Priests Get Angry, Too July 9, 2011

Priests Get Angry, Too

All groups have their in-fighting, even Catholic priests.

Edward Tarte shares a fascinating story about his time in the priesthood when there was some drama in his rectory because he and a colleague participated in a Cursillo retreat.

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  • Wherever there is more than one person, there will likely be conflict no matter where we go or what beliefs we subscribe to. It’s human nature. Sometimes folks just can’t get along.
    I love this guy and subscribe to his YouTube channel, but this literally put me to sleep.

  • Pony

    Speaking of conflict, if you want a chuckle, have a look at the edit history of the Cursillo wikipedia page. XD

    People’s Front of Judea? We’re the Judean People’s Front!

  • SeekerLancer

    Sounds like being a Catholic priest is just like having any other job with a dickhead boss.

  • naturalorder

    I mean, he sounds like a whiner. His views evolved an that’s excellent, he does not have to betray all little dirt details if the organization that he joined likely voluntarily, signs of bad character.

  • Nordog

    The horror. The horror.

  • Josh

    This reminds me of Grandpa on the Simpsons. Telling a boring story about nothing that goes on and on and on…

  • edW

    Ha! ha ha ha! Holy Weapons of Math Instruction, batman, that guy used to teach at my highschool in Texas! Hemant, I wonder how many other math teachers are secret neer-do-well Internet Atheists??

  • Charles Black

    I was interested when he talked about ‘breaking away from the clutches of the Catholic Church’ to paraphrase what he said.

    He didn’t mention how Christianity teaches how we are depraved and corrupt all because some imaginary woman in an imaginary garden was tricked into eating an apple by an imaginary snake (Jewish in origin).
    It’s hard for me to express how disgusting I think that lie is.

  • Brian Wood

    We all need to remember Jean Meslier–a saint of atheism, so to speak.

  • ATL-Apostate

    What Josh said:

    This reminds me of Grandpa on the Simpsons. Telling a boring story about nothing that goes on and on and on…

    kill me now.

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