they just look ignorant.

    There should be some kind of website where Athiests/Agnostics or those generally anti religion can meet and discuss the best way to go about tackling this archaic blight on our planet. It isn’t enough to say people are entitled to their beliefs, because the hardcore of these people are actively using their insane stories to limit the lives of innocent people who don’t deserve it. We should be putting an end to it, not pandering to them and getting shouted down by a bossy old cow like Thunderf00t has just done.

  • volchok

    Considering psychopathy is hereditary, is it possible that this family is just a bunch of psychopaths and the few members that aren’t were just indoctrinated too strongly?

    To anyone who hasn’t seen, I strongly recommend the documentary ” The most hated family in America” by Louis theroux and the follow up “America’s Most Hated Family in Crisis”

  • Valdyr

    The church may be perfect, but never will the members of it. Anyone can find fault in believers of christianity. Those two certainly lacked a level of maturity, but we all have faults.

    You advocate the idea that the Church is “perfect” while plugging a Catholic evangelist website? I…wow. What can I even say? What words are there, in English or any other language, that can express my disgust and contempt towards someone who looks at an institution that systematically covers up the sexual abuse of both children and adults under its care–an institution which continues to spread lies about AIDS and condom use in Africa and other parts of the third world, contributing heavily to the unimaginable suffering of millions–an institution run by ancient, celibate males who use their self-appointed authority to dictate how women must behave sexually if they are to earn God’s good favor–what can one say to a person who looks at such a church and says, “It’s perfect”?

  • Hitch

    Ultra-controlling. He hardly couldn’t get a word in edge-wise. And it’s about repeating the world-view not listening or exchange.

  • Raven

    He has far more patience than I do. I didn’t even have enough patience with that loud mouthed ignoramous to listen to her verbal vomit past 11 minutes. And my stomach is rolling from forcing myself to listen that far.

  • I don’t think anyone can try to talk to the Phelps family. If God does exist, He probably wouldn’t be able to talk some sense into these sickos!

  • WingedBeast

    In customer service, I’ve taken this caller before. It’s the one who won’t let me finish a single sentence, who constantly demands, and doesn’t understand why those demands haven’t born fruit yet.

    Whenever you get into a conversation, no matter how frustrated you are or how high the stakes, ask yourself a question. “If I’m wrong, how would I find out?” The answer is by having a civil conversation in which you actually find out what the other person is saying. It’s important to do this, because this makes it possible for the other person to do the same.

    Otherwise, you’re just shouting to no purpose but your own mental masturbation.

    WBC women, you know what God thinks of your masturbation, don’t you?

  • Matt Dillahunty

    In case it hasn’t been said, Thunderf00t hasn’t got a leg to stand on. It was a horrible argument and the women were justifiably irritated.

    There’s enough blatantly wrong with the Bible that we don’t need to be making pathetic arguments that don’t accurately reflect the text in question.

    This is almost as bad as the “pi = 3” nonsense that Sam Harris popularized.

  • Vanessa

    Wow, annoying lady. I had to stop halfway through.

  • Rich Wilson

    @Jeff P
    Phelps Sr. regularly says all others (Billy Graham, Pat Robertson etc) are false prophets who have/will split hell wide open. Doesn’t matter how crazy you are, they’ll just plain insist you’re wrong and going to hell.

  • Dee

    I forgot that whoever yells the loudest and talks over others the most knows the truth. Too bad my voice doesn’t project well.

    I used to live about ten blocks down the road from the Westboro compound. It’s an ugly place. The blackness and dark hate surrounding their home is spooky.

  • dwasifar


    Watching a video of something like this is such a time suck. I don’t want to spend 20 minutes watching this train wreck unfold. Two minutes was excruciating enough. Someone tell me when there’s a transcript available.

  • ephemerae

    Excruciating is exactly what that was. Watched the whole thing, but really, there is no need. That (let’s be honest) bitch in the middle doesn’t let thunderfoot get a word in edgeways. What a crow.

    As someone else pointed out above, there’s no civil conversation with these uncivilized hypocrites.

  • Jack Shepherd

    To Valdyr… Yes, God is perfect as his church. The people within in it are not. Nobody, not the pope himself is perfect and without sin. Therefore, yes you are going to have multiple examples throughout history of scandal and upheaval.

    Those accounts and scandals with which you mentioned are statistically few and far between, and completely blown out of proportion, but once again “nobody is perfect!” Therefore it can happen.

    I’m not sure what you’re talking about women being dictated to behave sexually a certain way. Abortion, contraception? Either way the priest are only reiterating what God had already put into place, which probably was good advice. Helpful not hindering or hurtful.

    I’m confused to why people are so angry at christianity? If you want to do everything against it’s teachings then go ahead. God gives you free will to do whatever you would like. He isn’t going to make the decision whether you choose him or not, or whether or not the people around you make that decision. You make the decision. It may effect others negatively (extreme examples… hitler, stalin), but ultimately God gives you that decision.

    Just remember… This life is short, but not an end. I’m only 25, but it has never been so apparent. I’ve lost my childhood best friend and many close family members. It is better spent loving and serving others than oneself.

    If you or anyone else has questions you can email me at Doc.J.Shepherd@gmail.com. I have cd’s and books that I have read and found useful. I can lend or give out them out if interested, or Lighthousecatholicmedia.org is a great source of information.

  • exodusofficer

    Props to him for not just flipping out. There’s no way that I could sit through such ignorance, vulgarity, and disrespect.

  • @Jack Shepherd, just a word of kind advice. Not one of the arguments you’ve made there are new. Most of the people on here, myself included, have encountered them, shown them to be invalid, and endured the reaction of whatever Christian we were engaging in debate.

    What will most likely happen is that you will start by trying to make your infallible arguments, find them to be horribly fallible, then resort to church-speak in order to ‘win’. Most likely, whoever opposes your point of view will go to the trouble of searching for verification of their assertions. Most likely, you will either skim over the references given to you without really thinking it over, or you’ll flatly ignore them. I know I’m generalising here, but I’ve seen it happen again and again and again and again. Just the fact that you feel we should all go to you to ask questions indicates that you are likely to go this way. I have an example from my own blog of an exchange like the one I described, but I’m sure many of the commenters on here will happily provide similar. Hemant might even remember significant exchanges which took place right here on FA, which followed the same pattern.

    And you bring up Hitler and Stalin? Seriously? Really? I can barely believe that anyone can be that ignorant. Have you not learned to use Google? Because you know, I’m not going to do this again, I’m not going to do simple, easy research for someone who is too lazy to make sure what they’ve been spoon-fed by the church is true before self-righteously holding it up as this infallible trump card.

    Let’s not even start with all us terrible atheists being so angry with Christianity. That stupid statement makes me too exasperated to stay civil, but let me try and give you a clue: have you ever considered that maybe, just perhaps, atheists who are angry with Christianity (and there are some, in the first year or two after leaving faith behind I was one of them) might have a reason other than the one you think for being annoyed? I could sit here and write an explanation, which you’re extremely likely to just ignore and throw another church-fed cliche at me. So no, I’m not going to waste my time; if this is really important to you, it will be very easy to find out for yourself. Maybe instead of us coming to you for answers to our burning questions, you should contact any one of the commenters here, I’m sure if you show a willingness to get to know us beyond the preconceived ideas you have of who and what we are, most of us would be happy to have a civil discussion, or to refer you to someone who would be.

    I’m sure you’re a very nice guy, and I sympathise with your life experiences and losses. However, again most if not all of us have suffered loss and been through pain. I can’t believe the sanctimonious tone to your ‘oooh, better to love others than yourself’. You’re saying that to people whom you know nothing about, my friend. On what do you base your seeming conviction that we all love ourselves better than others?

    The ‘church is perfect, it’s just the people in it that aren’t’ excuse is a very old one. Do we have to go through why it’s not valid yet again?

    Can I make a suggestion? I recommend you read as many of these blog entries and comment threads as you possibly can before engaging people in tired arguments that have been done to death. Watch some Atheist Experience episodes on YouTube. It’s just a matter of courtesy. You think you have something new and wonderful to say, but it’s all been said, done and argued before.

    Best of luck on the blogosphere.

    Damn, I didn’t mean to get so annoyed, but it really bugs me when anyone swans into a comment trail – probably a troll – displays staggering ignorance, which causes others to spend a lot of time finding references to answers and explanations, which get ignored in favour or another ready-meal response they got from AiG or somewhere. *note to self: probably annoys others when you feed the troll like this…*

  • Rajesh Kher

    1. Shocking to find such a foul language. Would Jesus endorsed it. I though he said love thy neighbor.
    2. I think She should have been paired with Anjem Choudhary. Both useless believers.

    3. But Hindus and 2.4 Billion religious people believe that we are at least couple of millions years old. They are wrong then Hell must be a crowded place and if Jesus does not stay there then he does not deserve to be called Son of GOD’

  • Tom

    Mr Shepherd, what exactly do you think a church is, if not its members?

    Also, I’ve just thought of a way the WBC could actually make itself useful to society. They wouldn’t have to change anything, either! All they have to do is act as a final practical examination during the training of foreign ambassadors. If you can talk to them for this long without losing your cool or your focus, that’s a sign you’re gonna be a really good diplomat.

  • Claudia

    I watched the teaser yesterday, and I’m not going to bother with this entire video. I know both the WBC and TF00t too well. The WBC are professional trolls. They embody the very definition of troll-dom. They’re protests are not done in spite of the sympathy towards the victims but because of it. The more outrageous, the more attention, the better for them.
    Contrast this with TF00t. It’s painfully obvious, when you watch him off the cuff with fundamentalists, that he’s simply unprepared for improvisational conversations with non-rationalists, let alone trolls. He’s a scientist and he’s used to conversations that go “I lay out my argument and now I wait patiently as you lay out yours and eventually we will come to a conclusion or not, no hurry”. So he gets flustered and off-balance when dealing with people who have decidedly irrational thinking and no particular motivation to stay on-topic and within the realm of fact. This is not a fatal flaw, his scripted videos are usually great, but he just doesn’t have a gift for confronting fundamentalists face-to-face, the way AronRa does.

  • Ashendarei

    Watching these videos always cause me pain.. Why can’t there be a religious conversation with someone who can have a solid reasoned debate?

    Even the “agree to disagree” debates are better then this. (although I didn’t expect much of anything else from WBC)

    Hopefully they’ll get ignored off the planet soon …

  • ArethaHelpUs

    I couldn’t even get past the introductions, but why, why, why go through this? What did he actually think he would accomplish? Why give them any free press whatsoever? Hubris is dangerous in any context.

  • Anonymous

    All I can say, is wow.. Thunderfoot, I am unbelievably impressed in your level of calm when dealing with her. She constants interrupts you while treating you like an impolite infant when you dare to interrupt her or the younger girl. She is unbelievably rude. How did you keep your composure??

  • Cat

    I read a letter to Annie’s Mailbox in the paper today and thought that this reminded me of the woman in the video.

    I’m not quoting the whole thing, because it might be a copyright infringement, but here’s the gist.

    Dear Annie: I think my mother is verbally abusive. …The last thing I want is to come home to a mother who will nag, nag, nag and then yell, yell, yell.

    My mother takes her anger out on other people. If I try to discuss this with her, she talks right over me. … She has become more and more hurtful, calling me horrible names like “retard.” If I cry, she says I’m a “crybaby.” When I ask why she does this, she changes the subject.

    I feel taunted and bullied by my own mother. How do I fix this? — The Crybaby Daughter

  • ArethaHelpUs

    @Jack Shepherd: Lighthousecatholicmedia.org also carries wonderful books bearing scientific proof (cough) that the earth is flat, that the devil exists, and other fun scholarly (cough cough) apologist stuff.

  • mthrnite

    Impossible to watch.

  • Nena

    That is painful to watch. I honestly would have lost my shit and smacked her in the mouth; which of course is the reaction she would have wanted, to prove how angry and evil we atheists are.

    I <3 Thunderf00t; but I enjoy listening to him present his own ideas much more than watching him subject himself to this. Yikes.

  • I would like to see the older woman and Bill O’Reilly go at it. That would be fun to watch. Two peas of a pod both self-assured who like to bully and talk over others.

  • Yeah, this was pretty much destined for failure.

    Her beliefs don’t even bother me that much (as many of the commenters have said, we just need to ignore them out of existence; eventually, with enough ignoring going on, the opportunities to sue will dry up), but her behavior is atrocious.

    I can take listening to crazy people, but I cannot suffer assholes. She is an even less logical version of Bill O’Reilly, with spawn to offer ammunition.

    I would love to share this video with my mother, though, who is a Bible-believing Christian (without any logical backing for that decision). How can this lady, who is such a RAGING BITCH, be just as justified in her beliefs as my mother (who is, in general, a gentle and kind person)? They both read the same Bible and interpret the same verses; essentially, they even BELIEVE the same things (God is responsible for some of the atrocities we see, homosexuality is an abomination, etc.) so why shouldn’t ALL Christians be card-carrying members of the WBC variety?

    How do you go about picking and choosing?

  • Kerri

    Only watched half of it and that is 9 minutes I’ll never get back. I feel dirty now. Every time I watch something with the WBC doofuses, I feel this way… frustrated, angry, and in despair. To know that the infection they have is carried on through their DNA to future generations AND infects anyone they marry… it’s just too much. That woman is hateful and ignorant, but she is too proud to notice. I have to go watch an episode of “Glee” to get this bad taste in my mouth cleansed.

  • Jessica

    Okay I’m like 8 minutes into this video and I just want to state that more than anything she is going against the bible in this conversation. She keeps telling him to hush and interupting him. In the bible is states that I woman can not have authority over a man and yet there she is bossing him around. It also says in the bible that women must be quiet and respectful. That woman is right there breaking two laws of the old testimant. Makes you wonder just how well she has actually read that thing.

  • Traziness

    Thank you.
    I felt really icky about humanity after watching 12 minutes of the video. All comments were great, but you took the ickiness away with that one! I really just needed to be reminded of the stupidity involved in all things bible.
    Have a good one! 🙂

  • Scout

    If this had ended up being a video featuring a man bludgeoning two women to death with a bible, I for one would have testified in court, “what video?”

  • John

    Just so you know, Margie (the “raging bitch”) is the Phelps’ family lawyer. She argued their free speech case before the Supreme Court and won. So stupid, albeit comforting, may not be the appropriate term to define her.

  • Brian Macker

    This guy got owned. He can’t think on is feet.

    His point about witchcraft was in fact silly.

    He wastes his time arguing about who created who. He should have said, “So if a father creates a daughter that makes him always right, even if he rapes the daughter? So any child of a atheist who converted to Christianity would be wrong to do so?”

    At least make sense yourself guy.

    .. and object when she tells you what you believe.

  • Steven Bower

    Two of the WBC daughters have defected recently, so yes, there’s hope. 

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