Help an Atheist Make His Short Film July 7, 2011

Help an Atheist Make His Short Film

Kyle Rogers is trying to make a film called Genesis 51:33-51 about how god is irrelevant when it comes to human ethics and how we ought to treat each other. He needs some help from anyone who might be interested:

If you’d like to see his project come to fruition, he has a fundraising drive over at Kickstarter. Your money is taken only if he raises the full amount, so consider helping him out.

Bonus Internet points if you can figure out the meaning behind the name of the movie 🙂

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  • If anyone’s curious, the Hebrew is:


    I don’t really know Hebrew, but I think it’s saying “kill death”. The kill/slay word only appears a few times in Daniel.

  • That didn’t work right.
    Basic transliteration is:


  • Andrew

    Genesis 6:6-6?

  • Z

    I think the meaning is based on the fact that there are only 50 chapters in Genesis, so this is the part of the bible that has yet to be written, or a ‘newly discovered’ part.

  • Friday13

    @z I don’t think so…but it COULD (unlikely as god existing) be a reference to the sale price of land in Mississippi…I do hope that someone gets it right…

    Wait…if we reverse the numbers (i.e. turn the 51 to a 15) and place it into ascending order, and plop that(15:15-33) into google, we wind up at <a href=”″> Proverbs 15:15-33, which is all about how good god is, specifically how it is better to have a little with god, than anything without. Edit: horray for fail html that refuses to correct!

  • Friday13


    That mess is supposed to link to here

    Honestly, WHY did it constantly delete my (karat)/a(karat)??

  • Glenn Davey

    No …

  • Jay

    I give up, Hemant: please tell us – what’s the reference!!!!!!!

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